Best Casino Affiliate Programs in Thailand

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Join the best casino affiliate programs in Thailand in 2021. Our list of handpicked Thailand gambling affiliate programs offer recurring commissions of between 20% and 50%. Looking for the easiest way to earn recurring revenue? Look No Further! Read on to find the top casino affiliate program for Thailand players.

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The best Casino affiliate programs in Thailand are what most individuals call a win-win chance. By dividing the workload of getting new clients, both affiliates and casinos can benefit mutually.

The Thailand casino affiliate gives customers a link that directs them towards the casino; if they manage to get a new client, partners are paid for referring that client. Therefore, let’s say, for instance, you are a player searching for the top UK real money slots, the top online casino cashouts, the best live dealer baccarat or live dealer websites available around, or a casino that has the best real money casino app just for you.

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs in Thailand Operate?

The workings and rules of gambling affiliate programs in the USA are so simple to understand. Any link that sends traffic to a third party site in exchange for commissions is an affiliate deal. In the current complicated world of online gaming, most providers and other service operators work through gambling affiliate programs. Many online casinos appeal to new and returning clients after they are refereed to them from other sites via affiliate deals.

The relationship between an affiliate and an affiliate program is based on trust. The affiliates provide potential players with valuable information the affiliate programs they should join, providing players with a list of the best gaming sites where they can claim generous bonuses and receive ongoing promotions.

Many gambling affiliate programs are Geo-targeted mainly based on whether the marketed casinos accept players from a specific jurisdiction. Affiliate deals make sure that the details are presented towards the target marketplace, similar to those in countries like Thailand, Germany, and Finland, within a non-invasive way that is possibly going to generate more interest. This is achieved via content, which engages customer’s imaginations, like best casino reviews, the newest welcome packages, details concerning unique casino promotions, etc.

Many casino sites affiliate programs are regulated based on standard industry clauses and terms. Understanding this helps paint a clear picture. Following are some of the most commonly used terms in the casino affiliate industry.

Negative Carryover In Gambling Affiliate Programs

Many gambling affiliate programs have a monthly commission based on the number of leads/clicks you produced. In online gaming, the most standard format is the number of players that were referred to specific casino from by the affiliate.

The leads are calculated at the end month, and earnings paid. But, imagine this case, as a affiliate, you tagged an experienced player who made huge winnings on slots the previous month; these wins are marked on your account as losses.

Most online casinos will less win from the revenues that you are supposed to pay, which is termed as negative carryover. Now picture this, at the end month, you are to be paid $1000 in revenues. One of your referrals made winning of $2,000. If the affiliate program contains a negative carryover policy, your casino account will be -$1000 which means, you will not get anything unless you clear that balance.

Therefore, if a affiliate becomes unlucky and is responsible for a jackpot win, this might take a long time before starting to make money again for the casino. However, you might be referring clients to the site in the meantime.

Most casino sites waive the negative carryover and usually resets the affiliate’s balance to zero each month- generally, these are the best profitable deals.

Cookie Lifespan

Thanks to the current GDPR updates, now we have familiarized ourselves with the notion of computer cookies, and it’s clear that they have nothing to do with the best cookies we encounter. How can cookies impact a gambling affiliate program?

The answer to this is easy: a casino tracks which client came from which website through the cookie, which is kept on the customer’s computer. It tracks the referral.

Unfortunately, cookies don’t come with a restricted lifespan. Many are usually set to 30 days expiry; you will get revenue for the referral.

What will occur if the deposit is paid after 30 days? Does it imply you won’t get any commission? If that were the scenario, the condition would be so unfair. The cookie lifespan may be altered to a custom digit by the account manager. Unluckily, there is nothing like an unlimited lifespan. However, the cookie could be set to a very high number to ensure it doesn’t expire. 30,000 is the most quoted that is close to 10 decades and maintains you in good commissions for a very long time.

