Benefits of Backlinks and Different Ways To Get It

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One major benefit of search engine optimization (SEO) is the residual targeted traffic to your website via search engines. Therefore, if you still do not understand the benefits of backlinks then you are missing on a huge opportunity to grow your website. Backlinks are not just terms used by online marketers to boost their presence in the short-term. They have the power to transform your business online, regardless of your industry.

Backlinks for WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, online marketing, SEO and WordPress website customization will not only help your website rank. You can also begin to use them to drive traffic even before you hit the front page of your website for your key phrases. If you do it right, this is, without a doubt, the fastest way to get immediate results.

Backlinks are very essential to the search engines because they act as indicators that the page they link to is trustworthy. Also, they show that it provides important information on a subject matter relevant to the website linking to it. Consider it a digital way of approval.

Keep reading to learn what backlinks are, their benefits and how exactly you can successfully attract them to your site.

benefits of backlinks

More Than A Link

Superficially, the word “backlink” is quite self-explanatory. It is when a page of another site links to a specific page on yours. It is a link that drives users from another website back to yours. Some people might refer to it as an inbound link because it is an outbound link that direct people back to your website.

However, when you spend time to learn more about backlinks, you will understand that they are not just links. If you can understand backlinks better then you will be on the right path to benefiting from their true power. Although their impact is based on the authority and relevance of the linking page, they significantly contribute to better search engine rankings for the website that received the backlink. The SEO benefit provided to your website is based on the exact type of backlink.


The Two Types of Backlinks

As you collect backlinks, Google is building and keeping your profile. Technically, Google maintains a score, taking note of different things like the number of links you have and the quality of each of these links. This is just one of the many SEO components that determine your rankings and authority.

With each backlink you receive, Google gives you something like a point; you will have more points when you get more links back to your website. Furthermore, backlinks from high profile websites are considered to be worth more points as compared to backlinks from old poorly ranked websites. You are highly likely to win in this ranking and authority ‘game’ if you have more links, which is the reason you should know about dofollow links.

Dofollow/Follow Links

Follow links are very important for your website. These are links that the search engines are crawling and examining as authority passed to you from another website.

However, all links are not dofollow links. The linking website has the autonomy and ability to inform Google that their link to your site does not count, thus you will not receive that authority. These useless links are known as No Follow Links.

No Follow Links

These links are specifically developed for certain types of content like forums, comments, and paid links.

For instance, if another website links back directly to your sales page, then this is directly considered a no-follow link for this page has a price tag. Sometimes other websites have their reasons as to why they do not want to pass their authority. However, if you can have another website link back to a quality blog on your website it can have very good results.

While there are different types of backlinks and hundreds of ways to get them, here are the most popular types:

Other examples of backlinks

  • Inclusion on the resource page
  • Inclusion in the content roundup
  • Contextual link from another site
  • Online professional directories
  • Contextual link from writing guest blogs on another website
  • Inclusion of links from social media posts
  • Inclusion of a link from a testimonial
  • Forum comments/posts

You need to understand that some types of backlinks provide more benefits to your website’s SEO than others. Also, know that some backlink types have zero benefits.

Benefits of Getting Backlinks

There are many ways that backlinks can help your site’s SEO.

  • Ranked among the best 3 most important factors for ranking a website by Google.
  • Backlinks provide a great way to drive traffic to a website, particularly if the content and anchor text makes your page content more appealing.
  • A backlink is the main route to build domain authority; therefore you should invest in an effective link building technique.
  • When your target is searching the internet and sees several websites linking back to your site, you develop real authority in your industry. Every visitor is only going to assume that if multiple websites have confidence in your business, then it must be trustworthy and for that reason worth checking out. This is how you will get more people coming to your website and eventually they will convert. Remember that Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are not the type of backlinks that you should expect to drive traffic to your site, but if done properly they can still increase Domain Authority (DA).
  • Backlink outreach will foster strategic relationships as long as you focus on organic outreach.

If you want to take advantage of each of these benefits, the last thing you should think of doing is trying to find an old website for backlink favors. Initially, this was straightforward, but search engines already know about such tricks and realize that not all backlinks are equal. This is why it is essential to check the quality of the backlinks.

Now that you already know what the benefits of backlinks are and what distinguishes high-quality backlinks from the useless ones, it is now time to answer your biggest question: how do I get high-quality backlinks.

Different Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Site

Over time, SEO experts have come up with multiple ethical techniques for acquiring backlinks to earn authority. Before we review some of the best backlink options, which we have also comprehensively listed in more detail in our link building blog, it is important to mention that you can use Flytonic tools to properly identify the backlinks that your competitors have in their top-ranked pages.

We have listed some of the best ways to acquire backlinks based on their ease of use and cleverness. Keep a close eye on backlinks and soon you will start finding lots of link building opportunities. While it is obvious that quality backlinks are hard to get, there is no reason for them to be. We have listed smart ways to earn or build backlinks, to get top ranking websites to link back to your business. It is all up to you to take advantage and always remember to keep it white hat (ethical).

1.      Guest Blog Posts for High-Authority Websites

This is by far the most effective way to earn backlinks, and honestly, there are services available which have previously talked to site owners and got them to agree to have guest blogs, therefore, in reality, all you need to do is write for the business.

It is for this reason that you must consider Flytonic because you will be impressed by our setup. We allow you to categorize many important metrics like DA. Also, you are given the autonomy to provide your content as long as it is about software customization, online marketing, and SEO and WordPress themes, should you opt to do that. Technically, if you understand on-page SEO, your backlink for WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, online marketing, and software development will be more beneficial if you write your guest blogs.

