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best sports betting apps

You never really know when you will get that win sports betting top or where you might be when you realize you just have very few minutes to place your real money bets in today’s game. This would have been a big problem back in the days. Fortunately, with the best sports betting app, this is something you will never have to worry about.

Sportsbook apps usually allow punters to place real money bets from anywhere, as long as they have a mobile device with a reliable Internet connection. The sports betting app gives allows you to turn your iOS device, Android, or iPhone into a mobile bookie in minutes.

Although many sportsbooks look for a sportsbook app that covers all the major games or sports including esport, the quality is never the same across the board. This doesn’t mean that some companies are failing, it means that some sports betting apps give you some extra TLC to certain sports. If you still want to bet on a specific game, it makes lots of sense to choose the best sports betting apps that focus on that exact sport event.

Best Real Money Mobile Betting Apps

The best real money mobile betting apps offer detailed coverage across different types of sports. Also, they offer a wide range of other real money betting options. Nevertheless, mobile apps are not always created the same when it comes to the offerings of the betting apps. Some might largely focus on the highly popular sports such as soccer or football, while others might provide better and more competitive odds on sports such as esports, golf, or rugby. So, You need to look out for a betting app that perfectly suits your gaming needs.

What to Look for In Sports Betting Apps

Finding the best sports betting apps is not always easy. There is a wide range of providers to pick from, offering different levels of service, safety, and quality. Although it might take longer for us to list the entire listing for you, we want to provide you with a quick look at what are the most important things that you should look for in sports betting apps. Below you will find the 4 factors we have included in the process to find the best sportsbooks apps for real money betting. Also, if you are looking to make money as an affiliate marketer, you can check out our best sports betting affiliate programs section for more information on what you need to do to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Safety & Security

Always making sure that you are wagering in a safe sports betting app is essential for a quality online sports gambling experience. It’s crucial to ensure your money will always be safe and your wagers will be honored as well as make sure you are not putting your sensitive information or banking details at risk. Note that we are not trying to make you see how risky it can be to join an online sportsbook, but we are trying to help you understand why you must take your safety seriously. Nevertheless, security and safety are some of the most important aspects that we look into when recommending the best online betting apps.


If you are choosing between two sports betting apps and they are almost identical in all aspects, except the fact that one of them gives you free money for betting, which one will you choose to join. You better choose to grab the free money being offered to you. Although we will not choose a sportsbook app solely based on the bonuses available, we use them to rank our calculation. We closely look into the best bonuses that are easier to clear, available to punters of different levels, and cover different sports.

Banking Options

The Sports betting app will be useless if it makes it more challenging for bettors to deposit money into their online accounts. It should be easier for you to instantly deposit funds into your account and cashout your winnings within a few days or hours. The sports betting apps for Android and iPhones that we recommend offer secure, safe, and high-quality banking options.

Online Betting Sites vs. Sports Betting Apps

Choosing to join the best sports betting apps to enjoy a real betting action comes with many extra benefits. Although online betting sites offer almost the same perks, they cannot exactly match everything that mobile betting apps offer bettors. The following are some of the most important benefits of choosing to join the best online sports betting apps.

Bet From Anywhere At Anytime

All you need is a smart device and a reliable Internet connection and you can enjoy placing real money bets on your favorite sports events from anywhere at anytime you want. This allows you to place real money wagers on the game, in your car, on the bus, at the doctor, at work, at the bar, from home, or from anywhere else. As long as bookmakers are taking the right action, you can get into action right away. Following are some of the common situations where this matters:

  • When you have forgotten the match was today, but you want to place real money bets
  • If you wanted to get to the casino before the game, but something urgent came up
  • When you receive a golden tip a few minutes before the home and you are not in a sportsbook or at home

The best online sports betting apps are designed to help you in these situations and much more.

Apps for Sports Gambling Allows You To Efficiently Shop Lines

The above-mentioned advantages of the top sports betting apps are crucial for convenience. However, a major benefit of sports betting apps over online sports betting sites is more essential to your wagering success. If you have unlimited access to the betting lines, you also have the choice to effectively shop your lines. Within a few seconds, you can easily check whether the line has shifted against you, for you, or it’s still holding.

Why it’s Important?

  • It allows you to evaluate the latest trends and predict when is the best time to place your real money bets
  • Allows you to perfectly time your betting options to get the biggest potential wins and the best odds
  • Take full advantage of the latest news before the betting goes public

Mobile Betting Apps: iPhone (iOS) vs. Android

Although many of the top betting apps are compatible with almost all devices, the best way to find out whether your device is included is by choosing a great option that is designed for your device.

Top iPhone Betting Apps

If you own an iPhone, it’s evident that you fancy the most modern and greatest technology. Whether you own a new iPhone with the latest liquid retina screen display technology or you are rocking the classic device such as the iPhone 6, you should be able to wager on your favorite sports from your mobile phone. Essentially, almost all sports apps you will find out there are compatible with iOS.

Moreover, all of the sports betting sites also double as iOS betting apps that are also compatible with other iOS devices such as Mac and iPad.

Best Android Sports Betting Apps

An android is arguable a great phone that can be compared with android. Android owners are widely known for not caring much about the hype of something and focus more on the item’s actual quality. As a result, we put extra focus on the checks to determine the best android betting apps.

Frequently Asked Questions Sports Betting Apps

Do Mobile Sports Betting Apps offer other gambling types?

To a larger extent, yes, but these changes are based on the app or mobile gambling website you have chosen to use. Some offer a wide range of sports betting alternatives and also other classic casino games such as poker, blackjack, and slots. However, others might only focus on sports betting, if you want to learn more about online betting, you can check our online sports betting page.

Are Sports Betting Apps Safe to Wager Through?

Yes, you only have to make sure that you have chosen the safest sports betting apps around. Gone are the days when sports betting online was a risky trend. At the moment, all you have to do is make sure that you stick to reliable online betting apps. In doing so, you will be making sure that you get to enjoy a safe online betting experience.

How Do I find the best sports betting apps?

You have already done your best to make sure you get to enjoy a great sports betting experience. The good news is that we do our best to provide you with detailed information on what you must do to find the best sports betting apps.

Will I find android betting apps?

Yes, the best sportsbooks allow punters to place real money wagers from the android devices.

Do they have iPhone sports betting apps?

Yes, of course! The top software developers have built iPhone sports betting apps compatible with iOS devices, including iMacs, iPads, and phones.

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