You need to upload both the Flytonic theme and Gambling News theme to your WordPress theme directory for installation.

How to Install the Gambling News Theme:

  • Download and install wordpress 3.5+ on your site. See for info.
  • Download both Flytonic and Gambling News themes
  • Unzip each one and upload the interior folders without the version number to your themes folde (wp-content/themes/). So each theme should be there separate. I recommended using FTP software such as filezilla.
  • Go to your appearance section in your wordpress admin and click themes. Look for the Gambling News Theme and activate it.

That’s it!

Custom Shortcodes in Gambling News Theme

There are two custom shortcodes in the Gambling News Theme.  You can view the demo for how each shortcode looks here.

Here is how to use each one:
1. Using in post top sites shortcode

2. Using excerpt list shortcode

Gambling News Theme – Custom Widgets

There are 3 custom widgets included in the Gambling News Theme. You can see them here.

Here is information on how to use each one:

1. Top Sites widget

2. Featured Site Widget

3. Banner Widget

Creating the News Page Template

The new page template includes three featured posts on top followed by two columns of articles below. See image below for the output of the new page template. You can add text, shortcodes, and other information below as these two sections will remain at the top of this template.

News Page Template

News Page Template

Steps for Creating News Page

1. First select the page template “News Page Template” from the dropdown when editing or adding a new page. See image below.


2. In the middle of the page you should see some options called “Featured Page Template Options” as seen below in the image.

News Page Options

3. Top Featured News Area – You can select the text for be placed at the top, default is “Featured News”. You also have the option to just show the latest 3 posts or posts in which you have selected to be featured.

To select posts to be featured, you will notice a section called “Featured Post Option” when editing a post. You can select the option to use it as a featured post. See image below.

Featured Post Option

Featured Post Option

4. Left News Column and Right News Columns – You can change the title of both sections, which the default is “Recent News”. You can select the number of posts to show in each column and to show all posts or posts just in a specific category. They will be ordered by recent posts first.

5. The main image that is shown at the top is a featured image from a post, so be sure to add one. The other images from the other two columns are also featured images as well. The sizes will automatically be resized to fit correctly.

Gambling News Theme – Change Colors

The gambling news theme comes with 3 color choices – Default (blue), Black, and White.

To change the color display: Go to theme options area under Flytonic in your WordPress admin area. Look for the general section and you will see the dropdown to select Theme Color.

Color Options

Color Options

See images below for different colors:

Default Color

Default Color

Black Color

Black Color

White Color

White Color

Gambling News Theme – Adding The Newsletter

The newsletter as seen in the demo is provided so you can add a newsletter to you site. You must already have a newsletter service to use this form.

The newsletter block needs to manually be added to your sidebar widgets since every email service varies in their format.

1. Open up the file newsletter.txt. You will see the form information here, which is how it looks on the demo. You can edit the text and format the form to match your email provider.

2. Editing the image in the newsletter – You can either use the image on the demo in your newsletter by editing the image path or add your own image by editing the image path.

You will see this code in the newsletter text:

<img width=”100″ src=”” alt=”Newsletter”>

You need to edit this path to match your theme and site. Probably just need to change to your domain. You can also add your own image and put its path there.

3. Next step is to then copy the entire div and newsletter code to a text widget in your sidebar.