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One of the easiest ways to make money online today is through affiliate marketing. You can make a decent living as an online casino affiliate than other types of affiliate schemes. Some individuals believe starting a gambling affiliate company is as easy as building a website, publishing review articles, generating links, and posting banners to promote the bonuses and promotions offered by the best Asian online casinos. This isn’t true. To make money as an affiliate, you must do more than just follow these steps. You need to invest energy and time to create a successful casino affiliate marketing campaign. One way to do this is by joining the best Asian casino affiliate programs.

Overview : Asian Casino Affiliates

Back in 2019, the worldwide market size of online gaming was estimated to be more than $53. But, it’s projected that the growth rate will increase to more than 11 percent in the year 2027 and beyond.

This improvement is driven by the expansion of the digital world, which includes accessible platforms on app and mobile. In addition to that, societal views and changes on gaming as well as the relaxation of government rules across the world have driven the growth.

Bearing that in mind, this seems like the best time to become a casino gambling affiliate. also, there are many chances out there for content creators to market brands. Currently, there is an increasing demand for new gaming content that offers content creators the chance to grow their online business. Platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have their pages for poker and gambling slots.

If you are a reviewer, digital content creator, or just want to learn more concerning the top gaming affiliate programs, you have come to the right place. We will discuss many terms that are used in casino affiliate programs, how affiliates get their earnings, among other things. In this post, we will also list the key areas affiliates should check out for when picking the top affiliate program to work with. Let’s dive right in!

Direct Vs. Network

First, you need to learn the difference between direct clients and networks. Basically, any firm offering a casino affiliate program requires making some decisions. They can either decide to hire an external firm (network) or run the program personally. There are multiple affiliate networks out there such as Rakuten, CJ Affiliate, and Awin.

As a casino affiliate, you require choosing the best one for you because the benefits you will get are based on the method that you choose. If you opt for the direct method, you will get a chance of working with the client directly and get a personal and tailored experience.

In contrast, if you decide to go with the network method, you might end up feeling invisible o irrelevant. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get the best services. Top casino affiliate networks out there such as Awin offer incredible customer service as well as updated user software that you can use to track your conversions. one major benefit you will enjoy is the chance to choose from a variety of brands. Therefore, if one brand fails to perform by your expectation, you can then choose another one.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Vs. Revenue Share

Revenue share is the percentage share that you will get of the money made by a brand from the referred customer. You will enjoy these benefits over a lifetime and this might be a profitable option especially when you refer many customers. Also, you will on the better side, if you manage to send in VIP players at the casino, as they are used to spending huge sums of money. this will increase your revenue share. The only disadvantage of this payment model is that you might not get money immediately, as some players may not spend money on games or even take time before they deposit. So, if you want to get instant money then you have to use CPA as an alternative.

With CPA, you will get a flat fee for each new player that signs up at the casino. Your earnings will grow if you manage to send in more players to a particular casino. unfortunately, many top casino affiliate programs out there don’t offer CPA.

Cookie Lifespan

There is no need of getting many clicks if it’s not being tracked. This is where the cookie comes in. You don’t require learning everything about a cookie, but it’s good to choose a longer cookie.

The Best Asian Casino Affiliates Of 2023

Let’s get started with the top casino affiliate programs in the Asian market.

1. 96Ace Affiliates

Asian Casino Affiliate Programs


96ace affiliates

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The 96Ace Affiliates program, established in 2010, is one of the fastest-growing gambling affiliate networks. 96Ace casino is the main focus of this campaign, without mention of other casinos. Affiliates are eligible for a commission of up to 40% revenue share after they sign up.

The ability of the affiliates to generate traffic to 96Ace Casino relies heavily on the quality of that traffic and volume. Moreover, there’s no negative carryover or bundling and CPA is available upon request. The casino affiliate program is available in different languages.

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2. Lotus Affiliates


Lotus Affiliates

Lotus-Affiliates-–-asian Online-Casino-Affiliate-Program

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Lotus affiliates offer you a chance to turn your web site’s traffic to real money by promoting leading online casinos. All Lotus Affiliates casino sites are regulated, and licensed and are well recognized across the globe. As an affiliate, you’ll be setting yourself to get more generous casino affiliate commissions on sending top-quality game traffic. The players that you send to the award-winning casinos can enjoy a wide range of quality games while claiming generous casino bonuses, competitions & tournaments, free spins, and hot promotions by the Lotus Players Club.

Lotus Affiliates offers its partners a revenue share commission of between 25% and 40%. Some of the online casinos you’ll be able to promote include Lotus Players Club, Fone Casino, Lotus Asia Casino, and Black Lotus Casino. However, Lotus Affiliates doesn’t offer CPA arrangements. Lotus Affiliates is fully licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming Commission.

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4. Betfair

Betfair Affiliate Program


betfair asian casino affiliate programs

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Betfair online provides the biggest betting exchange across the globe. technically, this means that affiliates can act as betters as well as bookies. Also, they offer a bookie, bingo, poker, and an online casino. In the Betfair casino affiliate program, you will be allowed to choose from more than 95 brands as well as the best selection of formats.

