Flytonic Theme Version 2.3 and Other Updates

Posted by Flytonic on March 29, 2012 in News

The Flytonic themes has been updated to version 2.3, so be sure to download the latest version in the download area and note the files that have been changed or added.

Wondering why we haven’t updated our theme packages? Worry no more! We have just made new updates on our themes and introduced new themes to ensure you never miss out on a great theme for your WordPress website. Whether it’s a gambling theme, financial trading theme, casino slots theme or sportsbook theme, we have a wide array of new flytonic theme to match your needs. Try any of the new themes to significantly improve your website.

What is the New Flytonic Theme?

1.  Ability to create custom page layouts on affiliate site pages (review pages).  So now your affiliate review pages can be a different layout than the overall site layout.  Just like normal pages in the last update.

2.  A brand new hit counter that will track outgoing hits on your affiliate links that are in the form of  It a goo reference for popularity of a site but not a substitute for more advanced tracking like Google Analytics.

Here is a screenshot of the backend:

Hit Counter

3.  Added the ability for child themes to have multiple review page options.  Currently the high roller black theme has the option for two different review pages.  You can choose this on the affiliate page for that site.

Other Theme Updates

1.  High Roller Black theme has been updated to allow for custom affiliate review page layouts and also the ability to choose a different review page.  The current version is Version 1.2.

Here is a screenshot of the new review page:

Review Page 22.  The MMA theme has been updated to allow for custom affiliate review page layouts.  The current version is Version 1.4.

There are new support docs about the new features in the support section that go into more depth about the new updates.

6 Responses to “Flytonic Theme Version 2.3 and Other Updates”

  1. This is great stuff thomas

  2. Check out the hitcount.php 

    There seems to be a hardcoded link of

  3. Thomas says:

    Please download it again as this was just fixed.  That is the test site btw.

  4. Done,damn i hate that all custum stuff in footer or header go away on every update 🙁 other then that,your updates are surpreme,what is missing thoo is these features,tournament monitor-social-clickable background image.

  5. Jack Potter says:

    How do I get the latest update. I can’t seem to find my original email.

  6. I think you can only change the updated and add the new files. This way you can keep all the custom stuff you have. 

    This is atleast what I have done and everything seems to be ok 🙂

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