1. Download the Casino Review Plugin from your members account downloads area.
  2. Go to plugins in your admin area.  Click add plugin and upload plugin.  Upload the downloaded zip file for the casino review plugin.
  3. Alternatively you can unzip the downloaded file and upload the interior folder without the version number to your plugins folder (wp-content/plugins/). I recommended using FTP software such as filezilla.
  4. Go to your plugins section in your WordPress admin are and click activate.

Adding Casinos

Adding casinos within the Flytonic Casino Review plugin is just like adding a post.

Once you have activated the plugin, you should see a Casinos link on your WordPress admin sidebar. Click that link and add a new casino.

Adding casino here

Adding casins here

When you add a new casino, enter the title of the casino, which will show up in widgets and other elements.

Featured Image area – be sure to add a logo for the casino in the Featured Image location. The size of the logo should be 300×120, 250×100, or similar ratio.


Casino Properties

Below the content area you will see the Casino Properties to enter for the casino. Enter all fields to make sure proper content is displayed in the custom widgets, shortcodes, and review pages.

Here are a few notes for a few of the fields.

Referral URL: Enter you affiliate referral url from your affiliate program here. This is to ensure you are properly tracked to your affiliate program and outbound clicks.

Referral Slug: This is a word you create. It basically is used to hide/cloak your full affiliate url. Use one word and something possible to indentify that casino.

Review page url: You will need to come back an enter the url for this casino’s review page after it is created.

Casino Pros and Cons: Enter add new row to add more pros and cons.

Extra Rating Fields: Click add row to add a new rating criteria and rating value. Add as many as you want. This will be displayed on the review shortcode.

Main screenshot: This is a screenshot for the casino.

Custom Review Table Fields: These are custom fields and value to add to your review details table.

Creating a casino review page

Once you have entered a casino as mentioned above you probably want to add a review page for this casino.  Here is what the review page will look like as seen in the demo.

Casino Listings

Casino Listings

To add the casino review to a page, you first need to look a your listings of casinos. You will see the review shortcode as a column. Copy and paste that shortcode inside a page to display the review page and content.

It will be in the format of:

Overall Rating


  • Affiliate Program:
  • Payment Method:

FCRP Options

There are a few options you can change to customize the plugin. Click on the FCRP Setting link under Casinos. Here are some notes below on a few of the options:


Color Style: The default style is white/clear version. You can also toggle to a dark version as well.

Outbound affiliate slug: You can replace the word “outgoing” in your casino links here. Please resave your permalink settings if you do this.

Follow affiliate links: You can choose the allow search engines to follow outbound links by checking here.

Affiliate Links in new window: Check here if you want outbound affiliate links to open in a new window.

Button and other color changes:  You can also individually adjust the colors of buttons and bonus text.

Recommended Casinos Widget

You can easily display recommended casinos in your theme’s sidebar area. You should see a widget called Recommended Casinos Widget as one of your widget choices.

You will see an option to pick the display version of the widget as well as all the casinos you wish to display.


Feature Casinos Shortcodes

Currently there are two built-in shortcodes in which you can display or feature a casino or an unlimited amount of casinos.  You will see the option under casinos a link called FCRP Shortcodes.

Featured casinos shortcodes

Featured casinos shortcodes

You have the option of picking between 4 versions to display as well as the casinos to show.

If you choose version 2, you will see the option to vary the column for rating to another column.

CTA Version

You will see an option for CTA box in which you cna then pick up to 15 different background options.

See some screenshots below:


Here is what the frontend CTA boxes look like:

CTA Shortcode


The caisno review plugin is ready for translation and contains a .pot file for translation.  There are currently no built-in translations, so you will need to add your own translations for it to work.

Creating .po and .mo translation files.

Let’s go through this step-by-step using Poedit to make a translation file:

1. Install Poedit.

2. Open Poedit and go to File > New catalog from POT file.

3.  Select the flytonic-casino-review.pot file inside the flytonic-casino-review/lang/ folder of the plugin.

4. A catalog properties box will pop up asking for information about what you are translating. Enter the language you want to translate here along with any other details.

5. After you hit “OK” you’ll be asked what you want to name your translation file. The name is important because there’s a particular format you should follow for consistency. For example, if you’re translating Chinese for China, the file should be “flytonic-casino-review-zh_CH.po” – flytonic-casino-review for the Flytonic Casino Review plugin, zh for the language and CH for the country.

5. Now you can start translating. Poedit has a simple and straight forward interface that doesn’t involve a steep learning curve. The space at the top will display all the text ready to translate, and any completed translations will display to the right. The boxes underneath show the source text you’ve selected to translate, your translation and any notes for translators.

Translating a line of text is really easy – just select a word or phrase, enter your translation and save the file as you translate each word or phrase.

6. When you’ve finishing translating, simply save your file. Poedit will automatically create both .po and .mo files in your plugin’s languages folder.  These should be located in the lang folder inside the plugin.

If you want to you want to keep the backend language English and force the front end to use this new language do this:

Open up the wp_config.php file and add this line of code:

define (‘WPLANG’, ‘zh_CN’);

Adding this line tells WordPress you want to use translation files for Chineese. Since you’ve translated only your plugin and not your WordPress backend, your plugin will display in Chinese but your WordPress admin area will continue to display in English.

Creating Translated files using a plugin

You can also use a plugin to create these translated files.  We recommend using Loco Translate:

Follow the instructions there to create your own language files.

Adding Casino Games

Version 1.1 of the plugin offers the ability to add casino games like slots or video poker to your website as well.

You should see a games section in you WP admin area.  Click add new game to create your new game.


You can add these fields:

  • Title – this should be the game name
  • Game Features – add 3-5 features for this game
  • Where to Play Casino – Please add at least one casino for the ability to choose a casino to be affiliate with this game.
  • Game Demo – you can add an optional game demo.  This is usually in the form of iframe code.
  • Game Demo Casino – this is the casino to promote below your game demo.
  • Game Rating – select the editor rating here.
  • Game Review Page – enter the page where you will place the game review.

Screenshot – please use the featured casino area to add a game screenshot. 

You can also categorize games by picking the game type, game option, and game software.  These are useful when filtering the games in the games listings shortcode.

Game Review Shortcode

Once you publish a game, you will see the game shortcode on the games list page.  It will look like this format:




  • Game Type :
  • Software :

Paste this shortcode to create a nicely designed review page for your game along with the optional demo.

Game Listings Shortcodes

You can easily create pages to list your games with the featured image along with the title being displayed.


Go to your games and underneath you will see a panel called game shortcodes.  Add a new shortcode and pick the version.

Shortcode version – you have two choices – display all of your games or select a fixed number.  When picking the fixed number of games you select Add Row next to game item to add a game.

Paging option version:

1.  Games per page. – You can select to limit the amount of games to show at once.  There will be a load more button to load more games.

2.  Filter games by type, option, and software – for each of these choices you can filter the game by checking the options.

3.  Allow filtering  – check appropriate boxes if you would like to allow filtering.  A dropbox will be shown and games can be filtered.


Load more games as well as filtering checked.