Best Sports Betting & Fantasy Sports Related WordPress Themes

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Are you starting a Sports blog or looking to promote online sportsbooks? The best wordpress sports affiliate themes developed by Fltytonic would be a perfect fit for you! Click here to find some of the most amazing WordPress themes designed by our experts.

How about creating a Fantasy Sports blog or betting tips site?

  • Easy to Setup
  • Mobile Responsive (mobile accounts for about 48.71 percent of web traffic)
  • Easy to customize

This article highlights the four top sports-related WordPress Sports Affiliate Themes.

Each is specially optimized for affiliate marketing.

Best WordPress Sports Affiliate Themes

Best sports wordpress themes

1. WP Sports Theme

The WP Sports Theme is an excellent option if you’re looking to build a website dedicated to sports and/or sports news, thanks to its unique and dynamic nature.

It comes with various comparison tables and review pages that come in handy for the promotion of daily fantasy sports sites as well as online sportsbooks.

There are news widgets and sliders that help to ensure your visitors stay up to date on the latest. For instance, the homepage slider comes with a slider — positioned at the top — which is perfect for displaying recent posts and featured articles. Moreover, beneath the slider, there’s space for showing up to 6 pages or posts in conjunction with their images.

Moving down, there is a section for recent posts, which can easily be filtered by category.

What’s more, you can hide these sections, giving you the freedom to alter various pages on your site as you wish.

Mobile users are not left behind, either. The WP Sports Theme works seamlessly on mobile devices and tablets, as it can fit various screen sizes.
As if that’s not enough, this theme gives you control when it comes to customizing the primary color and background. The demo features various examples on how to go about updating the theme to change the background and primary color.

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the sportsbook theme - WordPress Sports Affiliate Themes

2. Sportsbook Affiliate Theme

As customizable WordPress sports betting themes go, Sportsbook Affiliate Theme is by far one of the easiest to use. It also works fine for all sorts of gambling affiliates, including casino and poker. Even people looking to blog about sports will find it extremely useful.

An outstanding feature of the Sportsbook Affiliate Theme is the featured article slider, which allows you to show featured articles on your page. Simply select the posts you would like to see displayed along with their image.

The theme also features custom widgets that aid with displaying sportsbooks or casinos. The widget is available in different variations, such as:

  • Change visit button
  • Display bonus or rating
  • Two display variations
  • Choose to link to the affiliate site or to review

The incorporated shortcodes for custom sportsbook site listings enable you to easily display comparison tables or call to action for your sportsbooks or casinos. The included shortcodes are those for recent posts, an alert box and button, among others.

The Sportsbook Affiliate Theme features up to 3 built-in styles. The best part is that you can customize several site items, such as the bonus text, buttons, background, header, and more.

Still, the theme doesn’t disappoint when it comes to translation and word replacement. Going by WordPress standards, you can say it is fully localized. There’s the possibility to translate it to the language of your choice, thanks to the .pot language template that the theme comes with.

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sports betting theme -WordPress Sports Affiliate Themes

3. Sports Betting Theme

The Sports Betting Theme is a highly customizable and easy to set up theme for WordPress.

It is the go-to theme when it comes to promoting affiliate offers, sportsbooks, and casinos, as well as writing reviews, posts, and articles.
For instance, the Sports Betting Theme incorporates a template of a spotlighted sportsbook page that can serve as a highly customizable homepage. It enables you to adjust sportsbooks, articles, links, text, and more.

Other notable features that come with the theme include:

  • Custom widgets
  • Template for Sportsbook Page listing
  • A mobile-ready design, which is highly responsive
  • Various custom shortcodes
  • Hassle-free text replacement for different calls to action and different languages

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sevens casino affiliate theme

4. Sevens Theme

The Sevens Theme is a simple, exceptionally modern-looking theme, though extremely functional. It is one of the best casino affiliate themes, especially when used alongside the Casino Review Plugin. The theme is highly optimized to help with increasing the number of clicks directed to your affiliate sites.

The theme incorporates an incredible slide template, which can also serve as a remarkable landing page or homepage.
Furthermore, by using a single slide or multiple slides, you can create a great call to action to say a casino or a different page on your site.
The geo-targeting feature included in the Sevens Theme is especially useful. The theme comes with a top list widget that has various variations, which work well with geo-targeting.

Also included are other toplists and tables that can also be geo-targeted, so that your site’s visitors are shown sportsbooks and casinos that are accessible to them. The good thing about showing visitors only sites that are available to them is vital for improving conversions since there’s less wastage of clicks to restricted sites.

The theme is also well-optimized for mobile, which helps with increasing traffic. The mobile menu is not only appealing but also extremely responsive.

The ability to create multiple game demo and casino review pages is also worth noting. Also, the Sevens Theme allows you to use a page that either has or lacks a sidebar.

Flytonic sells topnotch affiliate and casino themes, and these four are no exception. They are among the best sports-related WordPress themes you can take advantage of to grow your website many times over.

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