WP 101: A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress

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WordPress (WP) is a very popular term in web development. It is basically a free and open source content management system (CMS). In brief, we can call it WP. It is actually written in PHP which is basically a popular programming language. WP is also associated with MySQL database. It was initially introduced back in May, 2003. Basically, almost all of the websites are dependent on WP.  Feel free to contact us today for the most reliable WordPress  customization services.

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Bar graph depicting WordPress as the preferred CMS with 60.6% usage, while other CMS account for 39.1% usage.

Statistics on WordPress

In a survey, we found that almost 60.6% of the CMS users use WordPress and 39.1% users use other CMS. From this statistics, you will without a doubt accept the fact that WordPress is very popular among webmasters. As WordPress experts, we have found that many webmasters  prefer using WordPress for their web development. It is very easy to customize and anyone can manage it by following some easy steps. These techniques are also provided as their user manual or guidelines. So, WordPress management is now becoming very easy everyday. 

What is WordPress

On the other hand, WordPress is nothing but a great blog publishing system. A group of experts believes that blog publishing requires a CMS which ensures smooth management of your website and its content. That is why WP is becoming very popular day by day. It has some awesome features like a template management system where you can set the best casino theme for WordPress. The information or content which is shown on the website and how it will represent your website is defined by your WP template.

Opinion of Experts

As WP experts, we are a team of wp consultants who have done some research. It has shown that 59% of the total users are using WordPress spontaneously where only 7% of them are using Joomla. On the other hand, 5% of users prefer Drupal and the rest of the 29% of users use other CMS. It indicates how important WP is now playing in the world of website management.

Finally, it can be concluded that WP is an open-source and free CMS for anyone’s customized website development service. It is very user friendly and easy to use. The guideline which is provided by WordPress is really easy to use and anyone can manage it by his own accord. The demand and the sphere of the WP are gaining momentum day today. 

But a question is coming to the reader’s mind! Yes, you have got it. There are some preconditions are needed to think before WordPress installation. I am going to discuss this vital issue briefly. 

What is The Precondition Before Installing WordPress?

Many people are planning to adopt WordPress. You already know that most of the websites are directly or indirectly dependent on WP. There are some preconditions which are needed to be under consideration before installing WP. As a web developer, you have to consider some issues before installing wp in your site.

Firstly, you have to contact a well-known and service-oriented web hosting supplier to get smooth support. You have also been careful about the quality of service and price for that service. The relation between both of them will make a judgment for choosing the best hosting service. You may find their service monthly rented. You have to pay an average of $100-$250 per month in your initial period of the business. you have to be careful about this issue if you are not a dexterous person in web development.

WordPress Installation & Maintenance

At the same time, you have to know that there are a lot of companies in web hosting who are also providing an awesome service in WordPress management. You are providing one-click WP installation and maintenance of it. It is very easy and comfortable for the end-users. You may have limited knowledge about it and you can search for the best options from web hosting. If they are serving in WP management for your end, you must be helpful for their awesome support. So, you have to search who is providing such types of services at present. You have to choose them for your website building.

The thing is going well in WP management. You have also thought about some important issues. So, you need File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access to your server. You can see that your web hosting providers are doing the same things very well. They are offering you the premium access to the server to install WP within a short time. You can ask for virtual assistance support for WordPress installation and maintenance service at us which is very cost-effective in the present time. 

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Then you need a File Transfer Protocol (FTP), client. It is a desktop application that allows you to transfer files from your computer to the web server within a short time. In this way, the data can be transmitted and you can make a backup of your files. It is very systematic. You have to ensure this service from a web hosting provider. There are many free FTP clients available. FileZilla is one of them, which is very popular with web developers. Transmit is the best FTP client for Mac users.

Then, you need to comply with a text editor like Notepad. It is required for writing text and documents used as website friendly. Notepad is the most common option for users, which is very easy to use.  

