Best Casino Affiliate Programs in China

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Starting your own blog or website is an excellent way to earn some passive income, but if you’re planning to turn your affiliate marketing venture into a successful casino affiliate marketing career, you must know how to maximize your profits. One surefire way of increasing your blog’s or website profits is by exploring the best casino affiliate programs in China that allow you to partner with different casinos and betting sites to earn commissions for marketing their brands.


What Are Affiliate Programs?

First, let’s define casino affiliate marketing. Casino affiliate marketing refers to the processing of referring players to a casino or gambling site and earning a commission for the resulting transaction.

Since gambling affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways casinos and sportsbooks market their brands, you’ll most likely have to check through hundreds of China casino affiliate programs to find one that fits your website or blog. However, you can check through our comprehensive guide to casino affiliate marketing to learn more about how to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

A casino affiliate program is essentially the middleman who connects bloggers and entrepreneurs with casinos/sportsbooks that offer affiliate programs for their brands.

To help you succeed as a gambling affiliate marketer, we’ve handpicked and listed the top casino affiliate programs in China to choose from. Every program typically offers different casinos and betting sites, so feel free to visit them to check what they offer:

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Only reputed online providers provide the casino affiliate programs in China, which we have evaluated in the following table. We have chosen the popular online gambling platforms having affiliate programs, which have the required licensing to offer safe gaming services to players online. This is an essential factor in the fast-developing gaming industry nowadays.

Most of the affiliate programs will enable affiliate firms to be an affiliate towards many brands. This always happens when an online operator of iGaming services hosts more than one gaming brand. Continue reading our informative article about legit USA casino affiliate programs and what you should know as an affiliate before you get started.

Casino Affiliate ProgramTop Casino BrandsCommission
Gameon PartnersMongooseCasinoRevenue Share – 25% – 45%
Betsson Group Affiliatesbetsson, betsafe, Nordicbet, StarCasino, CasinoEuro, JallaCasino, CasinoWinner, Jackpot247, LiveRoulette, Loyal Casino, NorgesAutomaten, RaceBets, Suomiarvat, SuperCasino,, Casino.dkRevenue Share – 20% – 50%
BGO BuddiesBGO CasinoRevenue share – 20%-35%
LeoVegas affiliatesLeoVegas, pink Casino, live CasinoRevenue Share 25% -40%
Betway AffiliatesBetway CasinoRevenue share – 25% – 40%
Casumo AffiliatesCasumo casinoRevenue Share 25% – 45%
Dunder AffiliatesDunder CasinoRevenue Share 25% – 45%
Mr Affiliate  Mr. Green CasinoRevenue Share: 25%-45%

Top Casino Affiliate Programs For China Players

We’ve handpicked the top 5 best affiliate gambling programs. Some of the casino brands are very popular, while others are specific to a particular gambling niche.

1. Betsson Group Affiliates


Betsson Group Affiliates

-Affiliates- best casino affiliate programs

Join program >

This leading gambling platform offers a wide range of sports betting services, bingo, poker tournaments, scratch cards, and exciting card games through different gaming brands. Nevertheless, they are largely focused on the European market.

It also has a CPA program that’s available upon request.

Betsson Group AffiliatesAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount20% – 50%
Negative CarryoverNo

2. Casumo Affiliates


Casumo Affiliates

casumo affiliates

Join program >

This Malta-based gaming site offers a wide range of games to play: sports betting, table games, online card games, live casino, jackpot games, and video slots.

Casumo AffiliatesAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount20% – 50%
Negative CarryoverNo

3. Mr Affiliate


Mr Affiliate

-Affiliates- best casino affiliate programs in china

Join program >

This online poker, sports betting, and online casino platform offer a wide range of games for users and casino affiliates. Although the CPA model is one of the most popular models for casino affiliate payouts, it’s not very common here, and instead, the operator prefers revenue share.

Mr AffiliateAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share
Commission Amount25% – 45%
Negative CarryoverNo

4. Dunder Affiliates


Dunder Affiliates

dunder affiliates-Affiliates- best casino affiliate programs in china

Join program >

Dunder Casino isn’t just known for the incredible purple cat logo, but also live dealers, table games, poker games, and video slots. Their casino affiliates should pay attention to the payout model they prefer.

Dunder AffiliatesAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount25% – 45%
Negative CarryoverNo

5. Betway Affiliates

Betway Affiliates

betway Affiliates- best casino affiliate programs

Join program >

If you choose to join Bitcoin Penguin, you can pay with cryptocurrency! You can use bitcoin, Ethereum, and litecoin to play different casino games: slots, card games, poker tournaments, roulette, and blackjack. The casino affiliate program largely focuses on revenue share and boasts a pretty high percentage.

