What is White Screen of Death (WSoD)?

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A few days ago, one of my best friends was named by Mr. Mark Wood who is inefficient in his knowledge of technology. He purchased a laptop from a super shop and he had a great experience in its usage. After using a couple of hours in a rush day, he faced a great problem with this laptop. The screen became white in several times. He called me and shared the situation of his laptop. I explained about White Screen of Death (WSoD) to him how it can happen. Webopeadia has the introduced of this problem.[1]

WSoD or White Screen of Death is an error of your operating system which usually stops in working and the display of your computer or laptop will be white in color. You cannot see anything when there is a WSoD problem. This problem is not only for the operating system of your computer but also for the system of your android or iPhone. There are a lot of people who have new experience in operating systems and they are becoming anxious about it. But it is a very common problem in usual users of the operating system. Contact here to getting solution of WSoD.

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Sometimes when you are performing multi-dimensional tasks on your operating system, you can face it frequently. Some computers have low configuration. If you perform multi tasks through these computers, you must face such types of problems. WpBeginner has introduced a guideline about White Screen of Death to the audience.[2]

Android phones are also victims of this problem if you make many tasks within the low configuration. Whatever, Mark called me and wanted to get some suggestions about its fixing. Click here for support on what you need to do in case this happens.

What Are the Main Reasons for White Screen of Death (WSoD)?

Though Mr. Mark was expecting a suggestion from my end to solve this WSoD problem, I would like to inform all of the people like Mr. Mark that there are some prime reasons for lying behind this problem. If you can realize the reasons for WSoD, you will be able to solve it either your end or you can go to the computer service center. Some renowned blogs have explored why this type of problem is occurring.[3] I am going to highlight some of the key reasons for occurring this problem.

Firstly, you can purchase a low configuration computer which has a great threat about WSoD problems in operation. There are a lot of people who are thinking about computers as a machine as like any others. They feel apathy to make a good configuration. They give statements that they have a low budget and they want to do high task through low budget configuration computer. It is one of the key factors for damaging their computers. They have a limited knowledge about the nature of tasks with the relation with configuration. Without thinking about this relativity, you are actually putting yourself in danger with your computer. As a result, either your computer or any other components will be damaged within a short time of your purchase. For these type of problem, you can get support here.

Issues with White Screen of Death (WSoD)?

A statistic shows that there are a lot of people who are dealing with heavy work with low processing systems. It is a very common matter in developing countries. As a result, they have a lot of difficulties shown in the practical arena. Once upon a time, there was a graphics designer who was very efficient in graphics design. He loved to work independently. He thought about purchasing a new laptop. That is why he went to a laptop shop along with his one of the best friends. But the friend was not fully knowledgeable about technology. They have limited knowledge about the computer or laptop. That is why, they have faced a lot of problems. They purchased a laptop with low processor.

For this reason, they have faced multiple times WSoD problems in graphics works. They have put me in trouble for this reason. They have failed to meet up their work deadlines. That is why they have lost some of their valuable customers for the long run. In this way, their business has become ruined and they could not do better for their current state. To overcome this situation, they have gone to a consultant and talked about the issue. The expert said that they have made a mistake in choosing the configuration of their computer. He also suggests that they have to modify this computer and there is a need to modify it. He suggests them to upgrade the processor of their computer and also upgrade the graphics. In this way, they have solved their problem of WSoD for their processor and graphics issues. For further information about WSoD, click here.

WSoD Problems

Sometimes WSoD problems occur due to the resolution settings problem. There is a standard of resolution in your monitor or graphics. You have to obey the rules and the mechanism of your computer. You have to think about it seriously. Otherwise, your computer will face WSoD problems within a short time after your purchase. One of my friends has limited knowledge about computer resolution issues. He usually plays games on the computer. He did not define knowledge about what is the perfect resolution required for a high graphics game. That is why he configure a low resolution for power saving. It was a lame excuse from his end! His perception was to make game users friendly by making low resolution graphics.

In this way, he played a few days very well.  But the situation has gradually changed. He was surprised to see that the monitor doesn’t work perfectly within a few days of passing. He went to a computer consultant and found the actual reason for the WSoD problem. Then he determined that he will not make such types of mistakes next time. For getting solved from this problem, make a contact here.

