1. Download and install the latest version of WordPress on your site.  See for info.
  2. Download both the Flytonic and High Roller Black Themes.  Unzip both of these files.
  3. Connect to your WordPress blog via FTP software such as filezilla.
  4. Inside the unzipped folder you will see the folder “flytonictheme”.  Upload this folder and all content to your themes folder.  (wp-content/themes/).
  5. Upload the “hrblack” folder to the same directory: (wp-content/themes/).
  6. Make the custom.css file writeable (chmod 755) in the includes folder inside the theme folder. (flytonictheme/includes/custom.css)
  7. Go to your appearance section in your wordpress admin and click themes.  Look for the High Roller Black Theme and activate it.
  8. That is it!

In Post Featured Bonus Table #2

The High Roller Black theme features a new bonus top site table that can be placed in any post or page. It works exactly like the bonustable shortcode but uses the shortcode [toptable].

The bonus table #2 table displays affiliate site in a table inside a post or page using a shortcode. It uses affiliate sites you have entered in the admin area.

Depending on the child theme; site name, icon or logo, bonus information, description, visit link, and review link might be displayed for particular affiliate site.

How to insert the bonus table #2 inside a post

Inside a post or page you need to enter the shortcode:

[toptable usa=”Y or N” type=”Type of site” num=”number of sites” orderby=”Order by property” sort=”asc or desc” network=”Which Network” ]


usa=’y’ (If usa is y then show only rooms with this checked, otherwise if blank or ‘n’ all rooms are shown.

type=Filter by type of site – poker, sportsbook, casino, other declared type of site

num=Pick number of affiliate sites to show in table

orderby=Pick to sort by bonus amount, bonus percent, rating, post order, payout

Here are the orderby text you need to use and the corresponding values

_as_bonusamount: Order by bonus amount
_as_bonusper: Order by bonus percentage
_as_rakebackper: Order by rakeback percentage
_as_payoutper: Order by payout percentage
_as_rating: Order by rating

sort=Sort the orderby attribute either “asc” (ascending) or “desc” (descending)

network=Filter by all networks if blank or a specific one if picked.

Default Values

If all attributes are blank or shortcode is only [toptable]

Default is: usa=”n” type=”Poker” num=”10″ ordeby=”_as_bonusamount” sort=”ASC” network=””.

So this will display up to 10 affiliate sites of any network and of the type Poker and order them by bonus descending.

Example 1:

[toptable usa=”Y” network=”RTG” orderby=”_as_bonusper” sort=”desc” type=”Casino”]

This will display casino type sites that are in the RTG network and allow US players which are ordered by the bonus percentage descending.

High Roller Black Review Page Options

You can select different templates for the review pages (Affiliate Site Pages) in the High Roller Black theme.

Currently there is the default and Review Page Two.

Here is where to select the template on the Affiliate Site Page:

Affiliate Sites

Here are the two options for review pages:


Review Page 1

Review Page Two

Review Page 2