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Gambling has become one of the important entertaining pastime activities in modern times. People have taken it as a part-time income source. As a result, they are directly or indirectly involving in gambling. A lot of gambling sites are available online. They are offering various types of games for prospective customers. The importance of the gambling WordPress theme is increasing day by day. Most of the gambling affiliate themes are premium and available as a paid version. But people are looking for free gambling WordPress themes because of cost-cutting. As a result, you can see a huge competition in the free gambling WordPress theme marketplace.

Nowadays there are several companies offering various type of gambling themes..[1] We are one of the potential suppliers who are offering various types of WordPress themes. We have both a free and paid version of the themes. Our in-house theme developers are continually developing various themes for clients. ‘DoubleDown Theme’ and ‘Suited Theme’ both of our popular themes for using as free gambling WordPress themes.

‘DoubleDown Theme’

It is a premium WordPress affiliate theme for our theme store. Currently, we are launching a promotional offer about this theme. You can try it in the Demo Live mode. It is free in the Demo Live mode. You can have experience using   free version theme on your website. Once you are satisfied you can purchase the regular package and enjoy the full version of the theme.

DoubleDown THemeVisit Now       Demo

We have four types of packages for this theme: WordPress Theme, Single Theme Yearly Package, Single Theme Lifetime Package, and All Theme Package.

Free Version of WordPress Theme:

It is a promotional offer and valid for a limited time. You can enjoy it without any cost. The features are available like the inclusion of DoubleDown Theme, site licensing with one domain, some very limited features. You can get some limitations like no demo content, only support of a single theme, and some other limited features. It is a promotional product for our clients. The prime intention of this theme is to give an essence to the clients about the gambling theme. You can try it free. If you are interested to get premium access, you have to purchase anyone from these next three packages.

Single Theme Yearly Package:

It costs €67 as yearly basis. You can enjoy this package with facilities like site licensing with a single domain, documentation support, and instant access to the site. Our in-house expert panel is ready to help clients in case of any emergency. You can easily buy this package. If you have got any issues in the purchasing section, you can contact us. You can also change the package at any time as per your choice.

Single Theme Lifetime Package:

This package has a cost of €97 as a lifetime for a single theme. It is a very popular package for a choosy customer. You can get some benefits like site licensing with 10 domains support, instant access to site, documentation, lifetime updates, and supports of theme. There are a lot of loyal customers who are enjoying this theme in their gambling site. They have left some positive feedback on this package.

All Theme Package:

It is an elite theme package which has a cost of €299 for the lifetime of all themes. It is very suitable for long time use. You can get some extra benefits like priority email support, site licensing with 100 domains, documentation, lifetime supports, and updates. If you have a plan for the gambling business, in the long run, you can try this package which is cost-effective in the long run.

DoubleDown Theme is an awesome product for the gambling websites. If you are looking for a free gambling WordPress theme, you can try in the Demo Live mode for the short term. There is no free premium theme for customers. What you are seeing as free in the marketplace, all of these are either promotional or low-quality products. even, you can get those free items very unresponsive to your website. As a result, you have to avoid these free items to ensure the smoothness of your website experience.


‘Suited Theme’

It is one of the most popular and premium themes at our theme store. You can get it very useful in your gambling website. A lot of people are using it without any unusual experience. They have found it very responsive to the web and mobile device friendly. Anyone can get a unique experience by using this theme. currently, we are offering this theme in the Demo Live mode. By using this mode, you can get an experience of this theme without any cost. After using it for a while, you can give us feedback about it. based on this feedback, we will go for an improvement (if there is any scope). Besides, you can use the full version of this theme as a premium user.

Suited ThemeVisit Now        Visit Now

According to the choice of customers, we are offering three types of packages for this theme. You can choose one of these three themes as per your choice and budget.

Like ‘DoubleDown Theme’, we have also four types of packages for this theme like Free Version of WordPress Theme, Single Theme Yearly Package, Single Theme Lifetime Package, and All Theme Package. You can get all of the packages very interesting as per your situational aspects.

We have observed that most of the people try to pick the free version as a testing purpose. They try to use it on their website and get customer’s feedback. Most of our themes are very attractive and cost-effective. A research reveals that people have an intention about the reduction of cost in theme development. People are choosy about theme collection. They have a plan for selecting the best theme for their website because they think a proper gambling theme for WordPress can ensure the organic traffic of a website. the outlook of the website is dependent on themes, widgets, and plugins. So, we are committed to generating awesome themes for our customers.

Wordpress Support

Adding to this, you can see a lot of parallel competitors are active in the online marketplace. You have to ensure value-added services with routine work. Without doing so, you cannot expect a good stand in the marketplace. We are thinking about this! The free gambling WordPress theme is a limited product. By offering this WordPress gambling theme, we are focusing on the interest of the clients. After analyzing their choice and budget, we will promote other related online casino affiliate WordPress themes for their business. In this way, we will be a trustworthy entity in the long run.


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