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What is Casino and Betting Review Plugin

So typical of a human beings right? No matter what happens, they just can’t stop comparing. Power cut off at your place, the first thing you do is check with neighbors. The right thing to do would be to call the concerned authorities and check with them. You can’t even buy a product without comparing it to other products and reading different reviews. Well, ain’t no complaints. As cross-checking and comparing assures us we are getting the best. So why compromise, be lethargic and invest our commodities on the first website we find? Especially when it comes to something that involves gambling a huge lump-sum money. Why not review and check other similar sites  and then make the best decision? This is exactly what the casino review and WordPress betting plugin does.

The casino review and WordPress betting plugin is additional software that adds more definition to your site. These features allow you to make a gateway ina a way to similar sites. This way, you can show your virtual customers that you are better than the rest. This gives you an edge to outshine yourself.

Humans have a general tendency to go through a lot of options before opting for one. So they find it more convincing if you have a lot of reviews on your site speaking well for you. This way you can attract a lot of customers. So, if you want more growth and fortune for your company, you must opt. of casino review and WordPress betting plugin.

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A casino review and WordPress betting plugin perform many tasks. A few of them have been listed below,

  • It helps you create reviews that are brimming with information. These reviews help decide the customer/you to choose what is best for you ate the time of buying the product.
  • If the reviews are interactive enough, they can increase your site revenue with the increased conversations on your site with the customers.
  • The casino review and WordPress betting plugin can boost your SEO with the addition of 19 different schema types.
  • Usage of these plugins would even help you increase your website CTR.
  • The presence of the WordPress betting plugin and casino review plugin would also provide the site with an improved overall design and content structure.

Wordpress Betting Plugin



  • This WordPress betting plugin offers you custom side widgets to promote, list, or display other casinos or brands on the same page inside different widget areas of your theme.
  • This plugin can turn your monotonous content page into a custom review page with screenshots, visit buttons, different layouts, and much more.
  • It makes the task of displaying and storing sportsbooks, casinos, or other websites throughout your website very convenient.
  • The presence of comparison tables in this WordPress betting plugin makes the display of reviews more interactive and legitimate.
  • This plugin is highly responsive. This means that the plugin will make your site look equally appealing on the screen of every size.
  • The plugin is also optimized for faster loading. It is designed to avoid all slow loading and code bloats items.
  • Its design makes changing bonus colors, backgrounds, headings, buttons, and many such tasks a cakewalk. All you need to do is click some button and you will get exactly you need.
  • It also makes the customization of shortcodes and widgets to display data and websites very easy.


Convenient integration with all the themes

The casino review and WordPress betting plugin are built in a way that helps you with the smooth integration of its working and functionality. This plugin is compatible with all the WordPress themes out there. The data gets recovered even after you wish to change the theme and opt for a new one. If you wish for an afterward addition of this WordPress betting plugin, you can easily do it without rebuilding it. You can simply just modify your pre-existing website. This means you will not have to start from scratch.

Live table list builder

This feature of the casino review and WordPress betting plugin helps you to create new tables and table lists for your website. Adding the reviews in a tabular form is a much sophisticated, neat, preferable, and an eye-appealing way of presentation. Later, you can add the same table on the website whenever you wish to at any point. You can also preview the look of your table before uploading and can make changes accordingly.

Strong drag and drop builder and one-click setup

The plugin offers a vast variety of options to choose from. You can choose any appealing background, font, or layout that goes best with your theme, you can write your content in any manner you want and add pictures too. You can also activate or disable different sections of your website from time to time as per the need of the hour. The best part about this casino review and WordPress betting plugin is that it also populates itself. So this thing need not be your prime concern. It also comes with a very easy setup. It is said to have one-click setup so to provide you a laid back and hassle-free experience.

Shortcode builder tool

With the presence of the live shortcode builder tool in the casino review and WordPress betting plugin building, a shortcode has never been easier. You can now easily modify all the parameters of the website on the user interface. Once done, you can first preview the output of the website so you know how it will exactly look. After that, you can put it into usage whenever you want it on the website.

Highly responsive Tables and Grids

Tables are the best, most legitimate, and neat representations of lists. Once you have completed your website. You would want to have the list of other casinos to be compared with. This is where the responsive tables and grids feature of the casino review and WordPress betting plugin comes into action. You can build neat and crisp tables to present your data to the users. this will attract the users more.

wordpress casino plugin


All WordPress themes compatible

You name the WordPress theme and Flytonic’s casino review and WordPress betting plugin will work efficiently and effortlessly with it like it was exclusively made for it. This plugin is compatible with every casino and gambling WordPress theme ever made out there. So, you can use this plugin wherever and whenever and with what so ever website you wish to. This plugin will never let you down and will always prove as an asset to you.

