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Posted by Flytonic on June 27, 2014 in News
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Our financial trading theme is a fully editable and powerful WordPress theme. The theme features a concise and clear layout style that brings the user’s attention focus to the trading options.

The Financial Trading Broker Theme has been updated to version 1.4.  There have been some major improvements and pretty much all files have been updated as well as the file structure.

Due to the nature of the update, only update your theme if you have not made any modifications to the theme or changed the design or style.

It is best to use this update on a fresh install.

Here are some of the updates:

1.  Minor update to the design itself

2.  Added the ability to have a left sidebar layout as well as a right sidebar layout.

3.  Ability to change “review” links and “visit” links to a different word.

4.  The buttons can now easily be changed to a different color in the design options area.

5.  The navigation, footer, and other colors can easily be changed in the design options area.

6.  There are 3 other preset styles included in the theme.  Here is a sample of each of them.

7.  Added feedburner and social media widgets

8.  Added buttons and alert boxes shortcodes

You can login to your members area to download the new version or purchase the theme here.

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