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In case you have not figured out, you can easily add AdSense ads to Flytonic themes just like you would banners.  I am going to walk you through adding AdSense ads on the Affiliate & Review theme, but the same steps apply to other Flytonic Themes as well.

AdSense is a great way to display advertisements on your site and is particularly favored among bloggers and website owners. Considering that AdSense is mostly provided on Google’s behalf, there is reduced risk which would be involved with the payments. This means you will never have to worry regarding your advertisements being properly tracked.

AdSense provides two types of ads including images and text. The text ads are linked with an extra description, whereas the image ads can be animated images or plain images. As you can probably imagine, the image ads will without a doubt pay substantially more.

How to Become Approved On AdSense

The AdSense approval process is pretty simple. However, it is always important for you to make sure that you are not trying to have google AdSense approved on a website that doesn’t have content, sells adult materials or is blacklisted.


You should ensure that before you make an application for AdSense, you have some content that is already published on your website. Essentially, you should have between 30 and 50 blog posts which are top quality and are not directly copied from other sites. Your request will be quickly approved if the content found on your website is more rich and unique.


The approval process for AdSense is much about the quality of your website, which typically means that you should regularly check to ensure your site design is easy to navigate and not cluttered. Essentially, you will need a quality theme, one that you can easily get from Flytonic Theme Packages. A great WordPress theme will help your website reflect colors that work with one another.


Some of the things that Google AdSense requires your website to have before you can get approved includes the terms of usage, privacy policy, contact us and the about us page.

You should always ensure that you thoroughly investigate each one of them more categorically to make sure you understand what each of them means.

Adding AdSense to Flytonic Themes

Step 1 – Create your  ad in your Google AdSense account first.  You can choose text, image, or text and image ads.  Choose an ad size that will fit in the appropriate spot on your website.

Once you create your ad, select get code.  Copy the entire script Ad code and save it for later use.

See code example below to copy:

Flytonic AdSense ads

Step 2 – Go to your Banner Manager panel in your Flytonic WordPress Admin area.

Banner Area

Step 3 – Create a new banner group or use an existing one and click create new banner. For the Affiliate & Review Theme, I want to add a big adsense ad at the top of the site.

Pasted code in the create banner section:

Adsense Banner Flytonic Themes

Step 4 – So now you have added the banner, now we need to display it.  I am going to use the banner widget to display it in the header.  Go to your widget area and drag the bannerAd widget to the Header Widget area (Affiliate& Review Theme).  You will get the options to pick the group and banner to display.  Pick the AdSense ad you just added and save it.  The banner should now show in the header area and it might take a few minutes for it to display.

Adding the AdSense ad to widget area:

Flytonic Banner AdSense widget

Here is the ad below the header area:

Affiliate&Review Theme Ad

Other notes

You can do this same procedure to insert adsense widgets to your sidebar as well.  Just make sure you create an ad unit that is 300px wide (or smaller if you choose to).

Adding adsense to posts or pages

You can also insert ads inside WordPress post or pages by using the shortcode that the Banner Manager area provides for the ad group.  The ad will rotate ads in the same group if you have more than one.

Here is where to find the shortcode:

AdSense shorcode Flytonic

Just copy and paste that text to have the ad unit display inside a post for page.

Common AdSense Issues

AdSense is a very popular and professional marketing platform, and this is the main reason why they always stick to the guidelines. There are different forms through which you can experience google AdSense. Therefore, the following is a comprehensive list of common AdSense issues that you might experience.

Ad Limits

The common AdSense publishers usually receive 3 maximum display ads on every page. If you want to get over 3 ads to appear on one page, you can then risk losing the AdSense account. Else, the advert might never show up. The limits can, however, be removed if you become a premium publisher, but the website needs to be a great site across the globe.

Low Earnings

Any site has a certain niche that it operates from, therefore, there is no assurance that the content will generate expensive and big clicks. Another important thing to consider is the placement of ads, how the ads are positioned to fully engage the users. The best thing you can do after you start AdSense is testing different placements and situations, to ensure you gather enough information that works with your visitors and those that don’t.

Adverts Not Showing

There are times when you will have to deal with other issues like ads not showing or blank ads.

Good Options to AdSense

While AdSense is a great advertising network that is envied by many webmasters because of how simple it is, it is also important for you to look into the options that are available to you. This is because some of these alternatives can also generate better income based on your niche.

Adversal – This is an ad network that offers banners and pops under those markets for the advertisers. It has top-notch publishers mainly from countries like the United States and the UK.

MediaNET – This is a great ad network that integrates both Bing and Yahoo for a strong combination of a powerful advertising capability while offering a great publisher platform that houses thousands of advertisers.

Chitika – This is home to over 300,000 renowned publishers and is widely known to work together with reputable advertising agencies to offer the best results and generate more revenue.

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