PopUp Domination Review

Email marketing is a big part of online promotion effort. Capturing email through opt-in and subscription offers can work only if you have a proper strategy in place. PopUp Domination is plug-in software which can increase your opt-ins dramatically. There are claims that website owners have increased opt-in by 1000 % using this software, which clearly looks farfetched. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

What’s PopUp Domination?

It’s a simple popup which appears when a user or visitor opens a web page. So what’s the big deal, you may ask? Popups are way too annoying and generally most of us tend to get it out of the way. Sometimes, we even avoid websites with popups. Using PopUp Domination you can create impressive popups which are nearly nonintrusive. The primary objective of these popups is to increase leads or email mailing list.

Standalone and WordPress plug-in versions

PopUp Domination has both versions –WordPress plug-in and for standalone website. WordPress users need plug-in which is easy to install and have an intuitive design. They don’t like to read through vast technical documents. In that sense, PopUp Domination is an excellent tool. Standalone websites on the other hand need an easy installation process which can be accomplished with this tool.

A pop for every page

What’s attractive about PopUp Domination is the fact that you can create a unique popup for every one of your web pages, tailor made for content. Each web page can have a distinctive popup. This feature is advantageous for ecommerce sites which sell multiple products. For example, if you are selling oranges on a certain web page, you can have a relevant popup regarding discounts and offers on oranges. On the other hand, discounts on apples can be offered on page about apples. Obviously, you can’t sell oranges when your customer is looking for apples? You can design individual, separate and distinct popup for every single page.

Works with all mailing list software

The software was tested with Aweber, a popular email management software and it worked beautifully. The claim that it can be used with all mailing software was not tested. This aspect is important because you need a funnel to send your opt-in list to the mailing software which can then schedule and manage your newsletters. The process of binding PopUp Domination with Aweber as quite simple and did not need any software or coding knowledge. Aweber as we all know is extremely particular about the source of mailing list. Combining PopUp Domination with Aweber therefore makes sense.

Multiple theme designs

Talking of customization, PopUp Domination is highly flexible and comes with nine themes. You can choose a design which bests suits your website look and feel. There are fourteen different colors which can be used to mix and match with your theme. Sober and soft color schemes are ideal and unobtrusive. Your smartness lies in designing popups which match with the web page and therefore less annoying. As a corollary we can say that not all web pages are made for popups.

Testing Popups

It’s all very good to talk about high conversion rates and fantastic results, but proof of the pudding is in the eating. What is special about PopUp Domination is the provision for A/B testing. Using this tool you can pin down your best campaigns and themes. You can come to know about what works and what doesn’t. The trick is in learning from the tests and adopting best practices. Does a particular offer attract more opt-ins? Did the customers find your free offer attractive enough? These are questions which can be addressed and tested through A/B testing.


Scheduling is a critical aspect of using popups on your website. Too few can be underutilizing your resources while too many can annoy your visitors and compel them to avoid your website. It’s therefore a question of moderation and strategy. The designers or developers of PopUp Domination obviously knew the importance of scheduling. You can fine tune when and where your popups appear on individual sites. Advanced features such as scheduling display popups for individual visitor is possible.

Optimized for all devices

The trend is towards websites which can be displayed on all devises. The online marketplace can be accessed from a mobile, table, smartphone, laptop or from a traditional desktop PC. Modern WordPress themes are responsive and therefore you need plugins which are also compatible. PopUp Domination is optimized for all devices.

Customer support

Let’s face it. Most of the users of PopUp Domination are non-professionals and have little knowledge of technology. WordPress users, in particular, are more into content than technology. When these users hit a roadblock, they need support. Help line is critical for them. In addition to round the clock support, you have access to forums which explain most of the features of PopUp Domination. In fact, all issues and problems have already been discussed and explained in some forum or other which is dedicated to PopUp Domination.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What is possibly the best part about going for PopUp Domination is the 60 days money back policy. This reveals two fundamental facts about this online tool. Firstly, the developers of this software are extremely confident about their product. Secondly, you can always claim your money back if dissatisfied with the results.


Even the best of popups are an annoyance to your visitor. Earlier, you could block popups and that’s what most of us used to do. PopUp Domination cannot be eliminated with popup blockers. The lesson from this simple observation is that you must use popups sparingly. Just because you can have a customized popup for every page doesn’t mean you must do it. You may get your visitor fuming and cursing if you do so. However, PopUp Domination can boost your opt-in rates phenomenally. The use of this tool is recommended with a proviso – be moderate, be smart and don’t be too greedy. The final word in the use of PopUp Domination is ‘Moderation’.

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