Looking for Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme?

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Are you Looking For A Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme?

Are you looking for a cryptocurrency WordPress theme for your website? Are you interested in getting huge organic traffic on cryptocurrency-based websites? If your answer is YES, you have come to the right place!

Flytonic’s crypto currency theme and bitcoin theme.These two themes basically help you build website related to crypto currency business which is the most excelling and flourishing business in today’s time.

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Cryptocurrency is the most important and hot topic in the financial industry. Many people are currently part of the cryptocurrency world. You cannot imagine how important it is in a globalized world. Many people are part of the cryptocurrency world to earn a living. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is now part of both the local and international trades. Every day trillions of dollars are being transacted around the globe. You can only imagine the important role that cryptocurrency plays in the world we are living in today. For this reason, every business website needs the best cryptocurrency WordPress theme to showcase their websites. [1]



Besides the local trade, international trade, and commerce, all these are dependent on cryptocurrency. The forex market is now totally based on cryptocurrency. If you are dealing with such a type of business, you need a lot of organic traffic. You can use a cryptocurrency WordPress theme for your website which will make it more attractive to your target audience. This is one of the best ways through which you can beat off the competition. There are many websites and business plans that are based on cryptocurrency WordPress themes.

As experts in this area, we are offering some cryptocurrency WordPress themes for webmasters and affiliates alike. You can try these themes from our WordPress theme store as a demo as well as the full version. Our friendly customer support team supportive. You can contact us to order your cryptocurrency WordPress or to seek help regarding the theme installation and uses. You can place a request for a Crypto Casino Theme today!

What is Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme?

What’s better than earning at the comfort of being home? I mean who in the real world actually wants to go out and work. Shredding massive amount of blood and sweat just to earn a livelihood. When you can do the same, sitting in the house chilling with your air conditioner. Wondering that I must have gone insane to say such impeccable thing? But, what if I tell youth exact way to attain and achieve such lifestyle? the answer is simple, business in the virtual world. Especially, if its related to bitcoin and crypto currency/ money.

Yes, you got me right. If you build your business empire entirely on a virtual platform, you can easily make it work sitting right at your home. For that, the prime step you ought to take is to build a website. Now, what’s a better platform than wordpress to do it? And what’s a better medium than flytonic if you really wish to go for it?

Flytonic is a flabbergast eye catching and time worthy experience which helps you build a wordpress website of any given field and theme. You can either choose from flytonic’s vast variety of themes or can get an entire custom website built of your own.

Now, that I have made you aware of the right platform you should opt. for. I feel it’s my prime duty to advice you regarding the right field to ponder upon. Nowadays, money has the most important commodity of human life. A person can for once, agree to live without food or water. But, refuses to even imagine a life without a single  buck in his pocket. In today’s world, where money speaks louder than words, the obvious best field to choose in lieu of getting a website built, is a field related to money exchange. Cash flow and money exchange is a vital means of living in today’s world. In these times, websites based on bitcoins and crypto currency would surely touch the horizon’s of success.

What is crypto currency?

A crypto currency is a digital asset. It acts as a ,medium of exchange, where the coin ownership of an individual is stored in a computerized database or digital ledge using cryptography. It is done in order to control the creation of additional digital coin records. To secure transaction. To record entries and to verify the transfer of coin ownership. Crypto currency is not a currency in its literal form like the typical paper currency and it is not even usually issued by a central authority. It is typically a block chain that serves as a public financial transaction database.

What is a bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized crypto currency. It was first released as an opensource software. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency without a central bank or a single administrator. It cannot be sent user to user without the need for intermediaries on the peer to peer bitcoin network. They are created as a reward for a process known as mining. They can also be exchange for other currencies, products and services.

Now that we know what are we dealing with, let’s see how we can use these in the benefit of creating a business.

Flytonic, currently, has two themes dedicated to crypto currency and bitcoins which can help you build website based on them. Themes are basically templates that describes the layout design of your website.

Crypto Casino Theme/ Crypto currency wordpress theme


The first theme from flytonic is a premium theme completely dedicated to casino and gambling. One does not need to know about coding to use this theme. Just the slightest of knowledge about wordpress is sufficient to customize crypto currency wordpress theme. It is one of the best theme for crypto currency related posts. Crypto at flytonic has features more than any other crypto currency theme on wordpress.

