Research shows that WordPress has up to now been used in over 75 million websites around the world, and you can rest assured that most of them are sports-related sites. If you own a sports website and you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then your website must use effective sports WordPress plugins that are hosted on local servers to make sure it runs efficiently and quickly.

While speed is good, it is essential to ensure your website is secure and reliable. There are tons of plugins available today that can give your sports site a professional look. Nevertheless, you may need specific WordPress sports plugins to get all the functionalities needed for a professional sports website. With any of the Flytonic plugins, you can be sure that your website visitors will have a stunning experience every time they visit your website.

Casino Games & Review WordPress Plugin for affiliate


Read on to find the best sports WordPress plugins that you can use easily and set up to create an amazing website that you need.

Currently, the sidebar of a sports website has a scoreboard with statistics that show the top–5 teams on the sidebar and a floating bar providing information about the matches. Each of these features is only available because WordPress sports WordPress plugins have been used.

Sports WordPress plugins have also been used to add more features, such as events, create competition, unique color for each of the teams, matches and much more.

In this article, we have focused on such great sports WordPress plugins apart from the one offered by Flytonic. Any of the plugins will immensely help you improve your WordPress website and thus generate traffic. Flytonic will complement this service with other solutions including WordPress website customization, high quality SEO service, content writing services, virtual assistant services and custom logo and banner design services.


  1. Casino Affiliates WordPress Plugin

Casino Affiliates WordPress Plugin is one of the few WordPress plugins that will make it easy to manage your sports events on a WordPress website. Also, you can add other sporting events relevant to what your website promotes.

All documentation provided by this plugin helps you from the start by guiding you through the installation processes and any other query you may have as you start using this plugin. Among some amazing features that come with this plugin include WPML compatibility and a match score based statistics system.

Currently, the sidebar of a sports website has a scoreboard with statistics that show the top–5 teams on the sidebar and a floating bar providing information about the matches.

Sports WordPress plugins have also been used to add more features, such as events, create competition, unique color for each of the teams, matches and much more.


With an affordable price tag of about $97, Casino plugin is no brainer for any affiliate marketer who wants to properly manage their affiliate platform via WordPress, particularly for those using Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce.  With this pricing plan you also get 12 months of unlimited support.

Highlighted Features 

Easy To Customize

Maintains records of data entered in the past. This makes it easy to enter stats for the previous season and also categorize the data into proper segments. It has a drag & drop, which is all that is required to design a perfect layout. It makes it easy for you to carve the layout expectedly with little effort. It comes with enough flexibility to choose your color theme, either manually from the provided color shades and color palette.

The plugin provides multilingual support. It offers the benefits of many languages that have been tested so ensure it is compatible with WPML support. Multi-website integration enabled- This is one great feature that every person can enjoy from this plugin. Several websites can be integrated and widgets may be added to the websites. This is more like a database of a variety of sports that are built within a single spot from where it is accessible whenever needed.

Translation ready plugin that can be integrated with WPML

The location of your prospects will never be an issue with the casino plugin. This is because your visitors will be given the chance to choose their preferred language based on their location. Else, your visitors will be redirected to a section of your website that supports their local language.

No Games are Included in this Plugin

There is no content whatsoever that is included in the casino plugin. However, you have the discretion of adding your own sportsbooks, poker sites, slots, games and casinos. The only thing you must provide is your own screenshots and logos.

Design and Function

A major feature that you will enjoy about casino plugin is that it functions and looks like a typical WordPress Interface. The plugin is quite easy to navigate and the front end is user friendly and very clean.

Custom Site Widgets

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugin that will make it easier for you to manage and display the most recent updates about soccer? Soccer Engine will be the perfect solution for such issues. This sports WordPress plugin will not only improve your WordPress but also greatly helps with additional perks such as a floating bar that offers the details regarding the matches. The plugin also allows you to use shortcodes on the webpage or other places that you wish to. The good news is that it is not hard to use the codes and even non-techy people can use them.

Easy to Install and Set up

Simple and easy to the user interface is offered. This makes it easy to use and customize plugin based on the user’s requirements. The plugin will allow you to organize and transfer the 6 global soccer events from their server. You need active support to do this. Easy to create your competitions and set up your unique rules for a draw, losing or winning the match. Therefore, maintaining harmony amongst the event players. The plugin can help you get the latest updates regarding the latest, upcoming and live matches.

