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Bitcoin WordPress Theme

The bitcoin theme is a  fully responsive cryptocurrency theme with a built-in bitcoin price ticker.

It is easy to install and can be fully translated.

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Bitcoin WordPress Theme

Are you interested in doing something special in the cryptocurrency world? Do you need a suitable cryptocurrency WordPress theme for your website? Are you seeking for a bitcoin WordPress theme from a reliable source? If your answer is ‘Yes’, you have come to the right place! The WordPress Bitcoin Theme from Flytonic is one of our most dynamic and appealing crypto WordPress themes yet. Focused on the cryptocurrency of Bitcoin, this theme allows users to easily upload content in a variety of ways. From expansive sidenav widget options to unique logo and API features, this bitcoin website template will enable your site to stand out from the crowd.  This Cryptocurrency WordPress theme can be downloaded in minutes and installed just as quickly. From here, you will be ready to begin building your website and driving traffic. Eye appeal, simplistic backend features and dynamic options make this Bitcoin trading WordPress theme the perfect choice for a webmaster that wants a sleek, modern theme.

Because of its responsive design and customizability, the bitcoin theme is one of the best choices available out there, especially for gambling affiliates. This great theme is translation ready and features multilingual support. There is an integration for easy page building and numerous customization tools.

The outstanding support and customization options makes the bitcoin theme a hard one to pass if you are setting up your website. When you are setting up an online casino website with a cryptocurrency WordPress theme, which has numerous options and the needed complexity. Our team of experts offers 24/7 customer support to ensure you have everything you need when setting up your affiliate website.

Bitcoin WordPress theme is an ideal theme for cryptocurrency-based websites. Besides regular blogging, bitcoin comes with many amazing features for cryptocurrency which makes it one of the most popular cryptocurrency WordPress theme by affiliates, spectators, commentators, traders and crypto bloggers. It offers many pathways of monetization and might be used for covering AltCoins, BitCoin, and blockchain.

Build Dedicated Coin Page

There are coins, which are more valuable than others. The good thing about the bitcoin theme is that it allows you to treat theme exactly that way. Also, it will be easy for you to build pages on your site dedicated to single coins. This will profoundly help the reader find crucial information on that same page.

Compare Crypto with Other Currencies

Comparison of the crypto coins against the currencies is important. This bitcoin website template comes with a crypto comparison feature, which allows you to compare many cryptocurrencies to currencies to show, decline or rise in value over time.

Dedicated Widgets for the Bitcoins

The bitcoin theme is created with multiple custom widgets, which are dedicated to the coins. Utilizing the widgets, you can inset important and relevant information regarding the bit coin coins in the widget enabled section of your site.

Unique Design

The crypto has a fantastic design that is optimized for the entire cryptocurrency world. Flytonic designers have gone over and beyond to ensure the Cryptocurrency WordPress theme comes with a sleek design that stands out from the rest.

Woocommerce Compatible

Besides blogging, you will find it easy to make use of the crypto theme to promote various products. The Woocommerce of the bitcoin theme makes it fast and user friendly.

Responsive bitcoin website template

The Bitcoin WordPress Theme is fully responsive. This bitcoin WordPress theme will display in the most visually pleasing way on everything from mobile phones to tablets and desktops. The responsive element of this theme both ensures that you will not miss out on any traffic and that your users will have a great experience. With the bitcoin WordPress theme, you don’t have to worry about the type of device that you are using because bitcoin is created in a way it can fit in all devices. Its responsive feature has been created in such a way it can handle the elements of a theme depending on the size of the gadget. This makes sure that the viewers are treated the same despite the differences in their devices.

The bitcoin theme is perfectly designed to impress visitors, no matter the type of device they chose to use. The fluid responsive framework makes sure that all your websites elements perfectly adapt based on the devices they are being viewed on.

Price API in bitcoin WP theme

The price API sitewide allows you to inform your users of the current Bitcoin price in a number of different popular currencies. While you do not need to include the Bitcoin price in the theme, many webmasters would like to use this tool to provide the most up to date pricing info to their visitors. Take advantage of this built in feature and keep users informed on the latest price movements.With API key you can show present pricing on bitcoin on any section of your website.

Translation Ready

The Bitcoin WordPress Theme can be viewed and read by visitors from all over the world, regardless of what language they speak. Your visitors can easily translate your content to the language of their choice, ensuring low bounce rates and strong user engagement with your site.

Bitcoin Layout and Color Scheme

We built this theme to emphasize the Bitcoin colors and culture. The smooth layout and bold colors establish the clear Bitcoin and cryptocurrency WordPress themes that your visitors will be most accustomed to.

Easy to Install

The Bitcoin Theme is easy to buy, download, and install. From the moment you place your order, the complete download and installation process will be complete in a matter of minutes. Our ordering process is https protected and all of your personal and financial details are completely secure to ensure your privacy.

If you have any questions about this theme, features included, Flytonic, or the ordering process, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will be happy to help you.

ICO Archive

You can show all the ICOs on one page using the customized ICO archive. You can use the customized blog in the bitcoin for listing specific ICOs on your website.

Featured Slider

Beautiful images will attract new visitors to your website. The Cryptocurrency website template has an inbuilt slider that captures the attention of your viewer using an eye-appealing image. With these, your visitors will interact with your website.

SEO Ready

Applying themes that are not optimized by an SEO theme is a total mess. This theme uses SEO and obeys all technical rules which are created by Google and other SEO.

Speed Optimized

For any website to succeed and stand out from the rest, speed is paramount. When the bitcoin theme was designed, speed was our priority. This bitcoin WordPress theme uses perfect resources and optimized codes just to ensure that everything operates smoothly with the expected speed.

AdSense Optimized

Adding other sources that generate income on your site is very important, this is why the crypto WordPress theme is allowing you to add an extra source of income on your site, with the help AdSense support and optimization.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is supported by the bitcoin theme. With these, you can design unique blogs for your website which will ensure viewers keep coming back for more posts.

Frequently Asked Questions – Bitcoin WordPress Theme

Is it possible to use the Flytonic theme on multiple sites?

When it comes to Flytonic which is a free license, you are allowed to apply it on your site or for another person? If you are planning to apply it on multiple websites then you must renew your subscription.

Is it possible to customize my theme?

All our themes are designed with an optional section, allowing you to customize the themes for your website. You can come up with special code edits by applying Photoshop PSD files.



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