Best Forex Trading Plugins for WordPress

Posted by Flytonic on January 8, 2023 in Website Building, WordPress

Want to integrate the Forex market data on your website? The most important thing is that the data needs to be updated in real-time. This is where the best WordPress Forex trading plugins steps in!

The great news is that this functionality is not only reserved for fancy sites with in-house designers and developers.

Essentially, you can add Forex tickers and graphical charts using the live data for a very low price.

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The best WordPress Forex trading plugin by Flytonic works perfectly with the Forex theme and Financial Trading theme will offer you with a wide range of ticker and chart display you need to add to your website.

"WordPress Forex trading plugin by Flytonic integrates real-time Forex market data, offering a wide range of ticker and chart display options for your website. Affordable and easy to use

If you are creating a site about the forex market, you will without a doubt like the best WordPress Forex plugin offered by Flytonic.

Wordpress forex trading plugin

WordPress Forex Trading Plugin

While there are many WordPress Forex trading plugins that you can find out there, you should not settle for one without taking enough time to find the right one.

WordPress plugins are essential for several reasons. For instance, a responsive plugin adapts to your target audience device. Moreover, WordPress plugins are important in regards to attracting and maintaining the online audience because they enhance your website’s functionality.

Plugins are specifically essential for sites dealing with stocks and forex. So, considering the best WordPress plugin for your financial website is a perfect idea.

About The Best WordPress Forex Trading Plugin

The best WordPress Forex trading plugins by Flytonic is one of the most important things you will need if you are starting a financial blog or when starting a site related to forex trading. If you run a financial news website or just want to showcase the share price of some public entity, this will be of great help. This plugin makes it easy for you to add more financial data to your site, including ETF quotes, commodity, currency, and stock) to any WordPress post or page in a few minutes.

Key Features

Multiple Stock Exchanges

The WordPress forex trading plugin supports forex trading and a wide range of stock markets around the world, including the New York stock exchange, NASDAQ, Singapore Exchange, Hong Kong exchange, Frankfurt stock exchange, Australian stock exchange, London stock exchange, Toronto stock exchange, and others.

Historical and Live Market Data

Both historical quotes and real-time data are available.


Besides the stocks and currencies, other types of assets are also supported by this plugin. This includes major US treasury bonds/notes, mutual funds; exchange-traded funds, and the major commodities.


Static text strings are translatable to different languages. Numbers can be easily formatted using various thousand and decimal separators based on those that are used in your country.

Multiple Widget Templates

There are many precisely designed widget types, visualizations, styles, and templates. These are fully compatible with the latest browsers. They are highly responsive to tablets and mobiles.

Info Forex Market Widgets

These widgets offer stock (company) description alongside some additional info such as the address, website, sector, industry.

Inline Forex Trading Widgets

The inline widgets let you carefully integrate the forex quote into sidebars, headlines, text paragraphs, and other essential blocks. You need to make sure that after you have written news articles and desire to include the market data that you need to ensure that it’s always updated regardless of the time when the visitor reads the post.

Button Forex Market Widgets

With these button widgets, you can quickly build a call to action links having embedded stock quotes and custom texts.


forex theme

Best Forex WordPress Plugins

1. Premium Stock Market Widgets | WordPress Plugin


The Premium Stock & Market Widget plugin empowers your site with perfectly designed financial widgets that display stock market data and FOREX quotes from many exchanges around the world. It’s a must-have tool for a wide range of sites, from financial blogs to news media to publicly traded companies and asset management firms.

Key Features

  • Wide range of markets
  • Comprehensive data
  • Wide range of asset classes
  • Eye-catching design
  • Virtual asset pages
  • Multi-language

2. Stock Market Charts | WordPress Plugin


The WordPress market charts plugin lets you easily embed customizable interactive stock charts into the WordPress website.

The stock market charts can be customized through the native WordPress admin interface and then added to a post or page by copying and pasting the chart shortcode. The good news is that you do not need any coding or technical skills to use this plugin.

Key Features

  • Translation ready
  • Trading volume graph
  • Daily and intraday data
  • 5 chart types
  • Advanced look and feel customization

3. Real-time FOREX Charts | WordPress Plugin 

Real-time FOREX Charts | WordPress Plugin 

The real-time Forex charts plugin lets you add a more interactive FOREX chart to your WordPress website. Currency rates are quickly updated in real-time. Visitors can choose currency type and pair of the chart (candlestick, step, smoothed line, or just line)

You don’t need any technical or coding skills to use the best WordPress Forex trading plugins.

4. Stock Market & Financial News Headlines | WordPress Plugin


The Financial News Headlines WordPress plugin can easily pull the most recent news headlines for specific cryptocurrencies, commodities, Forex pairs, stock indices, and public companies from several RSS feeds and then display these on your WordPress site.

Key Features

  • Auto caching for the best results
  • An infinite number of news widgets on every page
  • Includes 6 news templates
  • Supports all major markets: Europe, Australia, Canada, UK, and the US

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Forex WordPress Plugins


A ticker is a marquee or stripe element, which can be easily placed at the bottom, top, or anywhere on your webpage. This widget displays the stats of the selected stock(s). The direction, position, and speed of the data scrolling on the ticker can be easily modified using the ticker direction, ticker position, and ticker speed options. Essentially, there are 8 themes in this ticker that includes the cool LED theme. This widget can be easily customized to showcase a 24-hour change, the percentage change, and the stock price action chart.

Users can easily customize the fill gradient, outline, chart color, widget background, and text color as they like. Other essential options also include glossy, round corners, and a link to the stock pages on the stock exchange. The wide variety of stocks allows you to easily compare the prices of stocks in different exchanges like the Santiago Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and more.