Home Page Slider

Casino Plugin is a WordPress plugin that offers you a ton of features that can help improve and attract your audience to your website. Whether it is a cool floating bar showing event details, or the widgets displayed on the sidebar, you will get what you want with this website. The plugin makes it very easy to add shortcodes to all parts of the webpage. Therefore, you can use the space on the webpage and improve its appearance.

You can overwrite the preset styling using the easy customization feature. The layout can be easily designed with easy custom CSS codes. Add scoreboard, Leaderboard, widgets for standing and more to improve your website. This will help you generate more traffic. Illustrate the fast recaps in an attractive sidebar. Added recaps may be in the form of a text or videos. Stats can be easily displayed on all pages of your website. The scoreboard also shows additional details regarding the top ten teams and their scores. You are also able to view additional details by just clicking on load more.

Superb Support and Documentation

Although the casino affiliate WordPress plugin is very easy to use, we always do our best to ensure you do not experience any difficulties by providing support FAQ’s, tutorials, and documentations to help you get started. You will be glad to know that you can also get support via email, live chat of phone.

Why Use Casino Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Casino Plugin is one of the best sports WordPress plugins created for gambling websites. Regardless of whether you want to illustrate the entire team, outline a league or provide sports tips and updates, Casino Plugin is an all-inclusive WordPress plugin pack that provides you with a myriad of functions that your website needs.

The plugin comes with several alternatives for the required information, league standing, league calendar, player statistics, team pages, and other alternatives. This WordPress plugin also comes with a wide range of extensions that can be downloaded and installed to add features to your website. We strongly recommend that you give this incredible WordPress plugin from Flytonic a try.

Furthermore, you get a precise pinned location of the sporting venue which is embedded on your websites Google maps. Therefore, this makes it easier for visitors to understand exactly where the venue is situated.

Long-term WordPress editing UL allows users to change the information about match number, team name and much more.

It offers you the CSM that has a strong expansion system data that allow you to change and rewrite the newest event data.

You get a visual composer feature that helps you receive a better shape in your sports WordPress site. This features a 90% eSport and sports add-ons.

  1. JoomSport

As the name suggests, JoomSport is a simple, yet very effective sports WordPress plugin. This website plugin is fitted with all features that provide it with a tag of the best plugins for sports websites. With JoomSport, you will have an amazing tool to help you solve most of your website problems.

This plugin features both team and single competition that allows you to operate the team sports league and single players. This is what makes this amazing sports WordPress plugin user-friendly.

This is a plugin that has been created in the Bootstrap framework that makes it very responsive. Also, it comes with professionally designed web pages for an authentic look. This makes it easy to add details and descriptions of a player alongside their photo for an improved website appearance. The users of your website can get to the location of the event without any hassles since the plugin will offer you a venue webpage that has a description feature and inbuilt maps. It offers you extra fields to add as much information relevant to the website as possible.

  1. WP Club Manager

Are you looking to build clubs’ websites? Why not try WP Club for the best results? This is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows you to put shortcodes on any page; therefore, you need not understand the coding language for you to do this.

Additionally, the effectiveness of the WP Club Manager has made the management of sports website possible.


  • The versatile dashboard is simple to use and provides the best user experience.
  • This plugin allows you to manage different teams at a time with different customization features.
  • It comes with an integrated map that allows sports enthusiasts to get to the venue of the sporting event with ease
  • Offers attractive league tables to showcase the team ranking based on each season’s performance. This list is also updated regularly.
  1. League Table WordPress Plugin

The League Table Plugin allows you to design league tables in your posts and pages. The plugin makes it easy for you to fast sort your league table based on different columns. All you have to do is set the color of your league table with a suitable color picker. All the table parts can be personalized.

The plugin creates amazing, responsive tables for an improved table layout. It is now easy to specify the height and width of the table with only a few clicks.

Nonetheless, it includes tables anywhere on your site, including the widget area, custom posts, pages and posts with only a simple code.

Concluding Remarks

Most of the sports WordPress plugins listed in this post are offered by Flytonic and can be of great help when managing your competitions, teams, and events. This will also help to display sporting details on your website. Also, we recommend you make use of the sports WordPress plugin for improving your sports website because these plugins come with a myriad of great features. Once you have decided which one, among the plugins listed here is the best for your website, you can then download, install and start using it right away.

We have listed the features of each of the WordPress plugins for you so that you do not have to waste time or get stressed up looking for the best WordPress website that suits the needs of your sports website. Why wait any more!

In this article, we have focused on such great sports WordPress plugins offered by Flytonic. Any of the plugins will immensely help you improve your WordPress website and thus generate traffic.

Get in touch with Flytonic support and grab any of these incredible sports WordPress plugins for your website today!