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If your website attracts millions of new visitors, but you note that they are not willing to become committed customers or do not bring new leads, you should consider improving your sites’ visibility in search engines like google. If you wish to beat your competitors, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEO packages from Flytonic have all the solutions you need for your website.

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 Image of Flytonic's SEO packages: Improve your website's traffic, visibility, conversions, loyalty, trust, and profit with our affordable SEO packages.

SEO Packages which will Improve Your Company

Our SEO packages improve traffic to your site. Flytonic improves the visibility of your business, conversions, loyalty and trust from the customers, and profit from your products.

At our company, we provide you with different options so that you can pick the perfect SEO package that will cater to your needs. If you pick a package that is related to SEO online marketing, we will get back to you immediately so that you can share with us about the goals and the plans that you have for your company, with this we will help you achieve them the easiest way possible.

Things You Will Find on Our SEO Packages

Flytonic SEO packages provide you with solutions to SEO, this includes;

  • Keyword optimization
  • Google for my company optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Website sitemap setup
  • SEO copywriting
  • Custom 404-page setup
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Traffic analysis and google analysis setup
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Content promotion
  • Webphone call tracking
  • Among other things

With our SEO packages, we can optimize and rank your website in the search results very easily. Our prices are very affordable, and we provide quarterly reports which enable us to monitor your business very easily.

What Makes Our SEO Packages Different from Others?

At Flytonic, we have come up with many SEO packages that are very different from other service providers. We use good strategies and white hat SEO techniques, this enables our team of experts to give better results to our customers. We concentrate on actual results.

Our main aim is to help you improve your company. This is the reason why we are joining hands with your team for us to come up with plans which will assist your business rank and get to search results which will lead to quote requests, purchases, and phone calls.

For the past 5 years, we have assisted our customers to make a profit of $ 1.5 billion using this method. We also helped them to generate over 4.6 million leads for their businesses and about 1.8 million calls. This is why our company beat other competing agencies because we can provide long-lasting results for your company.

Flytonic SEO Services Packages

At this point, you are already aware of the impacts that our SEO packages have on your company, and how the appearance of your website on the first page of search results can help you bring more clients to your site.

Searching for a company that can give you good results can prove to be difficult at times. However, this should not bother you anymore because Flytonic is here to provide you with all the solutions you might require to improve your company. We are aware that each business is unique, that is the main reason why we don’t trust cookie-cutter marketing.

Flytonic SEO packages have been created to fit in all types of companies, providing you with all the requirements that will help your great content rank and appear on the search results.

Best SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the procedure that is used to improve your site in a way that will allow your audience to see your company almost instantly on the results. SEO helps your new account to operate to its full potential because it will be simple to find it online.

Search Engine Optimization comes with features like backlink creation, keyword targeting, content creation among other things that will assist your site rank in search engines.

When people need something to be it a product or a company, the first thing they do type the keywords on search engines like google. After this, you continue scrolling through the available results, looking out for the one that satisfies you.

You should use these listings to come up with ideas to make your business lead at the search results. If you wish to succeed in this competitive industry then you should come up with a plan that will help your company to appear on the search results. This where SEO comes in.

Reasons Why You Should use Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps your company get potential sales and many leads. It also assists you in gaining favor with other search engines. With SEO your website will have a good rank in attracting traffic and sources which you require to improve your company.

To get the perfect SEO practices can prove to be difficult at times. Various companies are confused about how SEO operates and others don’t have time. It is also difficult to maintain their ranks in the absence of the correct resources. However, this should never bother you because we are here to assist you. Our company provides the best SEO services. Our main aim is to assist small and large businesses gain profits online. We have achieved this through the use of the best SEO strategies which your website requires to become successful.

 Other Services We Provide

  • Customization and initial keyword research

The first thing we do is to carry out researches that will assist us in deciding the best keywords that you should use. For us to achieve this, we will perform a serious keyword search to come up with words that are crucial for your company to rank and create ways that we will use to make those keywords compatible with your sites’ content. Keywords are very important because they are the ones that determine whether your site should be included on the result page. Your website will only rank if your content has relevant keywords only. You will select the keywords you want and then send them to us where we will place them in different areas on your website.

  • Creation of content

We will help you create content that will be favored by search engines when ranking the websites. At times, using the right keywords is not important but coming up with content that will be loved by your audience.

Content that is regularly updated is relevant to SEO in google. This helps it to know that there is a person that is in charge of your website and not a robot. Content addition is the best way to prove that and to provide your users with something new, not the usual content they are used to.

Creating original content is very crucial. Plagiarizing and stealing other websites’ content can make your site be banned completely, so you should be warned about this. Your website will get punished by search engines like google for being dishonest. That is why you should choose our company because we provide original content on all topics.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Responsive website designs are relevant for all SEO plans. The main purpose of responsive design is to build a site that can be viewed on any type of device. A responsive website will load instantly with less scrolling giving the audiences similar experiences despite the type of device that they are using, whether it is an I-phone, tablet, or android. Back in the year, 2015 google proved that implementing a responsive mobile-friendly website can make your site rank and increase its traffic.

Flytonic Search Engine Optimization Process

Understanding Your Process

Our SEO experts start the process by developing a better understanding of the client’s business to create the right foundation for the SEO strategy, content and website layout.

Campaign Setup

This stage entails analyzing your website, content, navigation, code, structure, and link of the website. Also, the stage entails analyzing your competitors on the best biggest search engines.

Review Your Website

We undertake our regular site audit both functionality and design to discover and fix the issues that hinder the user’s experience and affect your ranking.

Keyword Research

We carry out detailed research using different tools and real search data so that we can find keywords that will help your website grow. Factors like the nature of your business, geographic area and target client are always considered when finalizing the keywords.

Code optimization

The website code is the same as the ‘life support system’ of a site. The SEO specialists usually analyze the code and rewrite the keyword tag, description tag and title tag to make sure they are optimized for the search engine, clickable and search engine friendly.

Content optimization

The main focus is on optimization of the content via interlinking, anchor text, LSI and keyword incorporation. Also, the pages are specifically optimized based on the themes of every section/page on your website.

Link Building

The task here entails getting smart links from content marketing that promise maximum value when it comes to keeping with the ever-changing search engine strategies. All the links that we get are from clean and related websites. We strongly believe that low page authority links from related websites are much better as compared to the high authority links from random ones.

Social Marketing

We believe social media marketing has become an important part of the process. It is for this reason that our SEO packages are integrated with the social component to ensure the social accounts are activated and the search results are completely diversified.

Generating Reports

From content research and development to creating reports and analysis, Flytonic offers clients with a complete range of reports including conversions, click rates, traffic flow, ranking trends, graphs on rankings, PDFs, excel sheets, monthly rank reports and more.

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