Lifetime Deals

This is the second term you will mostly find as part of gambling affiliate programs. Immediately a client clicks on a affiliate’s referral URL and lays a deposit; their identity is directly connected to the affiliate. If that same client returns towards that site, the linked affiliate will get credit again and earn revenue. This is the fact even when a client visits the site directly.

The system operates this way because a client should only be linked to one affiliate. In this manner, the affiliate gets many lifetime commissions and in the entire lifetime of a customer. Any money used on that site will generate a commission for the affiliate.

Commission Rates

How is the affiliate commission paid? This relies on the basic agreement, though the typical method is through a commission system. There are various ways in which this revenue might be calculated.

Revenue share – If the rev share plan determines the referral term, the affiliate will get a percentage of the casino’s gross profits produced by the tagged players. This happens to be the plan that partners most prefer as it results in long-term commission.

From the point of view of an operator, it also operates fine as partners get all the inspiration to appeal to quality players that can produce a constant commission for the casino. Percentages differ, and many operators will discuss separately with partners. The agreement ranges between 5% and 50%.

The longer the operating partnership and the trust of a affiliate, the greater the revenues. When a affiliate is good at their work, the more the perks kick in (as there will be no carryover).

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) – When this model determines a gambling affiliate program, this implies that an operator is providing an exact rate for each player. The model can include a commission for registration only, for deposits placed, for fulfilling the wagering requirements, for 2nd deposits, and so on. Also, the percentage relies on individual agreements, which are discussed.

Mixed models – Discussion is the king within the environment of referral programs. Many operators will appoint a team of individuals to discuss a gambling affiliate program. The team also basically entices the operator to offer great deals possible.

Mixed models include every kind of rev stated above and other customized options as well. In the real sense, the most popular deal is the integration of CPA and rev share. This guarantees that both the affiliate and operator are happy with the gambling affiliate program.

Finding the Best Thailand gambling Affiliate Programs

This is direct; for one to have a healthy business partnership, you must get an affiliate program that is best for you. Well, the better news is that you will always find good affiliate programs available. However, affiliate programs have pros and cons, which means that while some gambling affiliate programs are good than others, whichever is good for you depends on your tastes. All the gambling affiliate programs come with the best casino features that will attract your customers back for more.

Bearing that in mind, we will list ten instances of the best affiliate programs to provide you with the idea of how to kick start.

10 Best Casino Affiliate Programs in Thailand

1. King Billy Affiliates

King-Billy- affiliate programs in Thailand

King Billy Affiliates


Join program >
  • Rewards 50% commission; therefore, you can expect a decent payout.
  • Lightning-quick payout as revenues that are paid on the 15th of every month.
  • No hidden charges
  • No negative carryover policy; therefore, the negative earnings aren’t rolled over towards the following new month.
  • Unique player value
  • Professional support, thus assistance, is always available each time you need it.
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AffiliateXe-–-Affiliate-program in Thailand


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Register with the freshest casino brands on the marketplace, which are taking the globe by storm, and get commissions of up to 45%. AffiliateXe comes with an impressive list of testimonials as they operate hand in hand with their affiliates and provide quick payouts; therefore, you don’t have to chase anyone. The best thing about this affiliate program is that there are no hidden charges or a negative carryover. Basically, you are offered a smooth service.

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2. 1xbet Affiliates

AffiliateXe-–-casino Affiliate-program in Thailand

1xbet Affiliates

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1xbet is popularly known for providing a fantastic betting website and casino, so overall; this is a fantastic casino affiliate program. This should not come as a surprise as to why they have over 20,000 affiliates across the globe, making up to 25% of the tagged clients.

1xbet comes with a weekly payout plan, a simple registration procedure, and a fantastic support team ready to help partners with anything they require.

Averagely, their partners can get around $944, so joining hands with them is simple and also very profitable.

