How To Promote Casino Affiliate Links : Best Practices

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Affiliate marketing is the most convenient and best way that affiliate marketers can use to monetize their content. Creating a passive income stream using an affiliate link is never an easy task. But, after choosing an affiliate program, which matches your venture, the next thing you will need to do is find out how you can effectively promote your link. Casino affiliate marketing can be very profitable if you set the most effective affiliate marketing strategies in place. All it takes to succeed as an affiliate is hard work and determination.

Before we start, it’s good to let you know that most sites will require you to reveal your affiliation with a particular brand before you use your affiliate link. If you fail to do that, you might breach the usage terms with the site. For instance, when marketing via Instagram, you must include #ad as a legal requirement.

In this article, we’ve listed the most effective affiliate marketing strategies for the best results as a casino affiliate marketer.

How To Promote Casino Affiliate Links To Youtube Subscribers

effective affiliate marketing strategies

If you are an influencer or vlogger, the best way to market your affiliate link is by doing it naturally. For instance, in the space where you display new products or equipment you use, it’s a good idea that you describe the brand briefly, the reason you chose them (advantages and disadvantages), and provide a link that people can follow easily. This can be done easily via the paid marketing box provided in the video details.

If you have read the comment section of a vlogger or influencer, then you might have realized that most people ask from which brand the content creator bought their product or what make/model the equipment is. For instance, the content creators that concentrate on cinematography, the most popular question they get asked is which type of camera and lens they are using and what lens they used to film a certain part.

This is the best chance to refer them to Amazon utilizing your Amazon Associate link that you can include in your description video.

How To Market An Affiliate Link On A Social Media/Site Audience?

effective affiliate marketing

Here, everything varies and is based on the content that you write. Similar to effective affiliate marketing your link on YouTube, one of the best ideas to get the most quality click is by using links where it fits naturally. If you love fashion, you will realize that your favorite cloth shop offers an affiliate program. If you decide to sign up for their program, every time you buy from them, you can market an affiliate link, which your followers can use to buy from them. So, if a customer buys a garment using the affiliate link that you had provided on your profile, then you will get some commissions.

What Do Casino Affiliate Programs Pay?

What you will get from your affiliate work usually varies between affiliate programs. So, it’s important to conduct thorough research when looking for the best Canadian gambling affiliate programs to join or market. Even as you employ the most effective affiliate marketing strategies, it’s important to know you’ll get paid for your efforts.

Affiliate programs that normally pay high amounts are usually low volume while those that offer low payouts are high volume. Gambling and trading affiliate programs usually offer the highest CPAs. Marketing Oshi Affiliates program will see you earn up to $100 CPA. Even though a high CPA is beneficial, relevancy is the key. Instead of putting all your concentration on a healthy CPA, it’s good that you focus on choosing an affiliate program, which best fits your content because it will convert traffic into sales easily. At the end of the day, this is what will bring more money into your pockets. The affiliate marketing niche is expanding daily and this will also see affiliates’ and individual commission rates increase.

Most affiliate programs that pay high commissions are B2B programs. In this case, you will be marketing a service or product to a colleague’s business instead of the end customer. So, if you own a blogger that has many readers, then you should think of joining B2B affiliate programs. The best example of B2B programs is the popular SEMrush, which is a renowned SEO tool. For each new subscription, affiliates will get $200.

Effective Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Most casino affiliate program out there markets their “up to” commission rate to attract as many affiliates as possible. Meaning they market a CPC, CPL, or CPA, which realistically is unachievable for a starting/first-time affiliate. WordPress Engine is a good example of those programs that promise to offer a CPA of up to $15, 475. So, affiliates, especially the new beginners go for it. But, regardless of how high the CPA is, you should read the terms first to understand what is needed of you to get that commission. So, as an affiliate, you will be required to achieve at least sixty monthly sales and the client referred must use almost twice the amount a regular user would spend. Although many affiliates can achieve this, it’s good that you look for an affiliate program that offers a smaller commission, which will allow easier conversion.

Key Points

  • Most affiliate programs usually display their ‘up to’ commission. So, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before you join.
  • Instead of joining affiliate programs providing the highest CPA, check out other factors like monthly bonuses and cookie lifespan.
  • More importantly, choose an affiliate program that fits your readers/users

Gambling Affiliate Programs Payouts

CPA or cost per acquisition is one of the payment models that varies between affiliate programs. Also, how merchants reward their affiliates is different. Some programs will only pay their affiliates after the transaction is complete and this is what is referred to as CPA. Other ways that affiliates can get their commissions are through Per App Install (CPI), Cost per Click (CPC), and Cost Per Lead (CPL). An affiliate will get a CPL or Cost per Lead payout once he/she offers a merchant with a lead. This means a client has enrolled for a free trial, requested a quote, or filled out a registration form. Both B2C and B2B provide CPL models. Freshbook, which is renowned accounting software for sole traders and SMEs also provide a CPL model that pays affiliates $5 for every free trial sign-up. In B2C, big brands such as Compare themarket also provide the CPA model that pays affiliates between $1 and $4 for every lead. The advantage of this commission model is that affiliates don’t necessarily require taking the customer through the whole purchasing journey. Of all the payment models, CPA is the easiest.

Cost Per Click or CPC is another commission model where an affiliate gets a payout when a user clicks on their affiliate link. The benefit of CPC is that it offers easier conversion, though affiliates get a smaller commission. CPC is commonly offered in the travel industry. Most tour operators offer CPC as their commission model because their business type depends on the high quality of traffic that goes through their site to book. Kayak provides affiliates with $0.95 for each click. Most affiliate networks are also adopting this payment method. Bet365 Affiliates and Lotus Affiliates help in running CPC campaigns.

Last but not least is the CPI or Cost Per Install. This type of commission model isn’t as used as the former models though it’s also worth considering. This type of model offers affiliates a commission after a client successfully installs the app through the affiliate link. Skyscanner is a good example because it offers affiliates with $1 CPI for every customer they bring in and installs their Apple iOS or Android app on their devices. Because many brands are looking forward to increasing their presence on mobile devices, the CPI model in an increase in popularity.

Getting the balance between the right commission model and commission is key to choosing the best gambling affiliate program for you.


Because it’s hard to state what each affiliate program pays as commission, we have tried to explain what you expect to get after marketing different brands. Many affiliates usually think that all programs out there pay the same commissions, which is very wrong. As we have mentioned in the sections above, you shouldn’t focus too much on finding the affiliate programs with the highest CPC, CPL, or CPA. But, you should dig deeper to compare other key aspects of your preferred affiliate program. Make sure to read all the terms that they have provided to see if they are favorable and if they will offer easier conversions. Lastly, ensure that you join/ sign up with an affiliate program, which best matches your users because, at the end of the day, they are the ones that will yield a high ROI. We hope that our post will help you find the right affiliate program. We strongly recommend that you employ the most effective affiliate marketing techniques for a more rewarding experience.

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