Finally, you have to choose an updated browser like Safari or Google Chrome which is supporting the latest version of HTML like HTML5 and the latest version of CSS like CSS3. It is a matter of web hosting sites.

Finally, you have to think about all these issues before installing WP. Some arrogant people are making mistakes in choosing these preconditions. They cannot perfectly judge the actual scenario of web development. They have limited knowledge about it though they have spent a long time here. So, all these reconditions should be maintained to avoid occurring any unexpected events in WP management. Now it is the time for talking about the installation of WP. You will find a simple way to do the job. 

How can you install WordPress?

There are a lot of service providers in CMS. You have a lot of options in this area. But WP is the easiest way for developing websites. If you are a newbie in this area, you can be confused about installing the WP. But I am going to discuss a very simple way to make an understanding of WP installation.

The whole process can be divided into 05 (five) steps. You have to follow these steps to make a successful installation of WordPress.

Download WordPress

First of all, you have to download the latest version of WP from the official site of WordPress.[2] There are a lot of sites that are also supporting it as clone service. But you have to ignore them. Some sites are provided hacking tools here or providing virus for damaging your site. You have to be careful. If possible, you can check the SSL of the site where you download it.

Connect with FTP Server

Secondly, you have to upload the files of WP through your FTP server. You already know what is FTP server and its use. The file can be uploaded within a few minutes or more. Some hosting sites are supporting single click WP upload facility. You can take this opportunity. It is up to you what you will choose. Your demand and your choice are very constructive matters in your mind. You have to think about it and you must use an FTP server in your end.

MySQL Database

Thirdly, you have to create a MySQL database. It is an open-source relational database management system that is developed by Oracle Corporation. The uploaded files will be stored in the MySQL database for future use. At the same time, you have to create a User ID and Password in this area. This ID and Password will be used for login in WP for the future reference.

Configure Wordpress

Fourthly, you have to configure your WP to connect with your newly created MySQL database. It is a relational approach to your website. WordPress is playing a vital role here. You can see that a lot of people are doing the same work. But they have made a mistake in this stage. There are some techniques here that are guided by the user manual. If you can follow it perfectly, you must be the gainer. You also have to be careful about creating bugs in this setup. You must ensure the proper guidance you have followed at the right time.


Lastly, you will make a perfect installation of your WP and you can find a new website after a successful installation of your WP. You have to set a one-click backup system on your site. If any circumstances are happening, you will take a single click backup for your website. Today, almost all of the hosting sites are providing such types of single-click backup facilities. You have to judge the best sites for choosing the best service.

This is the simple guideline for installing WordPress on a website. You don’t need much experience with it, but be careful in installing stages. You have to follow each step for installation. Otherwise, the WP installing system will be postponed and you have to feel the pain for re-installation.

Whatever, it is the time to think about the WP login URL and how to make an authentic login in WP. There are a lot of people who are at the learning stage of WordPress. They are curious about knowing what is the URL link of WP. They also want to know how can they make a successful login in WP. I am now talking about it.  

How can you find the WP login URL and execute an authentic login? 

After taking a short break, I have taken a cup of coffee with some novices and gossiped about WP. A student said that he found the WP login URL. This is a good question. I have given the easiest solution to this problem.

First of all, you have to register for a domain and a hosting space. It is mandatory for your website creation. Without knowledge of both of these, you cannot do anything in web development. After purchasing the subscription of both of these two portions, you have a website link by the domain name.


Suppose, you have registered a domain as ‘ABC’ and your website is ‘www.abc.com’. If you type this website URL in a browser, you will get the user end view of the website. But if you are a developer, you have to make access to the website to organize the website. By putting WordPress themes on your site, you can enjoy the things very well.  

Your website URL is the main thing to enter into WordPress. In another sense, if you are looking for the WP login URL, you have to go to your website link. The thing is very simple and interesting. I am clearly showing you now.

