Best Casino Affiliate Programs in Argentina

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Are you running a casino affiliate website? Or a gambling-related blog? Or are you a gambler?

Do you already have great web traffic or following to your casino-related blog or website? Are you planning to earn income from it?

Then you’ve come to the right place where we will show you some of the best casino affiliate programs in Argentina.

The gambling industry is growing fast (mainly due to covid-19)

Just search at Google Trends for the keyphrase “gambling.”

Due to coronavirus, almost every country imposed strict lockdown measures. Therefore, people started spending more time at home enjoying their favorite casino games. That’s why the demand for online casinos has skyrocketed.

The demand for the gambling industry is not going anywhere, with millions of people playing every day.

Therefore, if you are looking for the top casino affiliate programs in Argentina, here is a handpicked list.

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Best Casino Affiliate Programs In Argentina

Below is our list of the top gambling affiliate programs for Argentina players.

1. Ace Revenue

ace revenue casino affiliate programs in Argentina

Ace Revenue Affiliates

Ace-Revenue casino affiliate programs

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Ace Revenue offers top-rated online casinos that allow affiliates a chance to provide their readers with variety and choice. Each offers a wide range of top-quality games.

Ace Revenue AffiliatesAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount35% – 45%
Negative CarryoverNo

These online casinos have been active since 2008, so you can rest assured that they are professional, well established, and understand everything they do.

Ace Revenue offers a base commission of 35% with a chance to increase it up to 40% in case you reach a certain number of players in a month.

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2. Deckmedia

deckmedia affiliate marketing casino affiliate programs in Argentina

Deckmedia Affiliates

deckmedia affiliates casino affiliate programs in Argentina

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Deckmedia is a casino affiliate program that offers 11 online casino brands to promote. These casinos feature over 1000 casino games for your players to choose from.

Deckmedia AffiliatesAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount35% – 40%
Negative CarryoverNo

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 40% commission promoting any of the casinos for the lifetime the player will be gambling at the casino. Furthermore, besides the regular commission on the casinos, they have a sub-affiliation scheme to earn up to 5% commission. This that if you direct other affiliates, you get to earn 5% of their commission. This is a great casino bonus that not all casino affiliate programs will offer you.

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3. William Hill Affiliates

William-Hill-Affiliates deckmedia casino affiliate programs in Argentina

Willam Hill Affiliates

William-Hill casino affiliates

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William Hill Affiliates is another great casino affiliate program that offers a wide range of gambling options, including Vegas, bingo, poker, live casino, casino, sports, and other games.

William hill AffiliatesAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount20% – 30%
Negative CarryoverYes

William Hill Affiliates offer two levels of default commission rates across different brands: 30% for Vegas, casino, and sports and 15% for live casinos, poker, and bingo.

Moreover, they give affiliates a chance to talk to an affiliate manager about customizing their commission structure in case they want something different like CPA or hybrid.

Essentially, William Hill has been in the gambling industry for more than 80 years, and they offer top levels of professionalism. You’ll be glad to know that Betsson Group Affiliates is authorized and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

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4. Pinnacle Affiliates

William-Hill-Affiliates casino affiliate programs in Argentina

Pinnacle Affiliates

casino affiliate programs in Argentina

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Pinnacle Affiliates offer a combination of casino games and sports betting. The commission ranges between 25% and 35% depending on the number of players you refer over the past three months.

Pinnacle AffiliatesAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount30%
Negative CarryoverNo

One highlight of pinnacle affiliates is the fact that they do not have a minimum withdrawal limit. This means you get paid regardless of how much you’ve earned in a certain period.

Pinnacle affiliates boast a high percentage of returning customers. This gives affiliates a chance to earn a considerable income.

The only drawback is that you must refer at least five new players every month to earn a commission. As a result, you won’t be paid if you refer four or fewer players.

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5. Hyper Affiliates


Hyper Affiliates

casino affiliate programs in Argentina

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The hyper casino is an innovative and new casino with a beautiful look and many new games. The commission rates range between 20% and 40% based on the number of players you’ve referred and their winnings.

