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Posted by Flytonic on January 17, 2014 in News

News WordPress Theme

Flytonic has completed our most recent release, a newsnow theme geared towards gambling affiliates and webmasters. This new WordPress theme includes a homepage that highlights your most recent and popular news articles, while also allowing for the creation of static inner pages.

Our NewsNow theme is a responsive (mobile friendly) and powerful WordPress theme that allows you to professional write posts. The NewsNow theme is ideal for review, publishing, magazine, newspaper or news website. The great news is that it makes use of the best SEO practices that Flytonic experts have in mind. It’s quite fast, easy to use and elegant. Furthermore, the NewsNow theme also supports AdSense and Google Ads. You will be glad to notice that the theme is quite easy to use, elegant and fast.

Theme Features

Mobile Friendly

The NewsNow theme is fully compatible with different mobile devices, which means your site will be ideally optimized for different screen sizes, devices, and browsers. Essentially, this means your audience can access this great the NewsNow theme website from any web browser.

Theme Customizer

This theme customizer permits you to modify the settings of the theme, content, and colors and determine the preview of the changes that have just been made in real-time.

Translation Ready/Localization

One of the great news about this theme is that it is very easy to translate to different languages, which means it will also be very easy for you to share the news in your audience’s native language. Technically, the NewsNow theme is fully ready for translation to different languages. This means you can use this great theme to make a website in any language that you want based on the native language of your audience.

Clean Code

The NewsNow theme is perfectly written to make sure that the theme is lightweight and clean. This means that it will be quite easy to use and will also load quite fast. Ideally, this makes it very easy for developers to read the various comments and technically this improves your website’s speed. With clean code, you can expect the theme to work very fast, even on your devices because it is not cluttered.

Speed Optimized

As mentioned earlier, the NewsNow theme is a great lightweight WordPress theme that has a quick load speed for all the available pages. Every feature you find on this incredible theme has been thoroughly tested for fast speed to make sure it loads quickly which ultimately enhances the user experience and SEO.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

When it comes to the development and design of the NewsNow theme, SEO was prioritized. Once you start using this stunning theme, you will be happy to notice that it comes with all the essential on-page SEO features. This is an assurance that your website will rank on top of Google.

news theme

Additional NewsNow theme features

  • Control panel/theme customizer
  • Sticker header navigation
  • Auto video thumbnails
  • 100% passed W3C Validation
  • Advanced block system
  • Mobile friendly and fully responsive
  • Advanced posts widgets
  • Ad banners optimized
  • Translation ready/localization
  • Fully compatible with the latest WordPress versions
  • Great home slider
  • Customizable homepage
  • Social profile widget

Available in three different color schemes (blue, black, and white), each order will include the ability to toggle between the varied designs. As is custom on Flytonic themes, the News theme also includes dynamic widgets that allow for the retention of your visitors as well as the promotion of other sites.

Catered to News Websites

As many gaming affiliates and website owners are aware, news content is among the most popular and well trafficked information available. Given the increasingly important need for your website to feature fresh and recent content, this theme will serve the purpose of both user friendly features and the ability to keep your website up to date in an effective way. This theme, like all Flytonic WordPress gambling themes, is available for a flat rate, one time charge of $89.

Please contact if you have any questions or would like more information on this or any of our other products.

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A NewsNow theme is an excellent option for a news website or review site. It will allow you to build a professionally featured carousel slider on your site with our in-built script. Moreover, you get a chance to showcase your quality content such as ESPN Yahoo and other great websites. The theme comes with highly advanced posts widgets that will allow you to present news to your audience in a professional manner.

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