Consistent New Game release

Your customers want the comparison between your site and other’s to know why you should be chosen. This is only possible when the new casino games get released in the market from time to time. Therefore, the release of new games in the gaming market is very important and crucial for your customers. We at Flytonic release new games from time to time with the help of our software game provider. So, our casino review and WordPress betting plugin come into use now and then. Especially, when there is a new release in the gaming market.

Easy customization of everything

This plugin helps in gaining the game sources for every popular game providers easily. You can efficiently add in-built codes, design, thumbnail images as well as games description. The more popular gaming directs on your site. The more your site will flood with customers and flourish with money. All easily done with the addition of this casino review and WordPress betting plugin.

A large number of loyal customers ratio

The casino review and WordPress betting plugin have been designed for numerous casino driven websites. We have loaded our plugin with all the essential as well as other additional features. This helps us gain a significantly fair amount of customers from time to time periodically. We say this with surety and confidence in ourselves that once you use our plugin, you would never wanna use any other product again. Therefore, we deal with over 500 loyal customers that have been working with us for ages entrusting their vision and money onto us.

WMPL Support

What is better than a plugin that can be accessed on a regional as well as global level. The casino review and WordPress betting plugin at Flytonic are WMPL ready. This means that it is multilingual and can be accessed by any person speaking any language on this globe. Provided he/she has access to the world wide web.

Full documentation provided

The casino review and WordPress betting plugin by Flytonic come with a guide manual and complete license documentation. After the set-up, you can easily know how to use it further with the easy handy manual guide provided. It explains in detail what is to be done next. This plugin is also fully licensed and legal and safe to use in all means.

Custom CTA Text and Structured data

Even though all the buttons present in the casino review and WordPress betting plugin comes with pre-configured text. You can customize and modify it as per your own personal and unique needs. The plugin uses structured formatted data. It is done so to make it SEO optimized to outline the review data.

Highly Responsive

This plugin is made highly responsive to the comfort of you as our customers and visitors. This means your website will automatically adjust to the size of the screen it is being reviewed on. It will look as attractive on the mobile phone as it will on a computer screen.

Variety of Content options and Review systems

There is a vast variety of review options available in the casino review and WordPress betting plugin. You can either choose to have a starred review or a written review. Not just that, you can also add images, lists, tables, and many more to your reviews to make them more convincing.

Terms and condition feature included

It is anyways mandatory for all the casino affiliated sites to have internally facilitated terms and conditions for its functionality. What’s so special about this feature? The terms and condition feature in casino review and WordPress betting plugin is that you can quickly enable and display it. They would be visible to you in the tooltips.

Preset Default values

Even though, everyone wants to add their personal touch to their website. This makes them more proud and feels more connected to what they own. However, if you don’t feel the same and may not wanna experiment, we have got your back. Flytonic’s casino review and WordPress betting plugin have flabbergasting default features and values. So, you can have a website appealing to the customer’s eyes without really modifying much.

Include casino affiliate tracking

The casino review and WordPress betting plugin provide you with certain shortcodes. These shortcodes can be used to track all the casino affiliated programs being displayed on your website. This would help your customers to review and choose the best program in your locality.

So these were some unique and other inclusive features of the casino review and WordPress betting plugin. Of course, these were just some of the crux of them. There is a lot more on the plate that the official website has to offer. So, before making a concrete decision you must check out casino review plugin.


In this blog, you learned about casino review and WordPress betting plugin. A plugin that can help you with creating a review website for casino affiliated websites as a means of living. You can even use it to gain some recognition for your casino affiliated website as well.

Flytonic’s casino review and WordPress betting plugin gears and loads you up with brilliant and tempting features that no other product can. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your chance at fame and fortune by choosing and using our product.

How much is the overall cost for the plugin and setup?

however, this depends upon program to program. But we can assure that we at flytonic offer you the most efficient and cost effective offers.

Are these review plugins only for casino affiliated programs?

NO, these plugins comes for other sort of websites as well. However, this blog only talks about the plugin for casino affiliated sites.

What if you want to be viewed only with sites in your locality?

Our product generate shortcodes that help you with tracking and related issues. So you can set your locality and will be viewed accordingly.

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