Fan Victor Fantasy Sports WordPress Plugin Review

If you are into sports, you know how popular fantasy sports has becoming especially the popularity of daily fantasy sports leagues like on FanDuel or Draftkings?

Have you every wanted to provide your visitors and members a solution for hosting your own fantasy leagues and pools on your own site without spending thousands of dollars in development costs? You now have the option with Fan Victor. Fan Victor is a Fantasy Sports plugin for WordPress and PHPFox that allows you to host your own pay or free fantasy or pickem leagues on you very own site fast and pain free.

How Does Fan Victor  it Work?

Fan Victor can easily turn your site into a your site into a Fantasy Sports games site with the following types of contests:

1.  Pickem Games – basically you setup a group of games where players select the winners of each game and get points for each correct pick.
2.  Pickem Spread Games – like above, but pick games versus the spread
3.  Pickem Money Line Games – pick games with money lines instead of standard scoring
4.  Player Draft Leagues – Soon the plugin will support daily player draft leagues like fanduel and drafkings (early 2015).

Fan Victor supports all the major sports, here the current supported ones:

Major Sports Leagues:
College Basketball, College Football, National Basketball Association (NBA), Football (NFL), Hockey (NHL), Friendly Internationals

World Cup, Italian Serie A, Eng. Premier League, Spanish Liga Primera, Champions League, Friendly Internationals, Euro Championship

UFC, Bellator, Dream, XFC, One FC, Invicta, Legacy FC, Cage Warriors, MFC, World Series of Fighting, RFA

What about stats, game schedules, and results?

Game updates, scores, schedules, and player stats are all included within the plugin so you do not have to worry about creating games, updating stats and so forth. Just pick the games from each sport for each contest and let the plugin do the rest?

The collection of the stats itself is worth over thousands of dollars a month!

Add value to your website

There are many reasons to add this plugin to your current website or create a new website using it.  Some ideas include:

1. Add value and retain more visitors to your website – this type of plugin retains more visitors and brings them back to your website whether you run a free or pay league.
2. Works well with existing communities and member bases – create free contests and let your members play against each other.
3.  Create a fantasy sports website and make money….see below.

Make money with this plugin

You can make money by taking a rake from each contest. Here is how it works:

1. You setup a currency exchange rate like 1 credit = $1.
2. Players deposit money and pay for these credits (PayPal is one option).
3. You setup a contest that requires a certain amount of credits to enter.
4. Players compete against each other to win credits.
5. You make money by taking a rake from each contest, like 10% or whatever you set.

More features of this plugin:

1. Easily create and configure contests: select fixtures/games to include, buy-in, payout, league size, and more
2. Create a list of events for players to see , with date, entry fee, and prize structure
3. Players can invite friends to contests
4. Players can view their live entries in the member area along with results and standings
5. Players can easily add or withdraw credits

Overall Thoughts

Fan Victor is a quality a fantasy league/pickem contest plugin for WordPress that makes creating a live fantasy website a breeze. You basically can buy this plugin and within a few hours have a running Fantasy Sports website. Is it worth the cost of $97/month…of course! You have to factor in how much it would cost to develop something like this along with the live stats and constant result updates that go along with it.

We do wish the graphics and interface could be improved upon but the good news is you are welcome to customize and redesign it as much as you want to match your own website or brand. Be sure to check out the demo for all the functionality and how it works before buying.

Oh, you do have a 60 day money back guarantee so why not give it a try if you are on the fence!

We are really looking forward to seeing how the player draft leagues will work with the future update coming but overall it is a great plugin with great support.  Get it while the price is this low since once the live player draft feature is implemented I am sure the price will increase.

Full Product Details
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