Crazy Egg Review

Crazy Egg is a product that helps website owners to determine how their visitors navigate. The product’s primary goal is to increase conversions, lower bounce rates, and to simply optimize the user interface so that the website performs to its maximum ability. Needless to say, every single website is going to receive different input from Crazy Egg, so each user is going to have varied results, and in the end it is up to the webmaster to make the most of the analytical evidenced provided.

When you first visit the Crazy Egg website, you will be prompted to enter your website URL. Since this does not require any verification of site ownership, you can enter any website that you would like, and Crazy Egg will generate their version of what they expect your heatmap to look like. Now, the real results are only going to be determined if and when you begin using the plug in yourself, but it provides a good example of the sort of data that you will be taking a look at.

Tools in Crazy Egg

There are four primary tools that make up the entirety of the Crazy Egg product. These parts include a Heatmap, which it is most well-known for, a Scrollmap, Overlay and Confetti.

The Heatmap is somewhat self explanatory. Heatmaps work in a way similar to what you would see on a weather forecast. The “hottest” sections of the map will show where users are clicking the most, while the coldest areas are seldom, or at least much less frequently, clicked. Heatmaps make it easy for webmasters to see whether their desired buttons are being clicked, and if not, which section may be more optimal for the generation of clicks.

The Scrollmap is more about actual user behavior than simply where they are clicking. This tool is used to analyze how far and how frequently visitors are scrolling through any given webpage. If you are placing desired clickable areas below the fold, for example, this tool would help to discover whether the majority of users are ever even seeing this area in the first place.

Overlay is used to see which text links and desired clickable links are getting the most action and, as a result, creating the highest return. Crazy Egg likes to akin this particular tool to that of the features that you would also find in Google Analytics or other similar products.

Confetti is the most intricate and advanced tool that is part of the Crazy Egg package. Confetti not only shows what is being clicked, but it also illustrates which clicks have the most valuable as where as what their original referral or sources of origination are. This can be incredibly valuable if you are receiving traffic from many different sources and are unsure how each piece of traffic is behaving when compared to your traffic as a whole.

All four of these tools are included in each package/service type that Crazy Egg currently offers. These tools cannot be purchased individually and are best utilized in conjunction with one another.

Free Trials at Crazy Egg

One of the best parts about signing up for Crazy Egg is that you do not need to front any money to get started. If you are not finding that you are receiving much value from their tools, you do not have to pay anything at all if you cancel within the first 30 days. Even if you think there is a very slim chance that you are going to be able to learn much from what Crazy Egg is telling you, it is hard to argue against the fact that there isn’t a whole lot to lose. The free 30 day plans are not exclusive to any segment of Crazy Egg visitors, instead it is included with all plans, even if you are certain that you will be using it for a long time.

Pricing for Crazy Egg

There are four different Crazy Egg packages to choose from, which include Basic, Standard, Plus and Pro. The segments are divided according to traffic sizes, but the higher level offers do include a few additional features that do not come with the lower price tiers.

Basic Crazy Egg costs $9 per month and is useable on up to 10,000 visits per month. All of the tools are included and the only drawbacks to this package is the lack of what is classified as “Priority” phone and email support, mobile heatmaps, and advanced filtering. For the bulk of webmasters, the Basic option will serve its purpose just fine.

Standard, Plus and Pro each tier up with moderately different features, namely the addition of varied support options from Crazy Egg. In our opinion, the support additions in and of themselves do not warrant the need to spend any additional money on the bigger packages. Now, the other difference is that the Standard package allows up to 25,000 monthly visitors, the Plus plan is 100,000, and the Pro package is 250,000 visitors per month. The main reason to justify spending any additional funds on the higher level packages would be if you have large levels of quality traffic to where the larger sample size of data will provide you with more accurate results.

Crazy Egg has grown substantially in popularity over the past several years for a number of reasons. Needless to say, it is a premier analytics tool, and it can help you to truly make the most out of all of your traffic. For the minimal investment that is required, especially when considering the 30 day free trial that is included, we recommend any webmaster to give Crazy Egg a try.

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