Rovert Affiliates Review

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Rovert Affiliates At A Glance

Affiliates programs are vital for the growth of the online gaming industry and online casinos. Through these businesses, affiliates can make money by just directing new clients to a particular website. This review will discuss the Rovert affiliate program, which has become so popular among affiliates. In addition to that, we will also mention the associated casino brands and the pros and cons of this program. Let’s get started!

Rovert Affiliates

UpTo 50% Lifetime Commission, Top CPA Deals, & Hybrid

Full Terms & Conditions Apply

Rovert Affiliates

Rovert affiliates is the gambling affiliate program that markets leading casinos targeting UK and other players from around the world. The websites are available on both mobile and desktop. They offer players wide range of NextGen Gaming, Leander Games and Microgaming casino games. Rovert Affiliates do not promote casinos to player’s in Spain, Denmark and a few other regions.


  • No bundling
  • CPA & Hybrid options available
  • No negative carryover
  • No Admin Fees


  • No sub-affiliation scheme
  • Payments only made in British Sterling Pound

Overall Rating

Rovert Affiliates Info

  • Affiliate Program: Rovert Affiliates
  • Brands : Pocket Vegas, Glimmer Casino, Dazzle Casino
  • Commission Model: Revenue Share , CPA , Hybrid
  • Deals: UpTo 50% Lifetime Commission, Top CPA Deals, & Hybrid
  • Verticals: Bingo , Casino , Lottery , Poker , SportsBook
  • License: Malta Gaming Authority
  • Established: 2018
  • Payment Method: Bank Wire Transfer , Paypal , NETELLER
  • Support: Live Chat, email
  • Countries : United Kingdom , Canada , Mexico , South Africa , Singapore , Malaysia , Kenya , Ireland , Poland , Germany , Russia , China , Cyprus

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The best Australian gambling affiliate program should provide all the features sought by the affiliates to appeal to potential customers. Some of the features include an outstanding revenue share. The Rovert affiliates have managed to succeed in this area. Affiliates who join this affiliate program will get to market an attractive and popular casino known as Glimmer.

Besides the revenue share offered by Rovert affiliates, affiliates will also enjoy helpful promotional tools, which will help them attract more customers. This also makes sure that the affiliates are marketing the online casino brands and gaming websites in the best way and building the brands.

When you join this affiliate program, you will get generous commissions of as high as 50%. And this is one of the features that has made the Rovert affiliate program so popular out there. The revenue share offered is also leading in the marketplace. In the following sections, we will discuss this affiliate program, including the software utilized, payment options supported, and the casino brands associated with this program.

Rovert Affiliates Overview

The Rovert affiliates was established back in 2018, and the associated online casino brands were developed in 2013. The best thing about this affiliate program is that affiliates promotes three online casino brands to pick from. And this makes it the best affiliate program to promote these casinos to players out there as they will have different options to choose from based on their tastes and preferences. This is also the best affiliate program for the existing affiliates in the online gaming industry.

All three online casino brands come with a wide range of games and promotions, so it’s straightforward to market it to players out there. In addition to that, the Rovert affiliate program also provides excellent commission tiers.So, affiliates who manage to promote casino brands associated with the program are greatly rewarded for their efforts. Below are some of the major advantages of joining this affiliate program;

How Rovert Affiliates Program Work?

The main feature that has helped this affiliate program to stand out is the excellent revenue share offered. Affiliates who join this affiliate program get a chance to earn high revenue shares ranging from 35% to 50%. The revenue share is generated from the total gross profits made from the referred players in the associated online casino brands. The commissions that the affiliates receive are based on the number of players they manage to refer to the casinos.

The critical thing is having at least three popular casino brands to market. This suggests that the affiliates will be able to pick the sites and marketplaces to promote. But, regardless of how great or popular an affiliate program is, always make sure that you read the terms and conditions before making your last decision. Also, make sure that the program supports your favorite payment options.

Rovert Affiliates Program Commission – CPA And Revenue Share

The revenue share offered by Rovert affiliates is the best compared to what is provided by other affiliate programs. Unfortunately, this affiliate program doesn’t feature deals like CPA. For the initial three months, the affiliates automatically get an outstanding revenue share of 50% when they utilize their unique links to appeal to new players to join the casinos. The best thing about this affiliate program is that it doesn’t host a negative carryover policy. This means that all the negative balances will be reset at the beginning of a new month and restricts all losses. So, your monthly earnings won’t be affected in any way regardless of the amount that the players win at the casinos linked to this affiliate program. This has helped the Rovert affiliate program to stand from the rest.

Once the initial three months are over, affiliates will continue earning 50% but only when they manage to produce revenue worth over $15,001. When the affiliates generate $5,000 profits, they get a revenue share of up to 35%. At the same time, earnings range from $5,001 to $ 15,000; you earn commissions of 40%. These outstanding revenue shares are a good indication of why this affiliate program has become so popular out there.

Associated Casino Brands


As we have mentioned above, this affiliate program offers over three online casino brands, which affiliates can pick from. Affiliates that aren’t unable to pick any of them are allowed to market all of them at once if they want. The casino brands associated include Pocket Vegas, UK Slots, Glimmer Casino, and Dazzle Casino and all attract a similar revenue share; this means that the affiliates have an equal chance of earning revenue shares of 50% across all online casino brands. Picking all the brands to promote will offer you an excellent opportunity to market online casinos with different selling points, resulting in more excellent conversion rates.