From the previous assumption, you have a website link is ‘www.abc.com’. If you want to search for a WP URL, you have to type ‘/wp-login/’ after your website link. That means you have to simply type a‘www.abc.com/wp-login’ to get entered into WordPress. After typing this URL, you will show the same dialogue box as like below: 

Here you have to put the information of your User ID and Password to make an authentic login. After successful login to your WP, you will be able to customize and install your desired utilities. It is the simple way to login to WP.

There is a question if you are using a sub-domain. Well, you have not to be worried. You have to follow the same thing as you have done previously. Just put the ‘subdomain’ prefix in your website URL.

Is it becoming difficult for you? 

Well, I am making it more clear to you. To login to your subdomain WP, you have to simply type ‘www.subdomain.abc.com/wp-login’ and press the enter button. You will get the same dialogue box which showed in previous times. You need to put a User ID and Password to make an authentic login. In this way, you can get your WP login URL. The students were very much delighted to get such types of easier information from my end. They have completely removed their confusion by this tutorial.  

After completion of the session, a group of newbies is coming to my desk. Newbies are confused about the use of WordPress. They were very confused and came to my close and talked with me with a meek voice. Their question was why do we use WordPress. There are a lot of the same types of service providers available. But why are we choosing it? I was amazed to hear such a type of question from beginning users. I assured them to talk about this issue after a coffee break. 

Why should you update WordPress?

One day a web developer who has recently passed in courses asked me why we should use updated WordPress. There is also an old version of WP. If I am using that old one, what problems may I face? The gentleman politely asked me and looking for a satisfactory answer from me. I was expecting such types of questions from my students also. Well, I have said something very special to him. I am now sharing with you with that experience. For further information, you can visit the WordPress Support Center.

Security Issue

The first thing is security. If you can use the latest version of WP, you must be secured on the internet. There are a lot of obstacles are available here and there. The latest version of a product or service is always full of updates mechanisms. That is why you can assure that it is slightly risk-free. You have great control over it and you have an option for a support center. Sometimes some products are varied with warranty. This is the key reason for choosing the best items online. So, you should use the latest version of WP to ensure the safety of your website and its content. 

The updated items are always coming with new features and promotions. You can see that there are a lot of offers available in the opening ceremony of a product. You have to think about the beauty of nature and its fragrance. It is a symbolic meaning! WordPress is the most valuable CMS. Almost two-thirds of the people of the world are using it as website management. You have to think about its span. They are coming with updates and various value-added services in the long run. They have a plan for capturing the full market within a short time. That is the reason for introducing new features in WP. For this reason, you have to use updated WP and enjoy the latest features on your website. 

Speed Issue

Again, speed is another reason for updating your WP. You always prefer speed in your tasks and performance. You want to make your website faster in loading and the content will come forward as soon as the user makes a click. For this reason, you have to update your WP regularly. It will ensure your website is updated and more user friendly than that of the previous time. As a discrete manager, you have to calculate the actual scenario. Your target audience is. You have to do better for them from exiting your business in the long run. That is why your WP needs to be updated regularly.  

You have already seen that the updated WordPress is bug-free. The older version is always full of bugs. The new version is coming to reduce or make a solution for this bug. That is why people are proffering bugs free sites. Only the updated WordPress can do this easily. If you set an automatic update in your WP, you can be ensured that your site is going to run smoothly without any bugs. If there are any bugs found, the next update will make it clear. This is one of the reasons for making your WP up to date.

New Version of WP

Every day there are a million problems found in online systems and developers are working relentlessly to reduce that obstacle. The new version of any software or programs ensures the compatibility of those items in the present market. Well, I am trying to say more precisely! Some programs of older versions cannot work in the latest module. That is why programs must need to be revised or updated. As like this, your WP is required to be updated in the schedule. You have to set it automatically or manually. In this way, you can ensure a smooth and user-friendly module for the system. If you ensure the update of your desired WP regularly, you will find your website is more updated than that of the previous time. It is also ensuring the security of your data and other things. So, everybody tries to make a regular update of their WP.