It is mostly used by commentators, bloggers, spectators and traders. It offers a vast variety of methods to apply for covering altcoins, blockchains, bitcoins as well as earn money. Usually, not all the earned coins are popular or renowned by popular people. But this theme, at flytonic, offers equality and dignity to each and every bitcoin. Another feature which makes crypto unique from other crypto currency wordpress themes out there is that it gives users, the past price data. It is important as it will make you aware of the varying prices of the coin as well as it’s growth.

Why should you choose our cryptocurrency wordpress theme?

Crypto currencies are recently the news of the town and you definitely must have heard about them. As of now, there are more than 1300 crypto currencies available. The overall market capitalization has crossed over $800 Billion. This indicates it is the best time to get into this business. Crypto theme from flytonic is built from scratch including almost all the features required for an efficient functionality. Drag and Drop section has a special feature which allows multiple layouts. You can also interest your users with 2 separate post layout. This will make them want to spend more time on your site. It is uniquely designed as well.


  • Two dedicated widgets:

They are designed to add crucial details regarding multiple crypto coins in your website.

  • Woo commerce compatible:

Woocommerce is compatible with crypto theme at flytonic making it faster and simpler for its buyers and users.

  • Featured Slider

Non-sidebar, full-width option with buttons, columns, recent posts, alert boxes and casino shortcut options.

  • SEO Friendly

Crypto at flytonic is carefully build to be SEO friendly following all the SEO technical guidelines.

  • Responsive

It runs on all devices. Be it mobile or a personal computer.

  • Optimized for speed

It loads quickly enough for users as it is built with a bloat-free and clean code.

Even after such tempting and interesting features and options, you still doubt if this theme could be your shot at greater glory. We, at flytonic have another theme for you which would definitely be “The one” for you, if not this.

Bitcoin WordPress Theme

The bitcoin wordpress theme offered by flytonic is one of the most eye catching and appealing theme made till date. Primarily focused on the crypto currency of bitcoin, it makes uploading content a cakewalk. A few of many features which makes this theme out of the box are, API features and unique logo. It is speed optimized and can be downloaded in minutes. It’s responsive design and compatibility makes it an award winning choice for gambling affiliates.

What is so special about this crypto theme?

It is said to be an ideal theme for crypto currency based website. This theme is an intriguing theme for bloggers, commentators, traders and spectators. It can be used to cover altcoins, blockchains and bitcoins as well. This theme makes, building a websites dedicated to single coins very convenient and easy. This theme comes with a crypto comparison feature. It helps you to compare multiple crypto currency. It makes comparison of decline and rise in value over time much organised and feasible.

It’s unique design and the immense hardwork put behind it by the flytonic team, makes it stand out of the box. It does have all the mainstream features along with some new ones of its own making it worth your time, money and efforts. This theme is created with more than one custom widgets dedicated to the coins. One can insert important and relevant information regarding the bitcoins. It is possible due to the presence of widget enabled section of the website.

Salient Features

  • Woocommerce Compatible

The woo commerce support makes this bitcoin theme user friendly and fast.

  • Translation Ready

This theme is multilingual which makes it accessible by every single human being globally that has access to the world wide web. You can make your website region based with only one language or global by making it translationable.

  • Responsive

The bitcoin theme is fully responsive. It makes the look of this website just the right amount of interesting on any device. This feature has been created in a way that the elements of the theme will be automatically handled on the basis of the size of the gadget.

  • Easy to install

The bitcoin wordpress theme at flytonic is as east to install as it is to download and buy. The ordering process is HTTPS protected and all the personal, financial details are completely secure.

  • SEO Ready

The bitcoin theme is search engine optimized and friendly. It follows and obeys all the technical rules created by google and other SEO.

  • Speed and AdSense optimised

AdSense support helps you to add extra source of income on your site. It makes the site more user attractive. Whereas speed optimisation helps fast downloads and smooth functioning with expected speed.

  • Price API

This feature helps you to display bitcoin price in different currencies. With the API key you can show the current bitcoin price anywhere on your screen.

  • Bitcoin layout and Colour Scheme

The mix and match of bold colours and smooth layout helps you build a website that would attract all the visitors and convert them into buyers.