Betway AffiliatesAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount25% – 40%
Negative CarryoverNo

Types of Casino Affiliate Plans

Creating a creative relationship with other firms within the gaming industry isn’t a simple task. It needs a lot of evaluation to come up with the most convenient and affordable options. And this answers the question, why do different kinds of affiliate programs exist today? Though their main idea rotates around rev shares as well as producing more traffic, several aspects can contrast one affiliate program from the other.

The most common kind of affiliate program is where the provider makes a relationship with another firm that focuses on producing more extensive traffic towards the operator’s iGaming site. In addition to this, the affiliate partner earns rev shares for each casino player or bettor who deposits at the operator’s site. But, there are also other kinds of affiliate deals, including loyalty portals, coupon websites, bloggers, and e-mail promotions.

Revenue Share Deal

The primary goal of the partner is to get rev shares through marketing the online gaming services of operators. In most scenarios, rev share is paid as a percentage share of the commissions produced by the provider. For example, the greater the traffic an affiliate can produce, the greater the rev share they will receive.

In some cases, the percentage or amount of the rev share might be based on other criteria. For example, it could be a share of the whole amount of deposits placed by players tagged by the partner or a percentage of gross profits produced by ranked players each month.

But, the question now should be, what is the lucrative share for partners? It’s not simple to answer this question. It relies on the venture deal of the partner and the promotion materials, which are utilized for marketing the gaming services of the affiliate operators. Some elements have to be considered before selecting the best affiliate programs with rev share.

For example, newer partners that have a start-up venture might require an affiliate program, which provides them small though stable rev shares for producing high traffic. Operators also support those newbies by offering them promotional tools and other crucial stuff. But, partners who have already acquired strong places within the gaming marketplace might have the required tools themselves to market iGaming services. In this scenario, operators might offer more outstanding rev shares or special deals for a good performance.

CPA – Why It’s Crucial To Partners?

The CPA, also known as Cost Per Acquisition, is another type of affiliate promotion where the partners can get revenues for each click by players and customers. In simple terms, online operators reward partners only when referred bettors or players make a specific activity, register an account, click to requests of services, fill a subscription form, download extra apps or files, make a payment, among other things.

This type of affiliate promotion is affordable to mid-sized and smaller partners that want to market gaming services. However, they aren’t able to go for the complete affiliate promotion rev share program. Besides, based on the way the partners are marketing online gaming services, the CPA deal may be very beneficial than the rev share deal.

Hybrid Affiliate Deals

Another way of marketing iGaming services alongside affiliate promotion is hybrid promotion. Hybrid marketing is an exclusive affiliate promotion, which also includes getting commissions as a partner. But, in this scenario, the partner might build and market his gaming services and market the products of other operators.

We can conclude by saying that a hybrid deal is a double chance offered to partners that enable them to improve their services and get commissions through providing their specific products. Besides, having the opportunity to get income through marketing other firms’ products within the gaming industry remains an open option. Most affiliate programs don’t host hybrid deals. But, hybrid deals are common within the gambling industry.

How To Become A Casino Affiliate in China

At this point, it’s clear that joining a gambling affiliate can provide many benefits. Besides, most online operators offer affiliate programs. In many cases, their terms involve the same features and details. But they aren’t entirely similar. The affiliate programs vary from each other regarding details and extras of the available services. This is the main reason evaluation is needed before picking the most convenient gambling program on the marketplace. Below, we have provided the principal criteria for selecting a reliable and stable casino affiliate program.

  • Kinds of casino affiliate plan: The distinct conditions and terms, which the affiliates deals can provide, and the major models and features available.
  • Registration process: Which are the steps to sign up and become a successful partner
  • Flexible payment plans: The separate kinds of rev schemes, which an affiliate can select, and the rev shares, which can be earned
  • Exclusive deals for partners: Generous promotions and promotional tools that are provided to partners to get a greater target group
  • Many payment options: The most appropriate payment options that are popularly utilized by most affiliate programs

Quite many elements must be carefully assessed before deciding which gambling affiliate program you should opt for. First, search for the casino operators that provide licensed affiliate programs and are governed by the respective iGaming regulatory bodies. This will ensure the affiliate programs meet the required safety measures.

Also, the other thing that affiliates should pay close attention to is the terms of the affiliate program. Though such types of Chinese casino affiliate programs might have the same options, every operator provides its conditions and terms special from other programs. The main objectives, which we have listed above, would assist you in making a good analysis. It’s wise to follow those steps before making your decision.

Sign Up Process

Once you are done conducting your analysis and choosing the affiliate program you want to join; the next step is to create an affiliate account. This is the main way of becoming an affiliate and benefiting from the features of the program you have selected. All operator affiliates with casino affiliates offer you a fast and simple registration process.

But, before you continue with the registration process, it’s good to check other essential details. First, be sure you are ready to become a partner. The program needs that you meet particular criteria before you get approved to become an affiliate manager. Below are the major steps that newbies should take.

