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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) of the world. It has widened a new dimension in the theme or template development industry. A lot of small and large companies are involved in theme design and development. Poker is the most popular online card game. To enhance the popularity of poker, you have to ensure a dedicated wordpress based website. At the same time, you have to choose a poker wordpress theme to make your website lucrative. Usually, you have a choice for a free poker wordpress theme so that you can curtail costing. We have a simple try to embrace you with free poker wordpress theme and give some tips about using it.


Like many other companies, we are offering various themes for our valuable clients and we have something unique and added values because we specialize in gambling niche.  We have an in-house theme expert panel that is dedicated for theme customization. They provide  24/7 support on email and tickets year-round. You can easily communicate with support team and share your ideas if you have specific needs for the customization of your theme.  We have a lot of casinos and gambling themes but Poker Theme for WordPress is most popular among poker lovers. Although there is a premium theme, we are offering a demo live version as a free version of this theme. You can try it!

Poker Theme for WordPress

It is one of the most popular and highly recommended online poker affiliate themes. The interface, color, widgets, themes, etc. are excellent in quality. You must be astonished to see it at the first sight. Without any confusion, you can choose it for your poker wordpress sites. It already has converted a lot of visitors into paying customers. A lot of positive feedback are also available at our review zone.

Pricing Plan:

We are introducing two types of packages for our customers. You can choose your desired package according to your budget and purpose of use. Both of the packages are impressive to the clients and they have found these packages very competitive price.

Single Theme Lifetime Package:

Anyone can pick up this package by paying €97 for a single theme for a lifetime. It is a recommended package for startup users. If you are thinking about a single theme for your website, you can choose this package. It has a one-time purchase fee option. Some special features like site licensing with 10 domains support, getting instant access and documentation supports are available under this package. If you need further information, you can contact us.

All Theme Package:

It is the elite theme package. You can get it by costing €299 for a one-time purchase fee. You will enjoy this package for a lifetime in all theme packages. A lot of opportunities are available under this package. Site licensing with 100 domains support, priority email support, lifetime supports and updates, documentation, and also other features are also available in this package. It can a great investment for long term users. If you have a plan for managing multiple sites for poker affiliate services, you can try this package for your all sites. It may be a white elephant for a small type of business. But in the long run, it is very suitable for your business. So, we are recommended all theme packages for your business. If you have still any confusion, you are welcome to our contact center.

Wordpress Support

Why do you choose our poker wordpress theme?

We have  Free wordpress casino themes are available in a promotional offer. Most of the giant companies are offering poker wordpress theme with value-added services.  Here are some key features that stands out our theme among others.

Demo Live Version:

Though Poker Theme for WordPress is a premium theme,  you can get  a free theme in the demo live version. Though it is valid for a limited time only, you can have a free experience here. You can decide whether it is suitable for your business or not. Then, you can choose your preferred packages according to your choice and budget.

Support of In-house Expert Team:

We have an in-house theme expert team who improves the quality of existing themes on regular basis.  If you are looking for a free poker wordpress theme, you can try our poker theme for wordpress.  The interface and color are awesome. If you have any customization issues, you can directly contact our expert team. They are very quick and responsive.

Wordpress Support

Customizable Menu:

We have designed this theme carefully due to the interest of the poker players. Most of the players try to get real experience of poker in online sites. If you use this theme on your site, you must get some real poker players on your site. In this way, your website will target loyal customers / players regularly. We have added option about customizing menus. By default, we have set a menu bar. You can modify or change as per your flexibility and choice. You should keep your site clean and light. We know that a lightweight website is comfortable for any type of user to get real-time gaming experience. If you have any problem with the customization of menus, you can contact us.

Multilevel Dropdown Navigation:

Poker Theme for WordPress has an option for a multilevel dropdown navigation system. Any player can move through the gaming slots by this navigation bar. Multilevel dropdown navigation makes it very consistent and flawless with the wordpress.

SEO Friendly Theme:

All of our themes are SEO friendly including Poker theme. You can see most of the themes need to be search engine optimized to ensure consistency with websites. Our themes are very classic and they are useful to customers and their end users. Anyone can easily get these themes as a premium and free version. Due to the lightweight features, anyone can get these themes very lucrative for their website. We should keep in mind that a website’s popularity is dependent on themes, plugins, and widgets. So, these things should be under consideration.

Advertising Banner on Header:

By using this theme, you can easily put your advertising banner on the website’s header. Most of the customer use it to advertise on their websites. This theme is suitable for banner and advertisement of products/casinos.

Widget Based Sidebars:

Poker Theme for WordPress has an option for using widgets in sidebars. We had added this feature while designing this theme. It will help you get more customers and traffic.

Finally, we can say that we are offering Poker Theme for WordPress as a premium theme. Though this is a premium theme, you can try it as a free in the demo live mode. There is an option for you to use this theme as a free poker wordpress theme. We recommend all of our customers to use this theme in the demo live mode and share your experience with us. If you are satisfied in the free mode, you are welcome to our premium version. Our in-house expert team is ready to help you in case of any emergence. For further information about any theme, you can contact us.

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