Premier Selection: Top 10 WordPress Themes of 2023

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The most critical step to build a sleek and professional WordPress website is to choose the right WordPress theme. A theme is what sets the outlook and display of your website. It defines the features your site will contain. A WordPress theme is a foundation on which your online business empire will stand.

You must have come to realize the fact that a theme is as essential to your website as investing money is. Therefore, you must think calmly and wisely at the same time while using a WordPress theme as your one decision can either make or break your carrier.

Now, when we come to talk about the carrier of online websites, one field which has a bright and a guaranteed future in the virtual industry is the business of casino and gambling. The online betting casino and gambling is one of the most emerging and promising online gaming. A website related to it can earn you great rewards and fortunes.

So now that you know the benefits of owning a casino and gambling website,  you should know the benefits of choosing the right WordPress theme. Now you must continue reading the following article to explore WordPress themes related to the same to make a choice.

Best Casino Affiliate Themes for WordPress

  • 1 $59
    • SEO Friendly
    • 100% Mobile Friendly
    • Multilingual and translation ready
    • Modern & Clean Design
    • Sportsbook Casino Widget
    Check Details
  • 2 poker theme $79
    • Multiple Layout Options
    • Create a Featured Pages Menu
    • Two Poker Review Pages
    • Custom Widgets
    • Featured Sites Shortcode
    Check Details
  • 3 fantasy sports theme Starts at $79
    • Includes the Fantasy Sports Theme
    • 10 Domains and Sites license included
    • Support Access and Documentation
    • Only One Theme
    • More Themes Are Extra
    Check Details

What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress Theme is a collection of documents and files that functions together to make a graphical interface with a unifying underlying design for a website. The data mentioned above are called template files. The main task of a theme is the modification of the way the site will be displayed without changing even a bit of software. These themes include necessary code files, style sheets, customized template files, custom pages, and image files.

Features A WordPress Theme Must Have

  • Responsive website design

The design stands as the prime feature while choosing a WordPress theme.  Technological advancement has made it possible for any human being to access the internet via any size screen. Viewers will see your site upon a mobile phone, a laptop, a palmtop, or a personal computer. In this scenario, it becomes essential for you to have a website built upon a responsive theme. A responsive theme helps your website to adapt to any screen size making it more appealing, eye-catching, and legitimate.

  • Page Style

Page style simply means the layout or arrangement of your website. A simple, neat, yet informative website is what attracts the customers. Page styling primarily depends upon factors like customization of page or placement of sidebars etc.

  • Customization Options

The main idea behind being able to customize the website is to give your site its own unique and genuine touch. Customization ensures that your website consists of features and layout design that no other website has. This provides the audience with something fresh and non- repetitive making them more attracted to your site.

  • Social Media Friendly

Social media is a potential and powerful platform to connect to a broader audience. Your business can spread rapidly if it can be accessed through social media. Therefore, you should choose a WordPress theme that emphasizes the support and sharing option of social media.

  • SEO

Search engine optimization is what helps you to remain on top of the organic search listings. Internet viewers hardly go till the end of the page and check through all the websites. They usually just open the top few and use one of them. Therefore, a flourishing business must be on the top. To be on the top, you must opt for a WordPress theme that includes compatibility with external SEO plugins, conversion rate optimization, speed of the website, and website readability by any search engine.

  • Update and support feature

It is a must feature that all the WordPress themes should possess.  Theme comprising this feature tends to get more reviews and manages to stay in the loop.  This feature makes sure that your is compatible with WordPress as it updates regularly.

Why opt for the premium themes?

Frequent Updates

Premium themes include regular updates. This ensures compatibility with the latest WordPress updates. Running and functioning on an old theme or copy of WordPress leaves your website endangered by malicious attacks.

Access to technical assistance

A premium WordPress theme ensures your website’s strong technical support. No matter how well build your website is, you will always have questions that are needed to be answered throughout for smooth functioning.

Easy to customize

Premium themes include a theme options panel. It makes customization a cakewalk without even touching the underlying code.

Built-in SEO

A premium WordPress theme offers a built-in SEO feature. It helps you rank higher in the organic search listings. This will ensure high traffic on your website, which will be beneficial for it.

