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Inmotion Hosting is one of the more dynamic hosting companies online today. While many hosting services simply focus on hosting alone, Inmotion instead offers web design and other ancillary products as well. This company is not known by nearly as many people as other big names in the industry like Hostgator, Godaddy, Bluehost and so on, but upon further research, you are likely to find that it is a very solid competitor, and even better than many other options that are more well known.

As their brand name suggests, hosting is most definitely the primary facet of what Inmotion has to offer, and they make that very clear when you first visit their homepage. Depending on the time that you visit, you are likely to find a number of different promotions that are currently running. For example, at the time of this writing, Inmotion is offering reseller hosting for $13.99 per month, VPS hosting at $29.99 per month and dedicated hosting at $119.99 per month. Now, the exact offers that are available will vary from time to time, but this is indicative of the sort of pricing and promos that you should expect to find at any given time at Inmotion.


Inmotion was founded in 2001, giving them almost a decade and a half experience in the industry. They place an emphasis on their stringent hiring standards, especially when it comes to their technical support. Anyone who has run a website can attest to the fact that quality support, particularly in the case of a disaster or any sort of down time, is absolutely imperative. While hiring standards have seemed to have lagged and loosened in the hosting niche over time, Inmotion continues to promote their commitment to quality and knowledgeable employees.

Hosting at Inmotion

There are four primary categories of hosting currently available at Inmotion, which include Business, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller. Within each of these unique categories there are a number of different package types available to choose from.

Business Hosting has three different package types, starting at $5.99 and scaling to $13.99.

Launch is the most basic option and is only $5.99 per month, competitive by any metric when looking at ultra basic choices around the internet. The second level of Business hosting is called Power and costs $7.99 monthly. The most expensive hosting in the Business category costs $13.99 but also allows users an unlimited number of sites. For a webmaster with many sites who does not care about elements such as unique IP addresses, and who would like managing domains in one place, the Pro selection is likely to be the most premier option.

VPS Hosting, like Business, is also offered in three different packages. Starting at just $29.99, the most costly VPS hosting will run you $74.99 per month. For the majority of webmasters, there is not going to be a substantial amount of difference in value between each of the options. If you choose either the first or second VPS selection and sees their website running slowly, an upgrade would not be a challenge. Of course, you should first make sense that it is not an on site issue causing the lag before you unneccessarily upgrade your hosting and thereby, your monthly expenses.

Dedicated servers for webmasters with very high traffic volumes and/or intensive on site features are also available for purchase from Inmotion. Easily the most expensive of the hosting types, they are also going to offer the most in terms of speed and performance. An Essential Dedicated hosting package costs $119.99 per month. A step up from this is the Advanced choice which is $159.99 monthly, and the most expansive dedicated package is $229.99.

For commercial accounts, Inmotion has a separate selection of Dedicated options. With that said, these are easily the most expensive accounts available. Commercial accounts for websites with very large amounts of user traffic start at $419.99, then $489.99 and top out at $589.99. Needless to say, these ultra heavy duty choices will only be right for a small percentage of website owners.

If you are interested explicitly in Dedicated hosting from Inmotion, we recommend calling to negotiate a deal and to check if any promotions currently offered may lower your rate.

Registering Domains at Inmotion

Outside of hosting plans, webmasters can also take advantage of Inmotion as a domain registrar. Since it can be quite convenient to keep all of your domains in the same place as your hosting itself, this is always an option worth considering, provided, of course, that the price is right and that you will not have a tough time managing your previously acquired domains and properties.

If you already have domains that you own elsewhere and would like to host them with Inmotion, any annual or 24 month package includes free transfer. This makes the transition process simple and smooth.

Pricing is not one of the selling points of Inmotion’s registrar service, quoting domains at $14.99 per year regardless of whether it is a new domain or a renewal. This price is a bit high on both an initial and renewal basis for domains when comparing to other similar companies.

Web Design from Inmotion

As mentioned earlier in our review, Inmotion has a number of elements to their company that you won’t find at other places. Website design is one of these features. You can browse previous work from Inmotion on their site, and a brief description of how they go about creating your designs.

Outside of design itself, they also state that they can assist with the creation of ecommerce sites, SEO, and Social Media. If these services are of interest to you, it would be worth giving them a call to see what sort of rates accompany their relative services.

Things to Know About Inmotion

The highly respected support available at Inmotion has been noted in this review, and it is worth repeating. There are a number of different ways to reach support, which include Live Chat, email, and by phone. The support team’s history and resume speaks for itself, so you can rest easy knowing your website properties are in good hands who care about the success of your site.

Beyond basic support and constant promotions, Inmotion also offers a 90-day money back guarantee. This is just another reason to give this company serious consideration when shopping around for a hosting provider, as if anything is not to your liking or can’t be corrected, you will have an opportunity to switch providers and retain any of the money that you had spent.

All in all, Inmotion is one of the premier choices for any website owner given the number of different facets that they specialize in. If you would like us to break down or analyze any additional elements of Inmotion, their company, or what they have to offer, please let us know and we will be sure to include details within this review.

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