Installation is like most Flytonic Themes:

1. Download theme
2. Unzip theme
3. Upload by FTP the interior travelaffiliate folder to your wp-content/themes/ folder in your WordPress installation for you site.
4. Activate your theme…That is it!

hotel post types

Hotel Post Types

The Travel Affiliate Theme offers the ability to display and promote hotels or other type of lodging for a location.

The custom fields for the hotel post type include:

1. Hotel address
2. Google map code – you can display and embedded Google map on your hotel page. Past the iframe embed code from Google maps here.
3. Hotel Affiliate URL – this is your affiliate url or direct url for the hotel.
4. From Price – you can display the price from for this hotel if you choose
5. Star rating – choose the hotel class star rating for this hotel
6. Amenities – you can choose to display amenities for this hotel as well.

Featured Image – please upload a featured image for this hotel. Choose at least a 800×600 sized image. It will be resized for different parts of the theme. This image will show on various part of the theme – so this will be the main image.

Activity Post Types

Activity post types are just the same as the hotel post types for the most part. The one added item is you can assign a type of activity.

Perhaps you want to show nightlife, dining, or shows for a region. You can create an activity and assign it to a type of activity. This will be useful elsewhere if you want to create a show listings or dining listings page.

Deal Post Types

Another post type included in the Travel Affiliate Theme is deals. These can be offers or coupon tied to your hotels, activities, or separate all together.

If you assign the deal to a particular location (hotel or activity) it will show in the deal section for that hotel/activity.

Deals can also be shown in widgets, home page, or deal listings page.

Promo codes are optional.

You can assign a expiration date so the deal will be hidden in listings and widgets when expired.

Creating a Gallery Slideshow in Hotel and Activity Pages

On your hotel and activity pages, you can show more than one image. After you upload your featured image, you can attach images to the post to show them as a gallery on your page. See our demo for how it looks:

Just upload or select an image in the media gallery. Do not need to enter this in your post, just attach it to the post by selecting it.

The travel affiliate theme has 3 custom post types: hotels, deals, and activities.

When you visit each post type you will see some extra fields on the page to help customize the single page for the post.

>Affiliate Links and URLs

For each hotel, deal, and activity there is a field to enter your affiliate url for this post. By doing this you will be cloaking or hiding the full url.

You links will be in the format of

You can change the “outgoing” redirect key in the Theme Options area.

All affiliate outbound links are nofollow, noindex using a PHP header redirect. So you will not see the no follow in the url itself.

hotel listings
hotel listings options

Hotel Listings

To create a hotel listing like seen here:

1. Create a new page
2. Select page template “Hotel Listings Template”
3. Select the Hotel Listing Options shown at the bottom of the page. You can choose to filter by tag, limit the number of hotels to show per page, and sort by date, name, or menu order.

Activity Listings

To create a hotel listing like seen here:
1. Create a new page
2. Select page template “Activity Listings Template”
3. Select the Activity Listing Options shown at the bottom of the page. You can choose to filter by tag or type of activity, limit the number of activities to show per page, and sort by date, name, or menu order.

For example, if you want to display a list of Shows. You would want to choose the “Shows” type of activity to filter it from. The show type would need to be selected for the particular activity on the activity edit page.

Deal Listings

The deal listings is the same as the activities and hotels listings. You just need to select the Deal Listings Template.

Home Page Setup

The home page template contains an optional slider, deal listings, hotels listings, activity listings or featured menu, and article listings.

To create a home page like the demo:

1. Create a new page and select the “Home Page One Template” from the template option dropdown in page attributes.
2. Once that is done you should see many options appear at the bottom of the page titled “Home Page Template Options”.
3. Going through each of these items basically sets up the home page.
4. You will need to set this page as your front page for it to be the actual home page. In Settings->Reading-> Front Page Display

Home Slider Options

Be sure to check the slider is active checkbox to show the slider. You can choose to show your most recent posts, hotels, activities, or deals  or you can pick the exact post to show for each slide.

Activity Section

Please note, there are two options for the activity section. You can choose to show the activities just like the deals and hotels section or you can choose to show a featured menu created in the menu area for that section.

1. Here is the normal activity listings section(Section titled “Activities and Entertainment”):
2. Here is the menu option (Section titled “Activities and Entertainment”):

To use the menu option:
1. You need to create a new menu in the Appearance->Menu section. The pages/posts you pick will be the ones that show on that page. It will use the title and featured image from that page/post in the page template.
2. Set that menu as the location: “Featured Home Menu”
3. Then select the checkbox for “Use Featured Menu Instead of Activity Listings”

Those are the basics for the home page template.

slugs for hotel, deals

Changing the Slugs for The Hotel, Deal, and Activity Pages

You are welcome to change the slugs for the Hotel, Activity, and Deal pages by visiting the Theme Options area under Flytonic.  In the Theme Options area look for the general section.  You will see input boxes for each.  You will need to reset your permalink settings by saving them again once these are changed.