Before you get started, activate your plugin :

Manual Odds:

We have 2 types of odds :

  • Manual Odds: You can create your own odds with your favorite team and bookies. Add your affiliate links and create shortcode to promote the same.
  • Automated API odds: Data is fetched from
  • In the Manual Odds, you can click on “Add new odds ” and add all details here
  • Title of the odd: It should be a name which can be easily identified by you i.e. FiFa argentina vs France
  • Use the tags so you can list all related odds for the shortcode. Example nfl2020 tag can be used to list all odds related to nfl


Tags Setting

Tags are used to consolidate related odds in a bundle so it can promoted with single shortcode. If you have added tags to the odds, you will find all listed tags below

You will find all shortcodes here , use it for your promotion

Create your own custom shortcodes

You can use it to generate custom shortcode with limited set of odds you created manually. You get full flexibility on what you want to promote and what not ..

Api Odds Or Automated Odds :

Data provider:

How to create API odds

Here you can select the sports , region and bookermakers. Add your own affiliate link and uncheck the bookmakers if you don’t want to promote them.

Other Shortcodes

it is used to show other details related to the game, like team standings, players , ranking, scores etc. This page is already documented in the backend of the plugin.