The best WordPress Forex trading plugins comes with a table widget that lets you display information regarding multiple stocks in a tabular format. It provides many options to present data about stocks. Some of these include shares, dividend rate, dividend yield, a 52-week low, 52-week high, market capitalization, volume, % change, 24h change, closing price, opening price, 24-h chart, company, price, symbol and more. The tables easily adapt to the sizes of various devices because it is highly responsive. Also, there is a toggle option for determining whether a user wants the table to be responsive. The theme also comes with two dark themes and light. The outline can be customized. Other elements that can be customized easily in this regard include the stocks fill gradient.


With the incredible forex chart widget, it should be easy for you to showcase the price Action Chart for different stocks. The chart supports the candle and Sparkline stock formats. Also, there are 2 aesthetic themes, including dark and light. Nevertheless, you can easily change the background color, text color, and text color based on exactly what you want. Other essential features of this Sparkline chart are the fill gradients where you can choose the fill color and use the rgba values to modify the existing gradient color. Furthermore, you can set your chart height and the default view of this chart to display the yearly price action, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. With this date range option, you can easily add the option for changing the chart view. The website’s end users can make use of the option for toggling between views.


Search is a unique widget even among the wide range of stock widgets. This feature allows users to add the search bar to a WordPress site where you can search to view these stocks. This is more useful in case you are creating the stock news site or a data offering platform. It should be easy for you to add placeholder texts on the search bar, enlarge the size with an extensive range of size option, adding round corners to the search bar design, links to available stock pages and determining a text color (the text’s color if the user searches for a specific stock) and the search bar’s background color.


This card widget may be utilized to showcase the stock data in the forms of a rectangular or a card box.  This widget has a wide range of massive features, which defines the card widget. It provides 7 themes and 8 distinct designs! Some of the designs offer you a price action chart, but others offer you a complete outline of the available stocks. Design 8 offers you everything you need. It is all upon you to pick the design you want. The card widgets border-radius can be modified anywhere from the 100px to 0px to ensure the corners become round and smooth.


With this massive WordPress stock widget, users can easily enumerate the list of the stocks, which are stacked together. Personalize this widget by displaying the stocks logo or link to the coin pages. The list widget comes with 5 designs and 7 themes. All the designs have an amazing touch. Specific designs of this list widget can dropdown or expand to display more information like market capitalization, chart, or volume.


This is another amazing widget that lets you showcase information regarding the entity behind the stock offering the shares. The best way through which you can display the portfolio of a popular company is by setting the widget to display the company’s description under a tab like the number of employees, exchange, symbol, industry, sector, and status. Moreover, you can add more information under the “More Information” tab. This will help showcase the organization’s name and the brand under which the exchange forex is listed in, the company’s website, phone number, industry, sector, and address. This widget also comes with 7 default themes. However, you have the alternative of choosing the text color and background color.


Display a brief label of your desired stock on the site using the available label widget. Pick a wide range of stocks and then add the right theme. Alongside the default themes, background colors, and custom text allows you to set up different themes. Furthermore, there are 4 impressive designs providing stock data that are different from one another. You can quickly remove sharp images by defining the border-radius. Finally, we can confidently state that this label stock widget is compact and cool.


Utilizing the custom button widget, you can add more buttons to the forex website or the forex page on your existing website. Also, you can add additional forex buttons and customize them to suit your needs by choosing from the wide list of 7 default themes or picking a background color or custom text. Users will have 3 size options to pick from including large, small, and normal. Under this Style Tab, you can easily create the button style to Outline, Cool, Flat, or Plastic. Also, you can choose to remove other styles by choosing the available No Style Option. The entire widget option lets you extend the buttons to the entire width of this webpage. These buttons sharp edges can also be smoothened utilizing the available border radius option. As mentioned earlier, the border-radius can be set to 0px to 100px.


You can easily showcase the latest Forex news from renowned websites such as ABC news or the CNBC news utilizing the feed URLs. The live news updates from the sites will be displayed on your website immediately after the articles have been posted. Moreover, the news has the option of determining the news to be displayed on every page and the length of the content available in the description. Essentially, you can choose to display the images (displayed by the news sites alongside the news posts) as the thumbnail icons to the other side of the news content or just use the Show Images Option to hide the content.

Wrapping Up

There is a better WordPress plugin to display data from the Forex markets and other exchanges than the best WordPress Forex trading plugins by Flytonic. This forex market trading plugin includes everything you need to reach out to your target audience. What are you waiting f0r, contact us now for more details. You can also try out our Financial Trading WordPress themes if you are working on a limited budget. Afterwards, you can update to our premium WordPress affiliate themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add the WordPress forex trading plugin to my website?

You can easily add the WordPress forex trading plugin by highlighting the plugin and then go to add a new plugin option. All you have to do is follow the guidelines provided and you are ready to go. Else, you can opt to contact Flytonic friendly support team for help on how to install the plugin or to download the Geo target plugin to make it easier for you to target your prospects.

How do I activate the WordPress forex trading plugin?

You can easily activate the WordPress forex trading plugin. Just select the plugins Settings option and follow the steps. You should then look for the available license option and proceed to enter your activation key or purchase code in the input field just under the Purchase Code. Overall, click on the activate button and your plugin is active.

Can I use shortcodes?

Shortcodes offer an easy way to add more widgets to your blog posts. This is because they are distinct to every widget. For instance, if you choose the available Ticker widget, you will find a shortcode that is exclusive for this ticker widget on the panel. You need to copy the code.

How do I get the license?

The license to the WordPress forex trading plugin by Flytonic is present in the purchase code and license certificate available in the zip file you downloaded after you made the purchase.

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