From this discussion, you have experience with the update of your WordPress regularly. You have to ensure the safety of your site. You also have to carry on your site with the latest information and techniques. As a result, you have no other choice without taking updated WP in your hosting. Now all hosting support providers are also doing the same things. They are dedicated to the latest and updated WP for the users where you can easily download both the latest and older versions. Now, it’s your choice to make your site as per your own decision.

Why do you use WordPress?

At present, there are many Content Management System (CMS) service providers are available. All of them are user-oriented and they are supporting as much as they can. They are also making things better for the people who are directly or indirectly involved in website development or management. From all of them, WordPress is the best by thinking from various angles. You can have some common queries about WP. I am going to discuss why you should use WordPress.

You already know that WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Top-rated hosting service providers are also supported WP management. There are a lot of third parties who are also supporting WP management. If you have some knowledge about website management, you will be able to manage WP from your end. It is really easy to use and you have a good command over it. As a popular method of web development, you should use WP on your website. It is also very easy to make handled. For more information and WordPress related services, please feel free to visit our latest blog posting section.

What is WordPress  

Open Source of Expansion

WordPress is an open-source of the expansion of your business. You have a great chance for expanding your business information and anything that you want to maximize to target customers through WP customized website. Previously, you have seen the vital role that WP plays in website management and the expansion of your business. Without taking advantage of the user end, you cannot expect to reach out to the target-oriented customers and attract them to your website. For this reason, you should use WP instead of anything else.

WordPress based sites are highly customizable and they have great flexibility when using them. There is a lot of positive feedback from them. They are doing every process of website management. As a result, you can expect good results. To enhance the performance of your site, you have to choose the right platform for your site. Here WP is the best choice. You can install it very easily and its management system is very easy to use and adaptive to any type of user. You can install WP in a single click and you can backup your site with a single click. Now, WP has made life much easier for webmasters.

User-Friendly Design

You have seen that WordPress has a stunning design that makes it more user friendly. WP updates are also very easy to use. They try to make it very easy for any type of user. It has a plan for making WP easier so that people from different walks of life can enjoy the speed of WP in their sites. You have had a great experience if you are using WP in your business sites. WP offers multiple types of themes that have made the sites very lucrative and customer-oriented for the expansion of the business. WP has a positive review of it. They are trying to make the situation better day by day.

If you are using WP for your business website, you can see that it has lower setup and maintenance costs. It is very urgent if you have introduced the startup. You have to care about your policy and cost curtail. In this section, you have to be careful regarding cost minimization. At the same time, you have to think about the quality of services. If your website doesn’t get appealed to the customers, your business will be lost. So, you have to think about it. As a result, you have to think about the cost of your business and work like it. In this sense, WP is the best platform for handling your business in the initial end. The hosting service providers are also doing the same things. So, you can use the WP without thinking about anything else.

Flexible Use

You must have realized that WP is very flexible to use. Any person can use it no matter their knowledge or skills with following some guidelines. If your website is based on WP, you can see that the site is very smooth and flexible. At the same time, it is very adaptive to make a change in any situation. There is some situation that has come that the category needed to change within a short time. You have to think about this. If you are based on WP, you can change the category as your own without the help of others. It is a positive matter for WP and you can use it.

WordPress is a user-friendly platform. Even it is useful for beginners. It means that a lot of people are taking services from WP. They have made a good e-commerce platform based on WP. The hosting company also provides support for the WP foundation. It makes them very helpful in the long run. As a result, you can use it from your end. Again, if you are a new member of website management, you can also do the same thing without helping others. You can get a huge tutorial online and also in a hosting support center. For this reason, you can take WP in your blog without any hesitation. There are many WordPress related service centers like WebfulCreations that are available online. You can get support from a one-stop service center.

Top-Notch Themes

WP has a lot of themes that improves the shape of your websites. Some are free themes and others are premium. All of these themes offer multiple options to users. The themes represent your site and their loyalty. If you cannot choose the right theme, your business will be going down. You can expect a smooth and handsome business mechanism for your success. Now, you can expect a good return from your business if you can provide a 100% concentration on it. So, WP themes are dedicated to your target owned. As a result, you can expect a bright business model for the future. That is another key reason for choosing WP on the website. 

