1. Download and install the latest version of WordPress on your site. See for info.
  2. Download both the Flytonic and Double Up Themes. Unzip both of these files.
  3. Connect to your WordPress blog via FTP software such as filezilla.
  4. Inside the unzipped folder you will see the folder “flytonictheme”. Upload this folder and all content to your themes folder. (wp-content/themes/).
  5. Upload the “doubleup” folder to the same directory: (wp-content/themes/).
  6. Make the custom.css file writeable (chmod 755) in the includes folder inside the theme folder. (flytonictheme/includes/custom.css)
  7. Go to your appearance section in your wordpress admin and click themes. Look for the DoubleUp Theme and activate it.
  8. That is it!

DoubleUp Theme Features FAQ

1.  What size should logos and icons be?

Icons should be 100×40 or 60×24 at the smallest.  Logos should be about 250×150 or use same ratio.

2.  How can we make the featured 3 sites shown on the demo home page?

See Section Below

3.  How to add a logo to the left footer area?

Go to your theme options area under footer.  You will see the option to upload a footer logo there.  You can copy and paste your main logo url as well there.

4.  In the demo there are variations of some of the widgets, how is that done?

In the version 3.02+ of the Flytonic framework you have a new option to choose a variation of the widget.  Here is what it looks like:

You can view the different variations of the applicable widgets in the demo here.

5.  Can I hide the bottom of the footer (the menu area)?

Yes, in the theme options area under footer you will see and option to hide the middle footer area.  This is that area in the Doubleup Theme.

Using the Featured Site Spotlight Template in DoubleUp Theme

Here is the output of the Featured Sites Template in the DoubleUp Theme:

Featured sites template output

To create this effect first you need to have entered your information for at least 3 affiliate sites. Be sure to have inserted a logo for each site and at least 3 features.

1. Create a new page and select the Feature Sites page template

Featured Sites template dropdown

2. Enter the information in Featured Site Template Options

  • Choose site – The Casino you want to display
  • Headline Number – Enter a number in this field
  • Headline – The title that is next to the number

Featured Sites Template Options

3. Click save a then you everything should appear after viewing the page.

You can use this feature at the top of your home page by setting this page and a static home page in your WordPress reading settings.