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Get more players with our quality casino SEO services. We have had great success in planning and implementing campaigns for different gaming markets, verticals, and languages.

Ranking websites in the current super competitive gambling and casino world needs a special touch. Not only is the casino market ultra-competitive, but it’s also quite hard to create links. This has become one of our specialties as we have developed personalized strategies the overcome the issues that casino SEO brings.

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Here Is Why Casino SEO is Different

The casino world is ultra-competitive

The gaming world is one of the highly competitive industries around the world that needs out of the box thinking to emerge on top of your competitors.

Link building presents some challenges

Acquiring high quality internal and external links in the gambling, casino & gaming niche is challenging. Many websites usually refuse to work in this industry.

There are many opportunities

Casino SEO is constantly evolving with new markets and niches appearing every time. The best thing you can do is take advantage of this.

What you get if you work with Flytonic

  • Tangible results
  • Bespoke strategies
  • Personal project manager
  • Skype helpdesk
  • Short term agreements

How We Measure Success

This is something we have been doing for a long period and realize that success can mean different things to different persons. However, one thing that we agree on is the fact that our amazing casino SEO success is primarily based on three main pillars:

New Traffic

Our primary objective is to increase the amount of organic traffic that comes to your website via targeted keywords.

New Players

An important factor behind web traffic is conversion, we also check into the performance of the search traffic to ensure it converts into the new players.

Visitor Value

The most important thing that we want to do is to boost your business’s revenue, this is because we know we stand to lose our jobs if we don’t!

But, We Do Not Work With Everyone!

In case you want to continue working with us, and then you need to understand the three principles below!

Effective SEO is never Cheap

SEO needs input from SEO writers, designers, developers, specialists, and outreach teams. Effective SEO is affordable, but not that cheap.

Treat SEO Seriously

Organic search traffic produces more new players than other traffic sources, but this will only happen if you treat with the seriousness it deserves.

SEO is Not A One-Time Strategy

If you are looking for sustainable results and growth, then you must be willing to do all it takes to get there. SEO will not produce results overnight; this is something you must work on continuously.

The Client Experience

We are dedicated to offering new players via a measured and structured approach, which takes care of everything on your behalf. The following is the way we work!

Define Your Websites Goals

Every gambling website and market is different. Some want to grow steadily and slow while others want to rank webpages before the sporting event starts. We always take time to know and understand your goals so we can fully support them.

Audit Your Website

Gaming websites usually suffer from various technical issues like lots of JavaScript, landing pages, duplicate content, and more. Our comprehensive audit reviews all the details from the ground to ensure we create a platform that Google loves.

Discovering Opportunities

Our bespoke strategy to keyword research will find all the amazing opportunities in your gaming market, especially those that your competition has missed. This is what forms the basis of our SEO approach moving forward.

Plan of Attack

With keyword research and SEO audit strategy in hand, we will build your customized plan of attack. This is what guides our campaign to ensure we grow your website’s search traffic effectively.

On-Page Optimization

It is essential that Google loves your website. To ensure this happens, our SEO experts will pay close attention to the website’s on-page optimization to enhance your Google compatibility and improve your website.

Link Acquisition

One of the main challenges many gaming and casino sites face is link building. Our professional outreach team will help overcome this by acquiring relevant links from real websites.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It is vital for us that your website’s search traffic quickly converts into as many players as possible. We have enough experience and we will help you know how to increase player’s conversion rates with only a few changes.

Report & Improve

We send monthly reports that show how the SEO campaign is progressing. We also check into how the campaign ties with your business goals. Our report outlines everything we have done that month as well as what we plan to do next.


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