Betfair casino affiliate program also offers a revenue share, CPA as well as a hybrid model. The CPA rates aren’t fixed as they change between accounts. Affiliates are paid their earnings through Neteller, Skrill, and bank transfer. But, to receive your payments, you must have a minimum of $50.

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5. 888 Affiliates

888 Affiliates asia casino affiliate programs

888 Affiliates

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888 is among the most popular gambling brands in the world. They provide games, sports, bingo, and casino. Also, they provide CPA programs, which is very generous based on the firm you choose.

You have 3 options to pick from including 888 direct, which offers affiliates with a revenue share of 40 percent and a CPA model of $65. If you choose Gambling Affiliation, then you will receive a higher CPA worth $135, though you won’t get a revenue share. Last but not the least, there is Awin, which is an incredible network that only provides a CPA worth $50, but no revenue share. We recommend affiliates to go direct, though the 888-affiliate site feels too old. Additionally, you will work with over 22 brands if you decide to go direct. If you are a performing affiliate and manage to attract high traffic to a particular casino, then you will enjoy some bonuses once in a while.

Also, they provide the hybrid model and you can choose between revenue share and the CPA model. the only disadvantage is that they provide a shorter cookie lifespan of only 15 days, which is very low.

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6. Betway Partners


betway partners


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Betway is a world-leading gaming brand, which runs its affiliate program in 7 countries. The brand provides eSports, bingo, casino, and bookie.

The advantage of the Betway casino affiliate program is that they operate their affiliate program personally and provide a revenue share that begins at 20 percent and can grow up to 40 percent if you manage to refer more than 101 casino players. when it comes to bonuses, you will be required to get in touch with them for more information. Because they don’t clearly state whether they offer a CPA model, you can also inquire about that before you start your marketing. After you sign up and your account gets verified, these are the important questions that you should ask your account manager.

Betway casino affiliate program has one downside and it’s that it allows the affiliate to access a single brand. Therefore, you won’t have a chance of switching to a new brand if the one you chose doesn’t work for you. In addition to that, their cookies are based on sessions. This simply implies that you will only receive a referral when the customer you had referred signs up in a similar session, which they had clicked. This is a big disadvantage and affiliates see it as unfair.

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7. K9Win Affiliates

K9Win Affiliates

K9Win Affiliates


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K9Win Affiliates is a bookmaker that is based in Ireland and is run by Flutter Entertainment. They run multiple betting shops in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Also, they own a successful online platform, which offers fantasy, bingo, and sportsbook.

Also, they run their casino affiliate program known as Paddypower Partners. Affiliates can get a revenue share of up to 45% for the products listed below.

  • 20 percent and 30 percent for poker
  • 25 percent for bookmaker
  • 35 percent for bingo
  • between 25 percent and 45 percent for games

Although they aren’t advertising the CPA option, you should get in touch with your account manager after signing up to negotiate about that deal. The payment methods that affiliates can choose from include Skrill, Neteller, and bank wire transfer. Just like K9Win Casino, Betway Partners cookies are based on sessions.

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8. William Hill


William Hill Affiliates

William hill affiliates best asian casino affiliate programs

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William Hill is another loved UK gaming provider, which sits in the FTSE 250. Also, they offer online services in Italy and UK. They provide Casino, Bingo, Gaming, and Bookmaker.

They operate their casino affiliate program and provide a tiered system that is based on the type of product you are marketing.

Games, Vegas, Casino, Sports offer 30%

Live casino, Poker, Bingo (and others) offers 15%

Also, they provide a 72-hour cookie that is better than the ones based on the session though it’s still pretty short. Their creative innovations come in HTML5, iFrame, and Javascript and this means that there is a wide range of options for marketing. Affiliates are paid monthly though their bank accounts should have at least $55 for Neteller, PayPal, or Skrill and $200 for bank transfers.

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9. Bet365

top asian casino affiliate programs



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This is a British based company that has managed to attract our attention. They provide games, bingo, casino, and bookie. Affiliates are also offered a revenue share of 30%, which is incredible for the newbies though it’s very competitive if you develop your account base. But, if you wanted to sign up with an affiliate program providing a higher revenue share, you will have to continue with your search.

To be allowed to cash out your earnings your bank account must have $50 and you must use payment methods such as personal account, check, or bank wire transfer.

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10. 1xbet Affiliates

top casino affiliate programs in asia

1xbet Affiliates

top casino affiliate programs in asia

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1xbet offers unlimited number of betting possibilities. This profitable sports betting affiliate program has been in the iGaming market for many years. 1xbet Affilites is considered one of the most trustworthy gambling affiliate programs in the Asian market.

Their 45% revenue share commission is one of the most competitive offers in the market. Partners can get help from the friendly and professional customer support team. Furthermore, casino affiliates get unlimited access to an extensive range of promotional materials. 1xbet Affilites is fully licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

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Overall, one of the most lucrative industries in affiliate marketing are casino affiliate programs. Visit our online gambling referral programs page to find out more casino referral programs.

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