Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin Review

Digital Access Pass (DAP) is one of the most advanced membership plugins for WordPress on the market today.

DAP allows you to turn your normal WordPress blog into a money making website by allowing you to charge customers access to your content or products.

What is DAP and How Does it Work?

DAP is a membership plugin for WordPress that takes about an hour to install and configure after purchase.

The flow of the customer is this:

  • Customer arrives at your website and either buys an item or signs up for free.
  • After signup or purchase they are redirected to their product/content or a login page to access their product.
  • That is it!

You configure what access the user has after purchase. They can have access to protected posts or pages or a specific item to download.

You can create different products for different membership levels. Perhaps you have a silver and gold membership level where silver gets to view all tutorials and gold gets all tutorials plus additional ebooks.  So you would create different purchase or add to cart buttons for each product.

Digital Access Pass Review

A look at the dashboard area of DAP

Content Dripping and Protection

One of the best features of DAP is content dripping, which basically allows you to schedule when you want a member to have access to content after purchase or signup.

For example, you could have a fitness tips membership site where you provide articles each day for members. You can configure your website to show a new tip each day instead of all at once. So basically you could write 100 articles up front and then schedule it to show one new one each day for 100 days.  This

Digital Access Pass Coupon Codes

You can create coupons for your products using Digital Access Pass, allowing users to enter then into the cart during checkout.

Coupons are set by product and you can limit the amount used and set a valid date range as well.

I really wish you could just set a coupon for all products instead of needing to enable it for each product one by one, but overall the coupon system is more than adequate.

Content Protection

You could also give users access to ebooks or other downloadable products as well. Files and content remain protected so you must be logged into access or download them.

For files, you can protect a folder or file directly.  Overall the protection works really well from restricting people from sharing download links for a product.  They will be redirected to a No Access Page if they are not logged in or do not have access to the product.

Multiple Payment Options and Shopping Carts

DAP works with most shopping carts and payment processors and they are always adding more after each update.  They also have a built-in shopping cart so customers do not have to leave your site to pay for the product.

Current Payment Processors Supported

  • Stripe
  • ClickBank
  • Digiresults
  • DealGuardian
  • Google Checkout
  • e-Junkie
  • JVZoo
  • Paypal Standard
  • Paypal Website Payments Pro
  • Plimus
  • WorldPay
  • WSO Pro (Warrior Plus)
  • Zaxaa

Supported Shopping Carts

  • Premium Web Cart
  • InfusionSoft
  • WP eStore

Creating buttons, setting up your payment processer, and setting up your shopping cart takes a few minutes and is pretty straight forward.


If you are using the DAP shopping cart, you can easily create upsells and downsells of your products without any need for third party shopping carts.

DAP User Page

Digital Access Pass users list

What about DAP support?

DAP has a pretty extension documentation section, which you will no doubt use. There is much to cover, but it does it pretty well. There are also a few videos as well for more of the basic setup and installation options.

There is a forum section as well which might help with a few questions as well, but it is not too active.

For troubleshooting or errors, there is a ticket system which has pretty good response time.  I have used this numerous times for help with integration of some items.  This support comes standard with your yearly site license.

DAP does offer premium phone or video support if you ever need that as well from $50 and up.  This is helpful when you need to customize your DAP plugin or add features to it.

Download DAP Here Right Now

Other Standout Features

Some of the other standout features in Digital Access Pass include:

1. Built-in Affiliate System – pretty standard affiliate system with reporting.  It is nice to have this included so you do not need to add any plugin or piece of software.  You can disable this as well.
2. Coupon system – standard coupon system where you can set prices, eligible products,  different commissions for different affiliates, and much more.
3. Forum integration with vbulletin, SimplePress, BuddyPress, bbPress,Mingle,XenForo, vBulletin
4. Email integration for services like Aweber,  GetResponse, and MailChimp.
5. Integration with clickbank

Design of DAP Admin Area and Front End Pages

I am really not a fan of the design of the admin area for DAP. It looks a but outdated and not like the typical WordPress admin area.

The design of the shopping cart, member pages, and checkout pages are not that great and could use improvement.  They did make an improvement recently on the cart, which is much improved.

You have to design and create your own members area with the use of shortcodes and page creation.  The design will just be your typical page design.  These pages include profile pages, affiliate pages, product download pages, and more.

I really wish DAP included a member area design that integrated with your current theme.

Overall Impressions

Overall DAP is a fairly comprehensive membership software that integrates with pretty much everything so there is no need for added software or plugins.

It can be a little daunting at first with all the options and configurations so ease your way into it.

Price may seem high, but with all the features it is well worth it. Plus DAP is always evolving with top notch support.

Digital Access Pass can work with a eCommerce or digital downloads website, but it better used for a membership website that focuses on content. Woo Commerce would be better suited for eCommerce or digital downloads.

The software itself might be overkill for a simple membership site but it is nice to have all the options in case you grow or move into a different direction.

Overall though, you would be hard pressed to find a better membership software.  DAP is constantly being improved and updated with excellent support.

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