Exclusive Child Theme for Flytonic Framework Sold Once

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Flytonic has released an exclusive Child Theme.  This is a one time for sale theme, so you will get a custom design that nobody else will ever own (sold once).

In WordPress, a child theme is a type of theme that inherits the style, features, and functionality of the parent theme. Child themes offer the safest route to modify the files in the parent theme. After a parent theme has been updated, the changes that are made in this child theme are then preserved and applied to the version that had been updated. Instead of directly modifying the existing theme, you can just override them with templates found in this child theme.

Child themes

For you to build an exclusive child theme, you are required to create the folder in the themes directory for the new theme. Style.css is the only file you need in that folder. You can then specify the exact parent file by making changes to the template line in the comment code where the name of the theme is written. Since this style sheet has been included after the parent style sheet, there is proof that it will override the styles in the current parent theme.

For you to apply the changes made in the parent file you must first start by activating the child theme. However, the parent theme still includes the functionalities that have not been overwritten by this child theme.

Package Details

  • Price: $299 (Framework not included)
  • See demo here.
  • Dummy content can be added with package
  • Additional programming or customization will be extra but glad to make some minor adjustments.

Why Use Our WordPress Child Theme

The following are some of the reasons why you should choose to use our WordPress child theme.

Safe Updates

The child theme automatically gets the parent’s themes, templates, styles, and features. This will permit you to make modifications to your website utilizing the child theme without making any changes to the parent theme. After the new version of the existing parent theme arrives, you can then safely update it, considering that the changes are automatically saved in the child theme.

Easy to Extend

The child theme is created on a very powerful theme framework which allows lots of flexibility without having to write lots of code. Essentially, you can choose to selectively make changes to the template functions and files that you require without having to go through the rest of the template files. Afterward, you can then add more functionality.

Fallback Safe

If you are building an exclusive child theme you will have to think about different scenarios and write the correct code for each of them. Nonetheless, if you are working on the child theme and you happen to forget the code for some scenarios, you will have no issue because the parent theme will still be operational.

Why People Use Child Themes?

Developers and designers make use of the child theme to speed up the development processes. If you are using a great parent theme, it will be very easy for you to abruptly minimize the time taken for you to design the WordPress website. The good parent frameworks usually offer many customization options and functionality. This means that you don’t have to take lots of time trying to code.

Many of the Do It Yourself (DIY) users usually create the child themes to be able to tweak the current theme without having to lose the ability to update the parent theme whenever necessary.

Building the WordPress child theme might be as easy as the creation of the new style.css file within the new folder. All that is required is a single line in the new style.css header which defines the template. A vibrant child theme can have multiple template files, similar to the parent theme. The child theme can have many template files which are not available in this parent theme.

When You Can Use The Exclusive Child Theme

Your decision to make use of the child theme is often dependent on your needs. Many websites that are built by owners and our customers are the child themes of the gambling themes framework. In few cases when the project is too simple or quite complex then our experts create it as a single custom theme. Since we are experienced WordPress developers, we always make sure that we streamline our workflow as we create top-notch themes. The creation of the child theme of this genesis framework usually helps in achieving exactly that.

For other users, we strongly recommend the child themes only when they find themselves in a situation where they have to constantly add new functions to the theme functions.php file or regularly modify/add this style.css file of the theme. In such cases, we strongly recommend the use of the child theme.

Final Thoughts

It is always important to understand that although you can always have the chance of creating a good child theme of any WordPress theme, there are times when you don’t need it. You should think about the changes you have arranged for the child theme. For instance, in case the changes you want to make are insignificant, you can easily make the custom-style.css in the theme. Else, you can choose to use the custom CSS plugin.

Finally, if you still fancy your current theme, but feel the need to make changes to some features and the general outlook, the best way to do this will be through customization of the child theme. This post has explained the ins and outs of child themes and who is best suited to use them

The most amazing theme about the WordPress child themes provides a powerful way to build an entirely new project which would be largely based on the features of the parent theme without having to break the theme’s core function. With some little directory management and coding, you can easily change the theme to the extent that you want. This means you can choose to either make little or substantial changes. The changes you make are based on the numerous possibilities of your current design.

Please contact us if you wish to purchase this one time theme.

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