Among all the online casino brands associated with the Rovert affiliate program, glimmer casino is the only one that provides better conversion rates, as they offer generous welcome bonuses to the new clients. Bearing that in mind, all of the online casino brands got something to offer. All the brands offer unique and popular games, implying that the available conversion rates are very high, and affiliates can confidently market the casino brands to players.

Payment Methods

The Roverts affiliates is a trusted and well-established program. Affiliates are offered a wide range of payment options that they can pick from. This implies that they can choose the payment options, which suites their tastes and preferences and the amount of money they want to casino cash out.

The most popular method includes PayPal, a popular and trusted option for depositing and withdrawing money online. However, the minimum threshold when using this payment option is $250. On the other hand, there is another renowned payment method known as Neteller. With this, you will be required to have at least $100 in your account before you are allowed to proceed with your withdrawal. Below are all the payment options that are supported by this affiliate program;

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Bacs
  3. PayPal
  4. Neteller

With all these options, affiliates should rest assured that the money will be secure and safe. When you join this affiliate program, you should expect to be paid on the 15th of each month for all revenues that have been produced in the month before. The minimum amount that you are allowed to withdraw differs with each payment option. Below are the minimum thresholds of different payment options supported by the Rovert affiliate program;

  1. Neteller – minimum threshold is $100
  2. PayPal – the minimum amount is $250
  3. UK Bacs – the minimum threshold is $250
  4. Bank transfer – the minimum amount is $500

Marketing Tools


  • HTML5 Banners
  • Screenshot library
  • Free demo games
  • Co-branded landing pages
  • Bespoke creative

Rovert Affiliates Software

Before deciding to join any affiliate program available over the internet, the first thing you should check out is the software used. Rovert affiliate program utilizes a super-strong software known as Mediacle software platform. This software is so popular throughout the online gaming industry. In addition to that, it’s also popular for offering complete solutions to the affiliates.

All the casino brands that are associated with this affiliate program come with their site.

All the casino games by popular software providers such as NetEnt, NextGen, and Microgaming. All these are software companies that have made a good, and they offer secure and safe games.

Conclusion – Why Should You Pick the Rovert Affiliates Program?

The Rovert affiliates is a reliable and reputable casino affiliate program that is worth joining. This affiliate program has become so popular for offering a very high revenue share of up to 50%. This is one of the leading revenue shares in the marketplace. Affiliates also get a wide range of payment options that they can pick from based on their tastes and preferences. In addition to that, this affiliate program utilizes popular software, which helps it stand the pressure. Also, when you market all the online casino brands at once, you will get individual earnings from each brand, which is the best way of boosting your bankroll.

Affiliates also get their exact commission as they are no deductions due to the absence of a negative carryover policy. So, regardless of the amount of money the player makes at the casinos as winnings, your monthly earnings won’t be affected. So, this makes the Rovert affiliate program so popular out there because it’s tough to find programs that don’t host this policy. The Galaxy affiliates is yet another affiliate program that utilizes the same software; if this affiliate program isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt for the former. Bearing that in mind, this software helps the affiliates come up with great conversions and can use it to track the players’ performance they refer to the associated casino brands. Other alternatives include Slotpartners and King Billy affiliates.

Rovert Affiliates FAQs

We hope that we have offered you all the information about the Rovert affiliate program. Below are some commonly asked questions by our readers alongside their answers.

What is Rovert affiliates?

Rovert affiliates is one of the programs available over the Internet that offers high revenue shares. Affiliates who join this program also promote three online casino brands that come with games supplied by popular software developers. The revenue share awarded is also based on the number of players you refer to the casino brands. Bearing that in mind, affiliates get a revenue share of 50% for the first three months, but when these months are over, affiliates will earn a commission of 35% based on the number of their referrals.

What online brands are linked to Rovert affiliates?

The best thing about this affiliate program is that it offers many casino brands. So, affiliates are allowed to pick their favorite ones based on their tastes and preferences. All the associated online casino brands utilize popular software developers and provide new players with great welcome bonuses—all these help increase the rates of conversion. The features presented by these casino brands help the affiliates to market them with a lot of ease.

What payment options are supported by Rovert affiliates?

The Rovert affiliates offer the most popular payment options. Affiliates are also allowed to pick the best options depending on their tastes. Affiliates are paid after every fifteen days of a new month based on the profits that they have generated for the casinos on the month before. However, picking any payment options, make sure that you have checked the minimum threshold because each method comes with different rates. Some of the most popular options include Neteller, PayPal, bank transfer, and UK bacs. But, among all the payment options offered, we prefer PayPal is fast and secure.

What software is utilized by Rovert affiliates?

Rovert affiliate program is powered by a renowned software known as Mediacle software. This is a trusted and popular software developer in the online gaming industry. The casino brands associated with these affiliate programs offer games from popular developers such as NextGen, NetEnt, and Microgaming. All these are popular software companies that are popular for providing secure and fair games.


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