MaxCDN Review: The CDN Brand That’s Worth Your Every Cent

A content delivery network is an absolute necessity for ecommerce and high traffic websites.  Today, we’re putting one of the most popular and used CDNs in the world on spotlight—MaxCDN—that works through interconnected computer systems to deliver content, based on proximity, quickly to targeted users by duplicating content on servers.

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What Is MaxCDN?

Launched in 2009 by Chris Ueland, it offers multiple CDN services, which include specialized ones for different content management systems, such as WordPress. And because it’s available for personal and enterprise users, it quickly gained traction and grabbed the #1 spot in the CDN category.

But why select MaxCDN?

Users revealed that it works and delivers without compromising site speed by distributing static content across servers in their network.

For example, when a user requested a page from your website, the content delivered is a static file served from one of the network’s server that is closest to the user’s location.

Briefly, a CDN like MaxCDN can increase your site’s overall performance and speed, saving a significant bandwidth of your host’s server and can balance loads when traffic spikes happen, especially for high traffic websites.

Today, you know so well that speed is one of the crucial ranking factors considered for Google’s search engine ranking algorithm. If your website loads fast, then it would translate to a better conversion rate.

It’s easy to understand that you’ll get better exposure if you rank high on search engine results page; therefore, you will have better opportunities to increasing ‘clicks’ to your website, which then displays your offers to users who might be interested to get one of them.

Here are the top reasons you should use MaxCDN,

For beginners, one main concern is a tool’s user interface and this is a department where MaxCDN absolutely shines. Use it with ease through its inclusive control panel. For example, it provides users with ‘Reports’ that give real time data about their website’s bandwidth consumption, without getting lost inside the control panel.

It also offers a Live Zone and a VOD Zone, with the former for streaming live video and the latter for streaming pre-recorded video.

The tool also gives you a dose of video tutorials and documentations to assist in the set up on multiple CMS platforms, forum software and ecommerce portals. And if you need more help, there is no sweat because there are tutorials available, all in an organized and easy to understand manner, for Magneto, Drupal and WordPress, among others.

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Perhaps, another factor that makes MaxCDN beginner-friendly is its customer support system.  Reach out to them through email, fax or phone, and even on chat 24/7.

For enterprise clients, it offers a dedicated support manager to give real time support tailored to their business needs.

And who doesn’t need security?  This is another department that makes this tool a perfect choice for businesses online. Did you know that it protects your account using proactive email alerts, SSL, two-factor authentication and so much more?

It also offers competitive pricing. If you subscribe for a year, two months are on them! That’s absolutely amazing! You can subscribe for an account with a starting price of $9/month or $90/year instead of $108. [Check out their official site for a complete list of pricing plans.]

MaxCDN is different from its competitor CloudFlare. The latter caches the whole website and makes use of their DNS, but not MaxCDN. It pulls static resources, including CSS, videos and images, among others, and stores all these into their datacenters, meaning you don’t need to do it manually.  And when you’ve set it up on your site, the URLs of the static files will be automatically changed. When that happens, they will actually be loaded from the closest datacenter into your server during page load.

Bottom line is that MaxCDN:

  • Increases website speed and performance;
  • Improves SEO strategies;
  • Protects your site from crashes during high traffic times;
  • Decreases bounce rate because it improves user experience;
  • And provides total security for businesses

So if you want to increase your business’ bottom line, there is no procrastination. Start using MaxCDN today!

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