1. Download and install the latest version of WordPress on your domain. See for info.
  2. Download the WP Sports Theme from your members account downloads area.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file and upload the interior folder without the version number to your themes folder (wp-content/themes/). I recommended using FTP software such as filezilla.
  4. You can also upload the theme by going to your Appearance->Theme section and add new theme.
  5. Go to your appearance section in your WordPress admin and click themes. Look for the WP Sports Theme and activate it.

Creating a Slider Page

If you look at the home page of the demo, you will see we are using a slider at the top of the page. This page uses the Home Page Slider Template. There are several options for creating the entire page as you will see below the content area as you edit the page.

1.  First create a new page and select the page template: Home Slider Template from page template dropdown.


2.  Next below the content are towards the bottom you will see Home Page template options.  You can then go through each option to setup the page.  Each section can be hidden.  For example if you just want a static page with a slider on top, hide the Recent News and Featured Articles Sections.  The content your write will be shown at the bottom of the page.


3. To set this as the front page, go to Settings and Reading settings and set this as the home page.

Fantasy Sites – Promotions and Reviews

An optional part of the WP Sports Theme is the ability to promote or advertise Daily Fantasy Sports sites like Fanduel. We have added a section to easily create review pages for your fantasy sites and manage affiliate links, logos, and detailed information on the sites. To add your fantasy sites and reviews:

1.  Go to Fantasy Sites on the left WP admin area and click add new.


2.  Add review text and also fill out the properties below.  Please make the title of the page the title of the fantasy site that will be shown sitewide.  The fields are farily straightforward.    Affiliate links are hidden using and affiliate key, which is just your own word to identify the site.  Fields that are left blank will not be shown on the review page.


3.  Do not forget to add a logo of the Site.  We used a size of 200 x 120px.  The ratio will remain when resized, but try to use a similar size.  Place the logo in the featured image location.


Fantasy Sites Widgets and Shortcode

You can easily highlight and promote you fantasy sites you have reviewed in your sidebar and on an post or page text.

Fantasy Sports Widget

Go to your widget section and drag the fantasy sports widget to your sidebar.  There will be several options for this widget.  You can choose number of sites to show, filter by tag, sort by different properties, link to review or outbound page, and show an alternative display.  The right side of the demo shows both versions of this widget.


Fantasy Sports Shortcode

To add a Fantasy Sports Listing table to a post or page use the shortcode dropdown labeled Flytonic in the editor menu.  You can choose how many sites to show, how to order the websites, and even filter them by a tag.



Here is the output of this shortcode:


Breaking News

The breaking news at the top can be enabled and disabled in the theme options area under Flytonic in the WP admin area.  When you go to theme options and then to Breaking News area , you will see a checkbox to enable this section as well as the text and url to enter for this.  See screenshot below:


Recent Posts Category Widget

Included with this theme is a custom recent posts by category widget that offers two variations.

Version 1


Version 2


To display each of these go to your widget area and select the Recent posts and thumbnails widget.  The checkbox at the bottom of the settings varies the look of this widget.

Top Navigation, Search and Social Media Icons

The top left navigation list can be controlled by adding a menu and setting this to the Top Menu area. To enable social media on the top right, please proceed to the theme options area and enter the relevant urls for each of the icons you want to display. These are located under the Header Preferences section. You can also choose to hide this top header bar completely as well.


Adding Home Icon

To create a home icon like the demo, first go to your primary menu and add a normal home page link and name it what you want. Next click the arrow on the link, which opens up some more options. Add the class “fahome” to the css class input. See image below.