  1. Choose An Affiliate Program.

Getting the most appropriate program through conducting a serious evaluation and careful observation

  1. Evaluate The Terms

Carefully observing the details is crucial to understand the specific conditions and terms

  1. Register The Affiliate Account

Most operators provide a fast and simple registration process. But, partners will be required to offer vital details and meet particular requirements.

  1. Start To Use the Affiliate Account.

By registering in a casino affiliate program as a partner, you agree to the terms of use. You are required to follow best practices and processes for a good relationship

  1. Receive A Commission

Start making use of the available features and benefit from the casino affiliate program. Get good rev shares through tagging potential clients. Improve your outcome by utilizing the available features.

The most crucial thing when becoming a gambling affiliate is selecting a reliable program. Only regulated and licensed operators might offer you fair and transparent affiliate terms. Furthermore, if you choose licensed operators, you will avoid any risk of fraud actions. But, bear in mind that providers will also be observing to see whether you are following good practices.

The popular gambling affiliated programs can provide safe tools and other selections that will assist you in being a successful affiliate. Bear in mind that because of those safety features, your affiliate approval might take some time.

Casino Affiliate Programs in China Offers

It’s evident that affiliate promotion plans provide good chances to both gaming platforms online and other firms that market gambling services online. At times, the partners can display relatively better results in producing greater traffic. This will elevate the mutual benefit a lot. Suppose an affiliate site is properly developed and operates in a way that provides the aimed traffic. In that case, the provider might decide to discuss special offers and prepositions.

One good example is the exclusive bonus offerings. This kind of marketing focuses on producing even higher conversion rates. The affiliate will get the opportunity to market a special bonus offering for an online bookie and casino via its partner site. The special bonus is only for the clients who register via the online site of the affiliate.

Special bonus offers are proving to be a very attractive and convenient marketing tool. It assists both the affiliates and online operators achieve better performance.

Available Payment Options for Casino Affiliates

Affiliate promotion can be very rewarding, especially if the required features, elements, and details are available. Also, this can result in a perfect relationship between the online operators and partners. Getting commissions, without a doubt, is the main goal.

When rewarding affiliates, top online casino affiliate programs usually offer the most common payment systems. Most players utilize those kinds of payment systems, and they are used for money transactions by affiliate partners.

Among the most preferred payment options that most affiliate programs use are the main payment systems utilized within the gaming industry. These payment options include Neteller, e-wallets, Mastercards, PayPal, debit cards, and Skrill. The most popular payment method is bank transfer, though it might take longer to process the payment.

Wrapping Up

As we already stated above, becoming a partner needs a comprehensive evaluation of many details. At times, the casino affiliate rev share agreements may offer the partners the opportunity to select the payment method in case there is a way to choose between different payment options. Below are the most popular choices of payment in affiliate promotion.

Partners can also make agreements, which will be based on their prime goal and capabilities as an affiliate in marketing online iGaming services. In most cases, casino commissions are paid only when they produce traffic towards the operator’s site. But, there may be particular details to state. For example, the commission could be made through each click on a marketing banner.

Partners can get rev shares from profits produced by players tagged towards the operators’ gaming website via the affiliate site in other scenarios. This kind of affiliate deal is also called a residual program. There are many cases when gambling casinos and bookies can provide hybrid affiliate income plans combined with the deals stated above.

Overall, if you want to create a successful website, then you should check out the best casino WordPress themes by Flytonic. However, if you already have an existing website that needs to be improved, then you can count on our premium WordPress customization services.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about casino affiliate programs in China.

Where can one find the top Chinese casino affiliate programs?

Nowadays, most online operators provide gambling services on the gaming marketplace. Nearly all of them provide competitive affiliate deals, which offer good terms to affiliates. But, if you are searching for the best terms, consider going through our best casino affiliate programs because they are worthwhile.

How to register for the best affiliate program in China?

Registering for the right affiliate program needs that you be careful while reading the different crucial details. Most elements have to be viewed first. This is the main way of making a good choice. We recommend you consider using our informative guide.

How to become a gambling affiliate?

Becoming a gambling affiliate is something, which can offer most additional advantages, mainly if you want to market iGaming services online. The first step you require to do, though, is opening an affiliate account.

How to generate income as a casino affiliate?

Getting commissions is the primary objective when registering for an affiliate program. To get a good commission, you must be capable of appealing to more potential customers.

What payment options are available at China casino affiliate programs?

Most affiliate casino programs offer the most common payment options, which are popular within the gaming industry. This gives affiliates the opportunity to benefit from fast and convenient cashouts. Many of these payment options used by loyal operators provide fast and reliable payment methods.

What is a CPA affiliate deal?

There are different kinds of casino affiliate plans. Each offers various options and tools to market online gambling services to clients. Also, this means there are different methods of producing profit and getting commissions. CPA is very common across most affiliate plans.

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