Zero Redundancy

A theme that is free of cost is used by millions of users, making its features familiar is every other website. On the other hand, the compulsion of payment in a premium WordPress theme acts as a barrier for everyone to sop from availing its services. This ensures fewer customers. Moreover, premium themes offer unbelievable amounts of customization to make your website 100% unique.

Responsive design

All premium WordPress themes offer full responsivity to ensure your content looks the same on the mobile screen as it will look on the screen of a television.

Value for money

Though a premium WordPress theme costs you some bucks initially, it helps you in the longer run. You don’t have to worry about security or look after updates. You don’t even need a developer and will get a technical support team for your guidance.

Cons of not choosing a good premium theme

  • Free themes lack a lot of features and options of customizability that a premium theme has.
  • A generous number of free themes are filled with malicious codes and encrypted links to malware or spam websites.
  • Free themes lack in updates and don’t come with support. So once your website goes down, you need to wait for hours or days to get it back online, losing a severe amount of profiting time.
  • Free themes lack in security. They are poorly coded. This makes the sites less secure and more vulnerable to malware attacks. Sparse coding slows down performance, search engine optimization, and loading of the website.

Now that you know how important it is to choose the right premium theme, you must look over some of our recommendation s of cheap and premium gambling themes for you after thorough research.

Cheap Premium WordPress Themes

1. Casino Slots WordPress Themes

casino slot wordpress theme


Visit NowDemo

Casino slots WordPress theme is an amazing and exciting theme built by Flytonic for iGaming sites, especially the one focusing on slots.

It has various design options making it a favorable theme for you. Unlike other themes that allow you only to promote confined casinos and slots, Flytonic’s theme lets you add slots and promote casinos offering this game. It makes addition, editing, and removal of casinos and slots an easy task without even changing files.

Some of the salient features of this WordPress theme are:

  •  Stylish responsive design
  •  Easy to install and download
  •  player specific layout
  • Automated slots updates
  •  SEO Optimized
  •  User-friendly
  •  Strong professional support
  •  plugins compatible
  •  advanced customization


2. Casino Roulette Theme

casino roulette wordpress theme

Visit NowDemo


Casino roulette is one of the best choices when you are to choose a theme that will automatically increase the appeal of your website. It comes with components and inbuilt substance modules to add to your site. It has a simplified page developer to break down the process of altering apart, making it more manageable.

Some of the exciting features are:

  • Fully responsive
  •  Woo Commerce ready
  •  WMPL ready
  •  multi-client system
  •  Custom widgets
  •  home page landing template
  •  mobile optimized
  • SEO friendly

Showcase site : Top Methodes Roulette

3. Double Down Theme

Doubledown wordpress theme

Visit NowDemo

It is a perfect premium WordPress theme for casino and gambling affiliates. It highlights featured casinos and games and has a slider on its home page template. Your website will always be up to date and sight of sore eyes. Its design is fully responsive with custom widgets, multiple theme options, and slideshow features.

Some of its features are:

  • WordPress Compatible
  •  SEO friendly
  •  Highly Responsive
  •  custom widgets
  •  clean codes
  •  localization ready
  •  Featured posts slider
  • theme options

4. WordPress Sevens Theme

casino sevens wordpress theme

Visit NowDemo

The WordPress sevens theme is a simple, modern-looking, and functional casino affiliate theme. The idea behind this theme built by flytonic was to keep it simple yet properly functional with several customization options.

Some of its salient features are:

  •  Customizable
  • Mobile friendly
  •  Blazingly fast
  •  Inbuilt AMP support
  •  Review page slug
  •  Automatic updates
  •  Clean design
  •  Terms and conditions
  •  Shortcodes
  •  Highly responsive
  •  Translation Ready

5. Casinotown2 Theme

casinotown wordpress theme

Visit NowDemo

The  casinotown2 theme is a highly responsive premium WordPress theme. It is built for casino and gambling affiliated review website. Also, it’s is super easy to set up and handy in use. It makes reviewing and promotion of products and websites a very convenient task. Just a general understanding of WordPress is more than enough to use this theme; being a coding ‘guru’ is not a requirement. It is WMPL and translation ready so that you can translate it to any preferred language.

