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Are you looking to get your business listed #1 in the search engine ranking results and drive more traffic and better leads to your online store’s website? If so, you need a perfect woo-commerce SEO strategy. At Flytonic, we have picked up from where other SEO woo agencies failed and left customers stranded not knowing what to do as they deal with the consequences of poor SEO strategies that never resulted in increased conversion rates. Rather, we build our Woocommerce SEO strategy on the years of tested and proven practice.

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In case you are having problems generating traffic to the Woocommerce store, Flytonic knows and understands what it is to generate better traffic and what we should fix on your website to ensure you not only drive more traffic, but you also get better leads that ultimately results in more sales.

What is WooCommerce?

Woocommerce is one of the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins that are available for free. As of now, this plugin has been found to power over 30% of online stores.

This platform offers developers and store owners access to premium and free WordPress extensions and allows business owners to sell their products and services from anywhere.

Woocommmerce allows you to:

  • Access comprehensive reports
  • Track the inventory
  • Scale the store from the basics to the highest levels
  • Customize shipping and payment options
  • Use the storefront when customizing your website
  • Market affiliate products from online marketplaces
  • Provide product variations, instant downloads, and multiple configurations

SEO Tips For Woocommerce Websites

While you might have a perfectly designed eCommerce site, it will be useless if your prospects cannot find it. If this happens to be the case, there is a higher chance that you will never be able to sell anything, which means your company will never generate revenue from that website. Like other online websites, it is always important to ensure you optimize the eCommerce store and content to entice and convert more clients online.

Following are some of the SEO tips that you can integrate into your woo-commerce website

Product Descriptions

As you write your product descriptions, always make sure that you include phrases and keywords that many people search for on the web to find your products and stores. Tools such as keyword tools can be helpful and provide important insights when choosing phrases and keywords that you want your website to rank for in google.

Furthermore, product descriptions are always very helpful to the search engines mainly because they comprise important clues regarding your product pages and the overall nature of your site.

Also, these are very helpful to shoppers and they offer users with enough information they require to buy.


Another important thing to take note of is that your store needs clear navigation so that it will be easier for your target audience to access the website.

Search engines like google often use search spiders to review and index the search results. The good news is that online stores with a user-friendly navigation rank higher.

Your Websites Loading Speed

Research shows that conversion rates increase with the loading speed of your website. Many users will prefer to access a website that loads fast as opposed to one that takes minutes.

So, you will have a better chance of converting more visitors if your website loads quickly.

Increased Sales For Your Woo-Commerce Store

When it comes to businesses, one of the most foundational and essential goals is increasing your profits, but this will never happen if your targeted traffic is not coming to your website or those that are coming to your website are not staying for a period enough for them to make decisions on whether to make a purchase. This is where Flytonic takes a totally different approach. To start with, we already know that the old black-hat tactics in search engines are no longer working. It is important to know that Google has become wiser and is no longer manipulated by some of these strategies. This is because Google already knows about some of the deceptive strategies that some companies use as shortcuts to get top rankings. The truth is that most of these spammy tactics might work in the short term, but their impact will fade away within the shortest time possible. Fortunately, your customers will also see through the fact that your company is not exactly who you say you are and as a result, they will not take any action. This is where Flytonic creates strategies that truly work and those that directly target your ideal customers.

Essentially, this means that the implementation of the best practices in your SEO woo by perfecting the technical aspects and contents of your web store to ensure its fully integrated into different ways through which buyers seek information regarding your products. Also, this will help you to become more visible in google and other search engines. This is primarily because Flytonic has enough experience in dealing with many successful woocommerce stores for the best positioning for the most suitable keywords.

We employ a proven methodology that will end up significantly paying off for our customers because there is a high chance that you will emerge on top of your competition. If you check our testimonials, you will also find that there are many top woocommerce brands that are already working with us.


Experts in SEO Woo Services

Just like any other platform, there are many special tools and considerations that should be taken into account if you want to benefit from woocommerce SEO. One important thing that you will eventually realize is that the old SEO strategies will work well with woocommerce. It is for this reason that we only implement tools and strategies that work. We follow a unique approach by using competitor analysis to understand what is important to emerge on top of the competition with better organic search results. In most cases, we use project analysis to have a better view of how our client’s woocommerce SEO is currently working and what we must do to help meet and surpass their requirements.

It is always important to remember that Woocommerce SEO services will not always cut or emerge on top of the competition in case you do not have the required on-page tools implemented. This will mean that you have to make changes to your product or service pages to properly guide the search engines about the relevance of your website and your general authority. Also, we implement effective off-page approaches to influence search results for better keywords. Product re-assessments and reviews help to implement woo commerce SEO strategies.

A big secret to our success when it comes to woo-commerce is that we have used everything that seemed not to be working with other agencies and working around such challenges to ensure we only offer our clients the best. We only promise what we can deliver.

Woocommerce SEO plans from Flytonic

It is important for online store owners to understand that it is always very important to generate relevant traffic to their websites. However, sometimes you might encounter some hurdles when it comes to ranking in the search results.

woocommerce SEO plans from Flytonic can be of great help if you want to find the phrases and words people use when looking for your store online. This will help you optimize your website to attract targeted traffic.

Also, we take time to analyze your online store funnel to discover and solve gaps in the shopping cart process in order to assist you to generate more revenue.

A Reputation In Seo Woo Worth Following

As mentioned earlier, we don’t promise what we cannot deliver. As a result, our SEO experts are always testing, modifying and growing to find better ways to help all our clients rank at the top with woocommerce SEO. The organic search engine traffic can be of great help as it will help reduce your recurring costs. You can accomplish all this by investing in a trustworthy and reliable Woocommerce SEO agency, and this is where Flytonic steps in.

We fully understand that having thousands of products on a woocommerce online store might seem overwhelming at first to think of using SEO. Nevertheless, the best thing is that we can help you get over all these obstacles and we shall immediately take over creating effective SEO woo strategies that will help take your brand to a whole new level. We don’t just settle for anything we find, you can expect more than what other SEO agencies out there promised. We implement effective Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin [1] that are largely built on proof and practice. Our ultimate objective is to assist you to generate more online engagement with optimized website content to ensure your products are listed in the google search results and shopping lists.

Final Thoughts

While there are many things that can be said regarding the best practices to optimize Woocommerce websites using SEO, the SEO agency you choose to help get there can make or break your aspirations.

Do you want to know how a woocommerce SEO plan from Flytonic can help improve your business, check through our plans and get in touch with us today? We are always waiting to hear from you!


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