Hyper AffiliatesAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount20% – 40%
Negative CarryoverNo

Also, they offer affiliates different marketing resources to help their marketing campaign. These include the ability to have some game trials on your website.

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6. Entain Partners

Entain-Partners best casino affiliate programs in Argentina

Entain Partners

casino affiliate programs in Argentina

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Next on our list of the best casino affiliate programs in Argentina is Entain Partners. Entain is the second biggest gambling enterprise globally and runs multiple brands that you are familiar with. Last year, they had a rebranding and changed from GVC to entain. Following is the list of affiliate programs, which fall under their network.

Entain PartnersAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount25% – 35%
Negative CarryoverNo

First, only a few run exclusively via Entain, so we won’t go deeper as the affiliate payouts, cookie lifespan, and conditions are similar. These brands include;

  • Gala bingo
  • Party poker
  • Ladbrokes
  • Foxy bingo
  • Party casino

They don’t offer CPA to all affiliates. However, it’s available upon request, where affiliates are approved depending on performance and the traffic they bring in.

Sporting bet still operates their affiliate program, although Entain owns them, so you should expect some changes in the future.

They provide a flat revenue share commission of 25% for every player you refer. This is a standard beginning revenue share, though the commission is different from what other programs offer when affiliates begin sending in more traffic. This is for casino brands; it’s worse for bookies, at 10% only

If you reside within the UK, you must be familiar with coral. Coral is the UK’s popular gambling brand. They are popular for offering a bookie through their online website currently offers a vast range of casino offers and games.

All the enterprises, which are under Entain, offer a similar revenue share option that goes up as you refer more clients. CPA deals are also offered though upon request. Get in touch with your affiliate manager for more information.

Before you can be allowed to withdraw your money, you must have a minimum of $100 in your account. If it’s then that amount, it will be carried over to the following month.

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7. Ladbrokes Affiliates

Ladbrokes-affiliates best casino affiliate programs in Argentina

Ladbrokes Affiliates

casino affiliate programs in Argentina

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Ladbrokes AffiliatesAffiliate Details
Commission StructureRev Share, CPA
Commission Amount40% – 70%
Negative CarryoverYes

Ladbrokes also operates its affiliate program via gambling affiliation. If you become an affiliate with Ladbrokes, you will get a very great commission as gambling affiliation provides a 25% revenue share, while Entertain offers as high as 35%.

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How To Make Money As A Casino Affiliate

There will never be a perfect moment to make money with an affiliate promotion. The previous year has changed different parts of life from leisure to work. Also, one main thing that has changed is the behavior of online purchasing. Many people are currently making purchases online more than before, which offers chances for people worldwide to monetize this via different methods.

When you are researching “making money online,” mostly you will come across multiple methods, including affiliate promotion, Google Ads, Brand partnership, among others. If you aim to get a passive income, affiliate promotion is the best place to begin; the idea is slightly simple: you market other companies’ services or products, and if customers purchase your marketing, you will get a commission.

As the enterprise you are marketing got everything set up (for example, tracking affiliate link, logistics, and landing pages), the beginning couldn’t be easier. Affiliate promotion is the best method to make money because you will be in total control of the brands and industries in your market.

Contrary to traditional promotional methods, that would be viable only if you own a fully performing site with great traffic. Also, you have only little control over what ads will appear on your content. You can start affiliate promotion from scratch, and with time, it can develop into a successful fully-fledged, or side hustle business.

Suppose you have picked affiliate promotion as your way of getting passive income online. In that case, there are several things you will be required to do, including choosing a program, choosing a platform, and understanding about making money online through affiliate marketing.

Pick Your Platform

If affiliate promotion is the way you want to use to make money online, the first crucial step is choosing the platform you will be using to market your brands. Currently, there are multiple options to market your affiliate link on. Following are some of the options that are worth mentioning.


It doesn’t matter if you have five million or 500 followers; you can monetize your Instagram through affiliate promotion. Instagram affiliate promotion is the best option if you planning to focus on an audience of age group between 16 to 27 years old. Instagram affiliate is an ideal platform if you are planning to promote the casino gambling industry.