In the practical field, you can see that WordPress sites are enjoying a higher rank than that of any other site. Many other sites are based on other platforms. They do not belong in the parallel line of the WP. People in developed countries are very choosy and have limited time to accomplish the tasks. You can expect a good website which rank is much higher than any others if you build it with the help of WP. Now all top-ranked websites are formed with WP. It has made the situation changed.

It is very surprising and you can see that WordPress sites are mobile responsive than any other sites. You can make customize your site through WP. You can give the shape of your site as per your choice through WP. A single click operation can do it very fast. There are many people who are considering it. So, they have taken WP as their choice for building a website.

Built-in Blog

You can use a WordPress site because it has a built-in blog. There is no additional blog required. That is why you can directly connect with various people from different parts of the world. They are experienced shared people who can assist you in the long run if you have faced any problem. As a result, you are doing the same job on your blog. WP has also contributed to community development. People try to engage with it and build a green website for the next generation.

From this analysis, you can understand why you use WordPress instead of any other platform. The Younger generation has to think about it. Your website is just not for you, but also for your visitors. It is the messenger for the next generation and so on. Besides these valuable uses, some limitations are also lying in WordPress. If you can overcome it, it will be better for your business. For any query about WordPress related services, you are welcome to contact our service showcase

What is WordPress service

Syntax error

The syntax error of WP is a common and a big challenge. If you are a newbie, you will be confused about your action plan. You have to think about it in a deep manner. It can happen when you are using PHP code in your WP. There are a lot of reasons behind this error. If you are making mistakes in coding, you must suffer in the long run. You have to manually solve it. Please don’t worry about it! It is an indication that you have made mistakes in coding. If you search it in the browser, you will find the error areas. You can easily modify it from your end. It is very simple to make a solution.

Internal Server Error

There is a common challenge is ‘Internal server error’ or ‘500 internal server error’ which is shown on the website. It means that something is wrong with your server and it cannot be traced right now. It is very difficult in that sense that you have to spend time on it. You can make this solution by increasing the PHP memory limit. It is very easy to do so. If you are acknowledged about the PHP, you can do it simply by your own efforts. But as a new user, you have to go for the experts to make a solution.

Error Establishing a Database Connection

‘Error Establishing a Database Connection’ is another big challenge of WP. You can see that many new sites have such types of problems. This problem indicates that it cannot be connected with the database. To make a solution, you have to check ‘config.php’ and follow it up. You will hopefully find the gap. In this way, you can ensure the establishment of your database with your website. It is a simple matter if you have deep knowledge about solving it.

Connection Timed Out

‘Connection Timed Out’ is another challenge. It can happen when your site tries to take more load than its capacity. On the other hand, it can also be done when the maximum capacity of the server has reached the limit. It is really a big problem. There are many options to resolve this. You have to deactivate all plugins to make a static model. Again, you can switch the installation of the default theme to your site. These two types of solutions are the best solution to this problem.

Image Not Uploading

‘Image is not uploading’ is a common challenge in WP. You can get such types of notification when you have either the uploaded image quality is higher than the capacity or the image has broken down in loading. This is a common problem for all if they are not careful about image management. Before uploading an image, you have to care about the upload requirement. You cannot exceed the capacity while you are uploading. You have to re-upload the image for making that problem’s solution. 

There are many challenges that are associated with WordPress. You have to consider these challenges and take the necessary steps to eradicate these. You can easily change the situation. Server management and its qualification are an important part of this section. WordPress is an extensive aspect of web development. You cannot think about the entire process without WP. Today, other supporting centers like WP are also coming into the competition by providing WordPress based customization services. They have a simple and unique interface as well as guidance. Overall, we have to think about the advantages of WP and we have to make the best use of it.


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