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Are you looking to Removing the Download link From Flytonic Theme from your WordPress website? Recently, one of our customers asked the support team, whether they could remove the links in the themes. Read on to learn more about how you can remove the WordPress links in the Flytonic theme.

Are you looking for remove the Download link from the Flytonic theme?

This will remove the Download link on the review page.

The existing WordPress theme uses the footer area for displaying the “proudly powered by Flytonic theme” link. Most theme developers take much longer to add the credits, thus looking like the “powered by WordPress theme by Flytonic”.

However, if you are operating a company website, displaying these credits doesn’t make any sense. Some people tend to think that these credits make the site look unprofessional and cluttered.

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Is Removing Download link From Flytonic Theme Allowed?

We have received several times and the answer is a resounding yes. There is no problem with removing the link from your WordPress website.

Keep in mind that WordPress is free and the license offers you the freedom to redistribute, modify and use WordPress. The WordPress plugin or theme that you had downloaded from their site is released via the same license.

So, you have the permission to do whatever you please with the site, including Removing Download link From Flytonic Theme.

Removing Download link From Flytonic Theme

There are different ways through which you can remove the Flytonic theme links. The following are the two ways through which you can remove the theme links.

Flytonic Theme Settings Page

Many great theme developers understand that their users want to have another option for removing the links. It is for this reason that they avail it in the themes settings area.

One thing you will realize is that different themes have the settings available under various sections. The first place you should look into is the WordPress theme customizer.

For instance, the casino theme by Flytonic gives you an option to customize the footer text and disable the link.

You can also check out the widget section for additional individual theme options.

Footer.php code method

If the theme you have bought doesn’t have the option of modifying or removing the links from the WordPress admin, you can use the Footer.php code option.

Don’t use the CSS Method

As you scour through the internet, there are WordPress tutorial websites that state that the CSS method that you can use.

Nonetheless, doing this will put the website’s SEO at risk. Essentially, Google doesn’t like websites that hide links with the display none mainly because this is the method that is mostly used by spammers to hide links from users but shows it to google, with the hope that it will rank higher.

Doing this can make your site to get flagged and ultimately make you lose your search engine rankings.

Therefore, regardless of what you choose to do, never use the CSS

Here are the steps:

1. Open the file inside the flytonictheme folder called: single-casino.php.

2.  Look for the code:

| <a href=”<?php bloginfo(‘url’); ?>/download/<?=get_post_meta($post->ID,”_as_redirectkey”,true);?>/”><?php if (get_gambling_option(‘review-download’)) { echo get_gambling_option(‘review-download’); } else { ?>DOWNLOAD<?php } ?></a>

3.  Delete this code

Remember to always save a backup in case there is an error or you make a mistake.


We strongly suggest that you rely on the two methods that had been shown above. If you cannot do this, then we strongly recommend that you hire Flytonic’s experts to help in removing the link or even consider to replace the current theme with one of the newest themes we have. Get in touch with our support team today!

That is it!

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