If you want to make money online through affiliate promotion, the blog is ideal for use. If you love a particular subject or enjoy producing content, blogging is an excellent platform for you. You can build free blogs using websites like WordPress and blogger.

Once you create your content, putting affiliate links to it is simple. This is also a common method, which both small and big bloggers add another stream of revenue to their blog or make money.


Although this is the hardest way to begin, many individuals make money online by doing promotions via a site. There are multiple site options, and most of them can be monetized through affiliate programs. Many sites make money through affiliate promotion, utilizing a comparison model. For instance, they build a simple directory, showing the cons and pros of a service or product and key features. Behind every single product, there are affiliate links. A site owner will get a commission each time a purchase is made through their comparison site. With site builders like Wix and WordPress, you can build the best site with very little experience.


Facebook is the best place to start your affiliate promotion campaign. Because mainly you will be marketing to your friends, Facebook campaigns are usually profitable and engaging affiliate campaigns.

With the same demographic as Instagram, this is the best way to reach a young audience.


YouTube is an ideal way to market your affiliate link as the creator of the content that has an engaged and loyal following gives the link; this produces great returns for the content creator.

The most important thing is to build high-quality and honest content, as monetizing this traffic is so simple.


Podcasts have become increasingly popular, so this can be a lucrative and great way to make money online through marketing your affiliate link. This method may not be a cup of tea for everyone, though if you love building content, this is the method for you.

To choose the ideal platform for you, you have to consider a few factors. First, pick a platform that you can handle easily; for instance, you can’t set up a comparison website if you have never optimized or run a site before. Secondly, what is your target marketplace – this will help you to choose the platform you will be doing your campaigns on. If you consider these factors, you will increase your opportunities of operating a successful affiliate promotion campaign.

Choose the Best Casino Affiliate Programs in Argentina

After choosing the platform that you will be using, the other key factor of operating a successful affiliate program is picking the best affiliate program for USA players and your audience. Choosing the best affiliate program for thousands of programs can be very hard. Following are some factors you should consider when choosing the best affiliate program.

Things to consider

  • Cookie lifespan
  • Commission
  • Your passions and interests
  • Affiliate program review

You must consider all the factors mentioned above when choosing the affiliate program you want to join. The other factor is knowing who the partners of that affiliate program are if multiple networks operate it.

Another way to start affiliate promotion is going through all affiliate programs within the industries you are interested in. The success of the affiliate promotion campaign will be based on the content surrounding the affiliate link.

Customizing and perfecting affiliate promotion may take time. Many affiliate newbies will try affiliate promotion only once, and if they fail, they tend to give up. Giving up isn’t the solution, and remember that even Rome wasn’t built in one day, so you need to learn through mistakes by being consistent. The secret to succeeding is running as many tests as you can; then through your evaluation, you will be able to determine what campaign is generating the best ROI. Starting is the most challenging part of affiliate promotion, but you will get used to it as you advance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about casino affiliate programs in Argentina.

What is a casino affiliate program and how does it work?

A casino affiliate program is basically a partnership between an affiliate and a casino. You promote casinos through different mediums (often through your site) and in return, you receive some commission. An affiliate's performance is based on the number of players who click on the website link and deposit.

How much money do you earn as a casino affiliate?

The amount of money you make as a casino affiliate is entirely up to you, there’s no limit to your income. The more effort you put into marketing the casinos, the better the return. When you register as an affiliate, you’ll get all the necessary tools to transform your site or blog into a money-making venture.

What does it cost to join a casino affiliate program?

Almost all the affiliate programs listed here are free to join. You don’t have to pay anything to join.

Must I have a website to become a gambling affiliate?

No, you don’t need a website to start promoting online casinos, but it helps. For operators of the affiliate program to track the referrals you send to the casino, the players should mention the specific tracking code when joining the affiliate program. You’ll also receive the code after you’ve signed as the affiliate with any of the affiliate programs listed here.

What payment methods are available for casino affiliates?

The best casino affiliate programs offer different payment methods for affiliates. You can choose to get paid via the following payment options: player account, Skrill, ecocard, Neteller, check, bitcoin, and bank wire transfer.

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