1. Download and install the latest version of WordPress on your site. See for info.
  2. Download the Casino Roulette theme from your Flytonic members area.
  3. Go to your themes section and click add new theme.
  4.  Select the downloaded zip file and upload theme.
  5.  Activate theme.
  6. You will also be asked to install the Meta Box plugin, which you will need to do in order for the theme to work properly.
  7. That is it!

Home Page / Landing Page Template

Creating a nice landing page template like the one on the demo page can be done in a few steps.

First make sure you create a new page and then select the page template: Home Page

home page

Next you will then add content to each section you want to show.  You are welcome to hide each section as well as change the background for each.

See the settings below the editor:

In our demo we added casino shortcodes, recent post shortcodes, and buttons shortcodes to create the content in each section.

You can set this page as your front page in your reading settings in WordPress.

Adding Casinos

Add casinos and storing the information for each is just like adding posts.  You should see Casinos in your admin area.  Create new a new casino and add all the information in the settings area.

This page will serve as the review page for the casino as well.

A few notes:

Logo size – please use a logo size with ratio of 2:1, width to height.  So 300 x 150px or 250 x 125px will work fine.

Casino slug – you can enter a word here to indicate the shortened url for the full referral url for this casino.

Casino Top List Widget

Like other Flytonic themes,  there is a custom casinos widget.  Go to your widgets area if you would like to add a Top Casino list to your sidebar area.

In Post Casino Tables and Shortcodes

Info coming soon.

Banners and Banner Widget

Adding banners to your sidebar is easy with the Casino Roulette theme.

Go to your Banner area within WordPress admin.

Add banner url, image, and option to show banner in new window.

Note: Leave the banner code area blank if you want to use the uploaded image and url you entered.

You can enter a banner html code/script from your affiliate program instead, which will override the image and url you provided.

Adding Banner to Sidebar

If you wish to display a banner in the sidebar, you can easily add the banner using the Banner Widget in the widgets area.

Non Sidebar Pages

If you want to create a full width page without a sidebar, be sure to select the non sidebar page template within the page options.


The theme is ready for translation, so you can easily translate it from English to whatever language you wish.

Rather the writeup how to do that here, here is a great article to do that using Poedit software:

You can use the .pot language template file that is in the theme’s language folder. Opening that in poedit, you can translate all the text and save it in your appropriate language code as the file name. Place it in the same folder and make sure your WordPress install is in the same language as well.