1. Download and install the latest version of WordPress on your domain. See for info.
  2. Download the WP Casino Theme from your members account downloads area.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file and upload the interior folder without the version number to your themes folder (wp-content/themes/). I recommended using FTP software such as filezilla.
  4. You can also upload the theme by going to your Appearance->Theme section and add new theme.
  5. Go to your appearance section in your WordPress admin and click themes. Look for the WP Casino theme and activate it.

Featured Casino Template

To get the featured casino area on top as seen in the home page of the WP Casino Demo, please follow these steps:

1.  Pick the Featured Casino Page template for the Template dropdown

featured casino

2.  Pick the casino to display and the title to appear at the top:

featured page options

3.  Be sure you have added the proper banner and features in your Casino area for the selected casino.

That is it!  You can also choose this page to appear as your Front Page too, like the demo.  The rest of the demo page you can add your own content and shortcodes.

Casino and Game Listings

The WP Casino Template has both casinos and games listings page template to show your list of games or casinos added in the admin area.

Adding a Casino Listing Pages

1.  Add a new page and select the Casino Listings page template.


2.  Select the filtering and sorting options for the listings


3.  You are welcome to also add content below the listings using the 2nd or third content area editor too


Adding a Games Listings Page

Adding a games listings page is the exact same.  Please select the page template called Game Listings Template.




To get a page that looks like the home page in the WP Casino Demo, you can use a combination of content with shortcodes.  The WP Casino theme has several shortcode as seen here.

shortcodes caisno theme

Click on the title for each shortcode for a list of options to appear.  The shortcode then will appear in the editor area.

New Fixed Game and Casino Shortcodes

You can list specific casino and games with the Fixed Casino and Fixed Games Listings shortcodes.

Fixed Casino Listings Shortcode

Here is an example of manually entering the shortcode.  You can pick up to 8 casinos.  The number listed for each game is the post number for the casino.  You can also specify the link to button if you want to show a link to view more casinos.

[bonustable_fixed site1=’68’ site2=’10’ site3=’70’ site4=’68’ linktourl=’’ ]

Fixed Games Listings Shortcode

The games listings is in the this format below with up to 8 games as well.  Use the game post id to show that game.  You can also specify the link to button if you want to show a link to view more games.

[fly_games_fixed linktourl=’’ game1=’27’ game2=’25’ game3=’27’ game4=’25’ ]

Featured Pages Shortcode

This shortcode lists 4 pages/posts with thumbnails.  Here is the shortcode format:

[ft_feat post1=’58’ post2=’42’ post3=’55’ post4=’62’ ]

The post1=’58’ refers to the 1st post/page with id= 58.

Search and Social Media Icons

You can choose to show/hide the social media and search icons in the top header area.

Go to your theme options area under Flytonic and you will see the Header Navigation area.  Add your social media links to show the appropriate icons.  You can disable all icons or the search icon as well.

theme options

Boxed Style and Design Options

If you would rather your design be a boxed (fixed width) desktop design with a background on either side you can choose the Boxed style in the Theme Options area.

theme style

You can then go to your design options area and choose a background color or upload a background image.