1. Download and install the latest verion of WordPress  on your site.  See for info.
  2. After download you will see a file called:  Unzip this.
  3. Connect to your wordpress blog via FTP software such as filezilla.
  4. Inside the unzipped folder you will see the folder “tradingtheme”.  Upload this folder and all content to your themes folder.  (wp-content/themes/).
  5. Go to your appearance section in your wordpress admin and click themes.  Look for the Financial Trading theme and activate it.
  6. That is it!

Adding Broker Pages and Review Page Info

To create review pages, use custom widgets, and use custom shortcodes, you need first create and input your broker information inside your wordpress admin.

You will see a link called Brokers on the left side of your page. Click that link and create a new page. You will see a list of fields on the page to input. You do not have to input all the fields as some brokers or sites you promote do not have or need that information.

If a field is blank it will not be shown on the review page!

Broker Page

The review page is the permalink for the broker. So click view page or preview to see what the review page will look like.

Some info on some of the fields:

  • Site Affiliate URL: The url you want to direct users to for this broker. It should contain your broker affiliate code.
  • Redirect Key – the key to hide your broker affiliate url. It should contain no spaces and be unique to that room. So instead of using the full affiliate URL to link to the site, you can use
  • Logo URL: Provide the link for the logo here. You can also upload the logo in the media manager and paste the link for it in the field. Recommended logo size is: width < 175px.
  • Icon URL: Provide the link for the icon here. Recommended size is 24 x 24px.
  • Bonus Amount: Enter bonus amount as a number, do not include the currency this will only be used for ordering widget and in post broker tables.
  • Bonus Text: The full bonus information including currency symbol and any other words.
  • US players Allowed: Check box if US players are allowed.
  • Rating: Select the ratings for the broker. You can put 1, 10, 100 or 1/10, 5/10, or 99/100.


You can use tags for brokers to filter the brokers in tables or widgets.

Example if you want to only show binary trading sites in a table. Tag all brokers that are binary with a tag to indicate binary. You then can choose this tag to filter the widgets and tables to only show those brokers.

Custom Widgets

The Financial Trading Theme has 4 custom widgets. All info is dynamically outputted from the broker pages in the admin.

1. Site Reviews Widget

2. Featured Broker Widget

3. Recommended Brokers Widget

4. Top Broker Widget

Here is a screenshot of the theme in the widgets area (click for full size):

Custom Widgets

Site Reviews Widget

This widget will list the broker review page links.

You can order it by newest first, highest rated, largest bonus, by name, and by menu order.

Use tags to filer the widget by a certain type of broker.

Screenshots of the Widget and the output:

Custom Widget 1Review Widget

Featured Broker Widget

The featured broker widget will show one broker.

You can choose the broker or show one at random, that will switch with each page reload.

Screenshots of the Widget and the output:

Widget 2 Featured Broker

Recommended Brokers Widget

This custom widget will show a listing of Brokers.

You can order by menu order, name, bonus, and rating.

Use tags to filer the widget by a certain type of broker.

You can choose 4 variations of the output. Each shows a different field for the broker in the output. See below for screenshots of the different versions.

Screenshots of the Widget and the output:

Widget 3

4 Versions of Brokers Widget

Top Rated Brokers Widget

The top rated brokers widget shows a table of brokers.

You can order by menu order, name, bonus, and rating.

Use tags to filer the widget by a certain type of broker.

Screenshots of the Widget and the output:

widget 4Top Brokers Widget

Broker Comparison Shortcode Tables

This code outputs a table of brokers in a post or page with a view different output options. Here is what the output will look like and the different versions.

Click to view full view:

shortcode broker table

To easily insert the table, the quickest way is to use the graph button on the post/page editor menu. Here is what will pop up once clicked:

bonustable button

As you can see you can pick number of brokers to show, how to order them by ascending or descending, if you want to filter the sites by a tag, and which table output version (see screenshot above).

Once clicked it will input a code like this inside the post. Here is the full code:

Visit Now


usa=’y’ (If usa is y then show only rooms with this checked, otherwise if blank or ‘n’ all rooms are shown.

num=Pick number of broker sites to show in table

orderby=Pick to sort by bonus amount, bonus percent, rating, post order, payout

Here are the orderby text you need to use and the corresponding values

_as_bonusamount: Order by bonus amount
_as_rating: Order by rating
_as_roomname: order by site name
menu_order: order by page menu order

sort=Sort the orderby attribute either “asc” (ascending) or “desc” (descending)

tag = choose the affiliate tag to filer the table

version = 1,2,3,4, or 5

Default Values

If all attributes are blank or shortcode is only

Visit Now

Default is: usa=”n” num=”10″ orderby=”menu_order” sort=”ASC” network=”” tag=”” version=”1″.

So this will display up to 10 broker sites and order them by menu order ascending with table version 1 as the output.

Full Width Page Template

You can select a full page template if you do not want a sidebar on one of your pages. This expand the middle content to be the width of the page.

Full width Page