More info >Join program >

3. 7bit Casino Affiliates


7bit Affiliates

7Bit Partners afiliates

Join program >
  • They pay and accept both crypto and FIAT currencies. You are allowed to select the one that suits your needs.
  • Also, you can opt to make withdrawals via Neteller, Skrill, and bank transfer.
  • This affiliate program doesn’t come with a negative carryover policy. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about lucky players affecting your monthly income.
  • 7bit partners give affiliates a chance to select CPA deals, and you will get a commission for every lead. You can use it together with rev share lifetime commissions.
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4. Playattack Affiliates


Playattack Affiliates

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You are provided with the opportunity to market some of the most popular and top casinos on the marketplace when you join playattack affiliate program, home to the renowned Mr Bit casino. You can anticipate great deals, regular payouts, prominent software, and regular players alongside a no negative crossover policy.

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5. 888 Affiliates


888 Affiliates

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Associating with the most extensive online gaming platforms globally comes with its perks. 888 provides an exceptional portfolio of in-house legal games. Therefore it’s not difficult to tag players towards one of these products. 888 is the leading provider that boasts of the best conversion rates, as their products are the most popular across the globe.

This affiliate program has an excellent reputation for being trustworthy and its professional approach towards its players.

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6. Leovegas Affiliates



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Leovegas is the most popular casino brand globally. It has entered the mobile casino world, providing exemplary service to all its players. Affiliates can commissions of up to 40% when they join Leovegas affiliates and monitor all their commissions online. Anticipate only good service from one of the top brands within the marketplace.

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7. Playamo Affiliates


Playamo Affiliates

Playamo Partners

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  • No negative carryover policy. Payments are processed on the 1st day of each month and with no delays.
  • This affiliate program promotes six casino brands.
  • Playamo is a reliable and fast-developing firm started in 2015.
  • Each affiliate is provided with a personal VIP manager who assists with all questions.
  • Betamo commissions are reliably paid on the first day of every month
  • Each customer is offered a VIP manager
  • Betamo is a profitable brand and is run by Playamo Partners.


More info >Join program >

8. Betiton Affiliates

Betiton Affiliates Best-online-casino-affiliate-program

Betiton Affiliates

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Are you searching for the casino affiliate programs in Thailand, which provides total transparency to assist you to succeed? Betiton provides flexible deals, relying on your business model as they know every organization is different. Just visit their site to see how the business values this affiliate program.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about casino affiliate programs in Thailand.

How can one access the text links and banners?

Immediately you join any of the mentioned affiliate programs above, you will be allowed to access the affiliate site via a password and username. Using the account information, you will be allowed to download different sizes and kinds of banners on your computer and arrange the links.

What percentage of commissions will I get?

This is all determined by the website itself. Some work using a flat rate, which means you will get a same commission regardless of your performance. Others offer performance-based incentives. Also, it’s good to understand that tiers are calculated differently. For example, some determine it on the total revenue while others determine it on the size of customers. Also, others offer you a chance to opt for an exact CPA deal or share of net rev.

How regularly do I get paid?

Generally, payments are made per month. Different affiliates usually set the payday that varies between programs. You might not get your earnings if you don’t reach the minimum monthly threshold. But, your commissions are typically rolled over towards the next month, which means you can’t lose your commissions.

Can I register for more than one gambling program?

You can register to as many gambling affiliate programs as you can to get high revenue. But, we do encourage sticking to one premium affiliate program. You should understand that the only thing that counts is good customers that basically want to use the websites you are referring them to. This is the main way to spend money and it’s also the main way for you to get income.

What is the meaning of a negative carryover?

Negative carryover means any losses on players from a particular month will continue impacting your following monthly income. No crossover implies that every month is taken individually. So, that bad month will not impact earnings in the next months.

Will my affiliate account require approval?

Generally, it only takes less than ten minutes to complete the registration and sign-up process with any gambling affiliate program. Once you have completed, you will be offered a committed account manager who will help you get your account approved.

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