AffiliateWP Review

Thanks to AffiliateWP, adding an affiliate program to your WordPress eCommerce site has never been easier and more cost effective.

AffiliateWP is an affiliate platform for WordPress that is self hosted and integrates with several eCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce and Easily Digital Downloads.

Having an affiliate program is one of the best ways to increase traffic, increase sales, and gain exposure to your website.

Keep reading below as we go through some of the features and dive into AffiliateWP and what is has to offer.

AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin Review

AffiliateWP Installation and Setup

AffiliateWP installs and activates in seconds like most WordPress plugins. There is only a few items you need to setup to get your Affiliate Program site up and running.

You will need to pick the commission structure for your affiliates and choose whether or not to allow moderated registration of affiliates.

Design and Function

One of the best features I enjoy about AffiliateWP is that it looks and functions just like the typical WordPress Interface. It is very easy to navigate and the front end is very clean and user friendly.

The front end reports and affiliate page can be created using simple shortcodes inside a page, which allows seamless integration into your own theme design.


Here is the full list of integrations for AffiliateWP:

• MemberMouse
• Jigoshop
• Easy Digital Downloads
• WooCommerce
• iThemes Exchange
• Restrict Content Pro
• WP e-Commerce
• Shopp
• Wishlist Member
• Gravity Forms
• Paid Memberships Pro

AffiliateWP Affiliate Area

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Area

AffiliateWP Affiliate Pages and Reporting

All affiliates have real time reporting. They will be able to view a nice graph of their referrals and any conversions.

This pages is either automatically created or can be created by simply using a shortcode within a page.  You can also create a affiliate registration page on any page using a shortcode as well.

I really like the simplicity and how easy it is to integrate into a custom WordPress theme, no advanced coding needed.

You can get AffiliateWP Here

Admin Dashboard Area and Settings

The admin dashboard area for you AffilateWP contains a nice layout of the following information:

1. Totals – shows total earnings, paid and unpaid for the day, month , and lifetime
2. Most valuable affiliates- shows a listing of the most valuable affiliates by earnings
3. Affiliate Registrations – see a list of the latest registrations
4. Recent referrals – see a list of the latest referrals with commissions
5. Recent visits – see a list of recent traffic from your affiliates

AffiliateWP Review - Admin Area

AffiliateWP Dashboard – Affiliate List

See the list of current traffic and referring url

A recent addition to the software is a list of recent visits by date showing your the referral source and affiliate. This provides a good tool for measuring where your affiliate traffic is coming from and which is converting the best.

Admin Reports

AffiliateWP provides 3 different reports with nice looking graphs for referrals, visits, and affiliate registrations.

Some other settings and features you can control

1. Import and export AffiliateWP settings
2. Export referrals
3. Set referral variable
4. Set referral amount or percentage
5. Set cookie expiration
6. Choose to allow affiliate registration and if the affiliates need to be approved before they are active.

Visit AffiliateWP Here For More Information

Coupon Tracking

You can allow coupon tracking and connect coupons to individual affiliates with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and Restrict Content Pro. Basically anytime a coupon is redeemed, the connected affiliate is awarded a referral, exactly as though the customer had used a referral URL.

Awesome Support and Document

Even though AffiliateWP is easy to use, there are several great support docs, tutorials, FAQ’s to help you get stared as well.  You can even get one on one support via email too.

Overall Thoughts

I am not sure there is a better Affiliate Software that integrates WordPress currently. I enjoy the simplicity and how intuitive it is to use.  It truly is one of “The Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress.”

With a price tag of only $49, it is a no brainer if you want to manage your own Affiliate Platform through WordPress, especially if you are using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.

Do not forget about the extensive support documentation and one on one support you get with purchase as well.

You cannot go wrong with AffiliateWP, learn more here.

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