  • Parallax Scrolling

It supports parallax scrolling as well so the customers  are drawn to come to this website over and over again.


Why is the cryptocurrency WordPress theme important in the business expansion?

In the present world, the cryptocurrency WordPress theme is playing an important role in business expansion. There are a lot of service providers working in this market. The Cryptocurrency WordPress theme has some inevitable issues which define how important it is in business expansion. We are trying to highlight some key issues about this amazing theme.

Unique Design:

The Cryptocurrency WordPress theme has a unique design and feature. There are a lot of positive sides to it. If you make a heavy and bulky theme for your cryptocurrency site, you will without a doubt experience some reluctance from your visitors. People always try to focus on simple and easy platforms for business expansion. If you can have a lightweight theme, you must get the attention of the target audience through your website. We have a lot of cryptocurrency WordPress themes where Bitcoin Theme is remarkable. You can try it as a demo version so that you can experience what it has to offer. There are many people who have chosen to try this theme as a demo so that they do not have to pay for such endeavors. You get to enjoy trying out this theme for free. 

Mobile Optimized:

It is with great pleasure that we have created some cryptocurrency WordPress themes in mobile devices which is optimized so that anyone can use it on different mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, PC, or laptops. You can also leave us feedback or comment. This will help us know exactly what you think about this great theme. As of now, there is increased competition in cryptocurrency theme creation, development, and promotion. The business website that makes the most out of the available cryptocurrency theme will greatly benefit from its offerings. The good news is that you can also try out the Financial Trading Theme, which is also a very powerful cryptocurrency WordPress theme. Therefore, you can also use it as a live demo and leave feedback on your experience.

Create a Committed Coin Page:

By using the cryptocurrency WordPress theme, you can set some coins as the default menu. This is very essential in trading and other business transactions. All coins are not used at all times. You can easily set the coins on a page where you are capable of modifying the coins and currencies as per your requirement. In financial management, it is important to ensure you have a committed coin page creation and management.

Wordpress Support

Show Historical Price Data:

If you use cryptocurrency WordPress themes, you can systematically view the historical price data. There are a lot of options on this platform where you are capable of generating values. At the same time, you are capable of attracting target audiences by offering simplicity in showing historical price data. In this way, a trader can easily trace the history of price and make financial decisions promptly. You can try our Casino Town Theme which will give you experience in the financial management of casinos.

Comparison Between Currencies:

By using this cryptocurrency WordPress theme, you can compare between two currencies and make it useful for your decision making. Some people get confused about business expansion and financial management. If you are dealing with the cryptocurrency-related business, you will have issues making the right decisions. If you can choose the right cryptocurrency theme, you can lessen your tension. It helps make your financial decision at the right time.

WooCommerce Compatible:

The Cryptocurrency theme is compatible with WooCommerce. You can use the WooCommerce plugin in your cryptocurrency theme. In this way, you can add some essential features in the eCommerce business. If you have limited knowledge about WooCommerce, you can know details about WordPress custom dashboard with WooCommerce product page creation. It will make a clear conception of WooCommerce. You can check out our customer forums to learn more about this great cryptocurrency theme [2] As WordPress theme customization experts, we offer support about cryptocurrency WordPress themes. If you have any queries about WordPress theme customization, you can directly contact us.

Finally, Flytonic wants to make it easy for you to access this cryptocurrency theme both in the live demo and full paid version. You can try this theme and share your views. In this way, you can engage with the cryptocurrency WordPress theme and improve your business website in this ever-competitive world.


So, these were the two themes that flytonic offers to build a website for the leading cryptocurrency business. The websites build upon these themes would surely excel and get you those dollars in your pocket. Both the themes are bitcoin and crypto currency related. Eventhough, there are many themes for this business now. Flytonic yet steals the show with it’s salient, distinctive and unique key features which no other site can offer.


I hope this blog has serves its rightful purpose of guiding you with a carrier you must opt for if you are looking for an online business.If you are new to the virtual world, flytonic would be more than happy to become your guiding light and serve you and help you throughout your journey. So,you need not worry, just put your trust in flytonic and give your best shot.You will surely do wonders in the world of online business.


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