Some of the exciting features are:

  • Responsive
  • WMPL Ready
  • One-click setup
  • Strong back-end
  • Slide template
  • left or right sidebar
  • Casino and game pages
  • Unlimited sites and domains
  • In-built colors and background theme options

6. WordPress Casino Theme

casino wordpress theme

Visit NowDemo

The WordPress casino theme is a fully customizable casino, gambling, and betting premium WordPress theme. It is a multiple tasking WordPress themes that promote casinos as well as lets you write articles, posts, and reviews.  It is effortless to set up and shows excellent customer interaction.  This premium WordPress theme controls the bounce rates and periodically tracks your ranking.

It is a clean and modern HTML website theme built on jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap4, CSS3 and HTML5. In short, it is a perfect fit for any gambling project.

Some of the salient features are:

  • Responsive and mobile-ready design
  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom banner areas
  • Grid-based casino page
  • Dropdown of games
  • Single click demo import
  • Custom game page
  • retina icons
  • Call to action facility
  • layer slider included

 7. Highroller Theme

highroller wordpress theme

Visit NowDemo

The WordPress Highroller theme is a premium WordPress theme. It is specially built for the functioning of brilliant gambling and casino affiliated websites. This theme comes with a news area to display the latest promotional offers. This ready-made premium WordPress theme saves you the cost of a website developer, and it costs you under 100 dollars.

Some of the key features are:

  • SEO optimized
  • Custom widgets
  • Highly responsive
  • Native WordPress customizer
  • SEO friendly
  • 100% mobile-friendly
  • Top Slider template
  • page templates
  • casino and game pages
  • Translation Ready
  • Unlimited sites and domains
  • In-built background themes and color options

8.  Spread 2 Theme

spread 2 wordpress theme

Visit NowDemo

The last premium WordPress theme from the list of our recommendations is the Spread 2 theme. Spread 2 themes is “Mr. Right” for casino, poker, and sportsbook affiliates. This site provides you a demo to know its perks and features in and out. It works with multi-domains at a time. It is blazing fast and can be translated in many and any preferable languages. This WordPress theme’s amazing templates, useful widgets. And customizable colors are what that gets attention. This theme is a responsive WordPress theme built by Flytonic. It consists of a 2 column design, various page templates, shortcodes, and a right sidebar.

It is entirely responsive, very convenient to customize, and translation ready.  Spread 2 theme by Flytonic offers a high level of security. The user’s information remains 100% confidential and secure. The theme is designed to keep the audience and aesthetics in mind to attract more viewers. It perfectly retains its appearance on any screen size, and it is primed for eCommerce.

Some of its features are:

  • Highly responsive
  • Slider/gallery template
  • Easy customization
  • translation ready
  • Attractive design variants

9. Ad Astra – Business and Consulting WordPress Theme

Ad-Astra-Business-Consulting themes

Visit NowDemo

Ad Astra WP theme is specially designed for consulting, businesses, and company services such as marketing consulting, business consulting, accountant services, investment consultants, insurance brokers, financial advisors, advertising, PR, and HR consulting, but also for medium and small size agencies and companies in various sectors.

The original and versatile WordPress theme is what you need for your growing business. After carefully researching various agencies and successfully designing similar WP themes, you can use the Ad Astra WordPress theme.

Key Features

  • 10+ header types
  • Screen resolution show/hide
  • Child theme ready
  • Translation ready
  • Consultancy fitted icon sets
  • SVG Logo support

10. Jayla

jayla top wordpress themes

Visit NowDemo

Jayla is a minimal multi-concept eCommerce WordPress theme that can be used to build any business website. It’s flexible and responsive with high advanced panel options. It also has a MegaMenu. You’ll get a stunning trading website.

Jayla comes with multi-builder blocks and a wide range of color options. Portfolios and video backgrounds are available. General building of the webpage is done through the Bootstrap framework and Visual Composer.

Key Features

  • Super responsiveness
  • Background parallax effect
  • No coding skills required
  • Woocommerce fully support
  • One-click install demo



We hope this blog was informative enough to provide you ample knowledge about the needs and perks of a premium WordPress theme. We ensure that our recommendations are well researched. And best in their respective fields. So what are you waiting for?  Hurry! Expand the horizons of your casino and gambling business online by choosing the right premium WordPress theme and building a professional WordPress website.

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