Sportsbook Theme Updated to Version 1.1

Posted by Flytonic on December 3, 2014 in News

The Sportsbook Theme from Flytonic has been updated to version 1.1.  There has been some major changes to this product and we believe it is the best Sports Betting Themes yet.

Due to the nature of updates it is recommended to only use on new sites going forward.  You can update existing sites but all of the files have been changed as well as many of the front end and backend items.  So you basically have to set everything up again.  Your content would remain however if you upgrade.

Updates to the Sportsbook Theme

1.  The Flytonic Theme is no longer needed.  The sportsbook theme is a stand alone theme now.

2.  The social media  and feedburner widgets have been added.

3.  Buttons and alert boxes shortcodes are now part of the theme as seen in some of the newer themes.

4.  Buttons are now CSS classes instead of images.

5.  An orange version of the theme is now available as an option.

orange version

6.  The top sportsbook widget now has the option to show bonus amounts and bonus percentages.

7.  The footer area has been cleaned up and reorganized to use widgets and menus.

8.  The top header area now uses a widget so you can display a banner.

9.  The theme is now more mobile and tablet friendly.

10.  A few updates to some of the design elements.

11.  The review page permalink and outbound “visit” link can be modified in the theme options.

New Review Page and Schema Markup

1.  A new review page template has been added to show more options.

2.  You can also add 5  fields of your own to the table.

3.  Both review pages include schema review markup so the results will look like this: review flytonic

You can login to the members area to download the new version.  Please let us know if you encounter any errors as many items have been revised.

You can purchase the theme here if you have not already.

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