One major reason why writing guest blogs is the best as opposed to other ways to get backlinks is that even if you are not allowed by the other website you are writing guest blogs for to link back to your site in your blog, you have nothing to worry about because you can still link to your website in your author byline. Also, the websites are supposed to tell upfront whether you will get a no-follow or follow backlink. You should get in touch with the site editor to double-check everything that you are not sure about to make sure it’s worth it. There is no point in writing guest blogs for a website that will not give you a follow backlink. Yet this is another reason for those focusing on (WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, online marketing, SEO and software customization to write guest blogs for flytonic because you will without a doubt receive a follow backlink backlinks for WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, affiliate marketing, and SEO and software customization.

The Advantages Of Writing Guest Blogs To Get Backlinks

Guest blogging is by far the most effective way to reach new prospects. By writing and posting guest articles on other high authority websites such as Flytonic, your content will reach new readers and get more exposure. The good news is that besides being an effective way to receive backlinks for WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, online marketing, software development and SEO. You are also able to build a trustworthy online reputation and sometimes get new social media followers.

Getting a backlink starts by creating a list of high ranking websites that compliment your niche and appeals to your prospects. For instance, if your niche is software customization, online marketing, SEO, WordPress themes, WordPress plugin reviews or WordPress gambling themes, then you should find a top-ranking website in the same niche and this is where you must consider Flytonic. Start by contacting the top ranking websites in your niche that you have selected and ask whether they can accept your guest blog submissions. If the business you have contacted accepts guest submissions on their website, they will have detailed guidelines for submission of the guest blogs and how you can become a contributor in their platform or for submitting a blog post that you want them to publish.

Writing guest blogs will help you leverage your business relationships and eventually increase your audience. Why should you shy from guest blogging if big companies like Google also accept guest articles on its Google Analytics blog?

Many ways exist to identify websites that accept submission of guest articles, including:

  • Using Google search engines to find blogs that accept guest contributors, a good example is (your keyword+ guest-posts) or (your keyword+submit an article).
  • Finding influencers that publish guest posts regularly and try contributing to the same sites they have had previously.
  • Using social media to find other options.


Writing Guest Blogs that Drives Traffic to Your Website

Writing guest blogs are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Here are some of the most effective ways you can write quality blogs that will help you get backlinks,

  • Stick to writing for websites related to your brand, for instance, you can write for Flytonic if you want to get quality backlinks for WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, online marketing, software development, and SEO.
  • Reaching out to credible blogs
  • Shamelessly show off your unmatched voice
  • Have a strong introduction
  • Include quality links back to your website
  • Tell your story
  • Encourage the website you are writing for to promote your guest articles



2.      Tapping Into The News and Trends With Freshly Written Content

One thing that you must understand about backlinks is that social sharing is also important. Some of the most shared content online includes trends and news stories. While it may not be as effective as guest blogging, you might post a breaking story that your new audience might be eager to read. It is also likely that they will share this on social media as they try to spread the word. This can help you get backlinks from other webmasters fascinated by your account.

A proper backlink profile and strategy is highly likely to help your business build relationships. You will build reliable relationships with other business owners and top executives who also link back to you. With time your relationship with your prospects will improve because the target will assume that referrals from other businesses only mean you are reputable and eventually they will trust you.


3.      Contributing to top-ranking roundup posts

You could try to receive backlinks by contacting high ranking authors of existing roundup posts and request them to add you to their post.

Start by contacting the top ranking websites in your niche that you have selected and ask whether they can accept your guest blog submissions. If the business you have contacted accepts guest submissions on their website, they will have detailed guidelines for submission of the guest blogs and how you can become a contributor in their platform or for submitting a blog post that you want them to publish.


4.      Use influencer marketing for your roundup posts

Again, keep in mind that social media sharing matters. Therefore, when you create your roundup from your blog of industry leaders or influencers, it is highly likely that they will also share your posts. You will have a better link authority if you have more people share your posts, especially when there are high-authority participants in the post itself.

5.      Spy on your Competitors

Are you serious about acquiring more organic traffic? If yes, staying updated with your rivals’ online marketing strategies is vital. You must spy on your main competitors on social media and search for their link building, content marketing, and acquisition techniques.

6.      Testimonials

An easy way to get quality backlinks is to offer free testimonials for sites you are using. It will only take you a few minutes and you get to receive a link back to your WordPress themes and plugins website from their authoritative website and homepage. It’s quite easy, offer a free testimonial in exchange for a backlink.


Sometimes getting quality backlinks for WordPress gambling themes, WordPress plugins, online marketing, or software development can be very challenging, but it is quite easy to find link-building opportunities through the use of the right methods and resources. Finally, keep in mind that if you want to reap the amazing benefits of backlinks you must understand the process of building and maintaining them. The quality of backlinks your site has is directly related to its traffic. You stand a chance to get more traffic and higher ranking if you have links from authoritative websites. While this post has listed different ways to acquire backlinks, guest blogging remains the most effective link building strategy for several reasons, including higher site ranking, established an online presence, more exposure to your new audience, building a trustworthy online reputation in social media with fresh content, just to name a few. Focus on getting quality backlinks from authoritative websites and the benefits will come. With quality backlinks, you can expect to have an inflated analytics graph and an increase in prequalified leads.

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