SEMRush Review: A Must-Have Tool for Every Serious Marketer’s Arsenal

When Google introduced its search results ranking algorithm, Panda, millions of digital marketers and website owners had received a slapped on their faces, packed their suitcases and finally bid goodbye online [Others stood up, adapted and THRIVE—with smarter techniques].

The truth is that, a lot of them had experienced a significant, sudden change beyond epic proportions, into something they didn’t anticipate, which is why they were hit hard, sadly.

Panda’s main mission was to lower the rank of thin (low quality) websites and bring back high quality ones on top of search engine results page.

And just recently, Google announced that Panda is now a part of core ranking signals.

What does that mean? Briefly, Panda’s now OFFICIALLY one of the ‘threats,’ or rather now should be a part of the equation in every digital marketer’s online marketing strategies. It must be something considered when coming up with advertising campaigns, for example.

Thanks to tools like the SEMRush—that can assist you in adhering to the current and best SEO practices that you should bear in mind when coming up with campaigns—and most importantly in monitoring your competition.

SEMrush review

What Is SEMRush?

It’s a powerful toolbox, where to find and utilize indispensable analytics data when developing link-building strategies, advertising and SEO for your business. As you may already know, “Drive” alone won’t do any good. You need “Drive” with “Direction.”  And it’s exactly what SEMRush is doing for its tons of thousands of users worldwide—it leads them to the right path in developing their SEO goals and eventually reaching them—all with intelligent, real time analytics of ranking keywords and monitoring of competitor activities and advertising techniques.

How Does It Work?

SEMRush is all you need for tracking keyword ranking, checking competitors and researching about ranking keywords. It also does what it does excellently because it’s able to audit your entire website—in each department that matters. It makes it easier for users to find keywords for their website, and with that said, it is minus 1 burden off your shoulders, as you don’t need to do it manually or find the best keywords in a haystack by yourself.

You know what this means? No effort and time wasted. What you get is real time and intelligent results that would otherwise be impossible without SEMRush.

As of this time, there are over 120,000,000 keywords and 46,000,000 domains in their database, which means better results for you other than manually figuring all these things out yourself.

SEMRush vs. Alternatives (*Data from GetApp)


  • Meant for middle- to large- size businesses
  • Support options include online support, video tutorials, knowledge base and FAQs
  • Ranked #3 in SEM and SEO Software and #5 in Competitive Intelligence Software
  • PRO Pricing starts $79.95/month (recurring, $69.95); Guru, $149.95/ month (recurring); Enterprise $499/month (recurring)


  • Ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses and freelancers
  • Support options include phone support, online support and FAQs
  • Ranked #13 in SEO and SEM software and #15 in Competitive Intelligence Software
  • Pricing starts $66/month; implements the subscription-pricing model and has a FREE trial available (Visit the site for a complete list of pricing options for personal and agency users).
  • Newbie (Free plan has limited functionality and features)


  • Suitable for small to large businesses
  • Support options include phone support, online support, knowledge base and video tutorials
  • Ranked #24 in Business Intelligence & Analytics Software Data Analytics Software
  • Pricing starts $249.00/month (Check out complete pricing list from their website).

From this brief comparison, it may be safe to say that SEMRush is the most trusted, based on comparison with alternatives. With it, you will discover, get an insight and real time feedback on….

  • Keywords that are getting traffic for your competitors as well as learn about their positions on search engines like Google
  • Number of exact match queries for specific keywords in the local search
  • Cost per click (CPC) for a specific ad posting
  • Real time competition check—showing the competition of advertisers for a particular keyword
  • Traffic trend for a keyword—on whether it is dying or not by pulling the uptrend for it for the last 12 months

Where would all these data lead? It all boils down to one—SEMRush is best for finding the top keywords that drive TRAFFIC to your competition, a Holy Grail for every serious digital marketer. Overall, it is a complete suite of useful tools that every online business owner, freelancer and everyone in between that can help them top the completion with intelligent and real time web, SEO and SEM analytics and reports.

Should you use it? Over 897,846 users say, “Yes.” Develop perfect advertising and content strategies and get useful insights of your competitors, and more, with SEMRush today!

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