Dealer Theme Updated to WordPress 2.9

Posted by Flytonic on January 3, 2010 in News

The Dealer WordPress Theme has been updated to be compatible with wordpress 2.9.  There was an issue with the custom styles compatibility which has been changed to work with wordpress 2.9.

Also thumbnail support has been added to the new version.

You can view the videos and download the theme here.

Current users will receive an email with the new theme.

Upgrading Theme to WordPress 2.9

Note:  If you are upgrading to wordpress 2.9 and you are using the current dealer theme, you may have some issues if you have customized your theme (due to the upgraded structure) and you might need to re customize your theme for a few style aspects.  Please look at the custom style backend and note what you have selected before you upgrade to wordpress 2.9.  You can then make sure you have the same style customizations when you upgrade.

Also, if you are using the current thumbnail feature using the custom fields, this will no longer work.  Thumbnails need to be uploaded now for every post.  You will see this thumbnail module when you write a post.  Custom fields will no longer be needed for thumbnails in excerpts.

Please see the new version of the manual.

**Upgrade note:  Make sure you make the custom.css file in the customcss folder inside your theme writable!

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