Monitoring White Screen of Death (WSoD) Problems

Sometimes we have seen that WSoD has occurred due to monitor’s problem. Some monitors are low budget based. These monitors have a limited number of cells which are really unauthentic in perfect resolution provided. Another issue is they have a limited time transparency of ICs which make the situation transient lasting. For this reason, the computer faces white screen problems frequently. This is an acute problem in present time. You may find this problem in a critical situation of your computer. As a result, you have to understand the situation and take necessary steps to purchase a good conditioned monitor. This is the technique of avoiding such type of problem.

From this analysis, you can see the core reasons for WSoD problems occurred. There are many other reasons for lying behind this problem. If you are a discrete user of a laptop or computer, you have to have sound knowledge about all common issues of computer. WSoD is not a big issue if you are careful about it. You have to check the configuration as well as other system mechanisms to purchase or build up a computer for the long run. If you can ensure it, you must avoid the problem of WSoD. Now, the question is coming to how you can fix White Screen of Death (WSoD) if you face it frequently! Now I am going to state some techniques which can help you to fix this problem. Obviously, it will be a great guideline for solving WSoD within a short time. For getting virtual support, contact here.

How do you fix White Screen of Death (WSoD)?

The asking nature of Mr. Mark was very surprising to me. By the grace of almighty, I am proficient in this area. I have already known about the solution of this problem in various methods. We told him of some techniques about the full process of solving WSoD problems for his laptop. Theme4Press has declared some steps which can make a solution of this problem.[4] I am going to describe these process within a simple way. Flytonic is a very good supporting company which gives support of wordpress related issues. Please make a support ticket here.

1st Solution: ‘Run sfc’ is the most common method for solving White Screen of Death (WSoD). For doing this, you have to right click to ‘Start Menu’ button. You will get a startup menu where there are many options available. From there, you have to open ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’ by clicking on it.

Then you will find a dialogue box and you have to write ‘sfc/scannow’ and press enter. After the scanning process will be starting and you have to wait until the finish of the process. Finally, you have to restart your laptop or computer and you will get the problem fixed. In this way, WSoD can be solved.

2nd Solution:

If the 1st solution cannot make the result successful, you have to follow another process. Scan for malicious software and malware can be a better solution for solving WSoD. For this reason, you have to restart your computer and press the F10 button. This will help to start the computer in safe mode. You have to go to ‘Troubleshoot’ and press ‘Advanced Options’. Then you have to go to the ‘Startup Settings’ and press on ‘Restart’ button.

Once the restart is completed and you will get a list of options. From this list, you have to choose ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ by selecting with arrow keys and pressing ‘Enter’ button.

Once the ‘Safe Mode’ starts, you must check the malware of your computer. There are a lot of antiviruses available for doing so. Also, there can be a requirement as administrative access to the processing. In this way, you can check malwares and suspicious programs for your computer or laptop.

3rd Solution:

There are a lot of people who claim that both of the above solutions cannot work in their computers. They have faced another acute problem in display power. Their computer’s display has still become white and they cannot work with it. I have thought about it and have got the issue very minor.

They have actual problems with their monitor. I suggest they change monitor. The IC and any other portion of the monitor has become damaged. That is why they have seen the display is white. To ensure your computer’s satisfactory performance, you have to check your display. Sometimes the LCD and LED part of the display can be damaged for any reason. It causes such types of problems. Changing display or monitor is the only solution for this type of hardware issue.

4th Solution:

Sometimes the battery problem can make your display show white. The straight solution is just changing your laptop’s battery. There are a lot of people who have the same types of problems and they are looking for a reliable solution. As an expert, I have talked with them and have found nearly 2.43% of the laptop users have such type of battery issues. They have no specific knowledge about the solution of their white display. Also, they think that this might be a problem of their laptops display or any other ICs. As a result, they have faced many problems and they prefer to go to the laptop engineers to get solutions.

There are some seasonal businessmen who try to catch them and make a short penalty as their service charge. By hook or by crook, they have made a big buck from the innocent customers. People of a discrete mind have sharp knowledge about it. They search for the problem online and there are a lot of sectors ready for providing such types of news and services.

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5th Solution:

WSoD can happen due to the graphics card problem. A statistic shows that almost 1.35% of the computers are facing WSoD problems due to the failure of the efficiency of graphics cards. The 4th generation series are facing the same problem. The experts have a positive review against this problem. They suggest taking comparatively good graphics cards for dedicated slots. In this way, the system will be much better and other components regarding display mechanism will be very smooth for the long run. We have seen that people of limited knowledge about graphics have faced such type of problem. They are actually making improper decisions in graphics card choice. In this way, they are making the great mistakes in computer configuration. Finally, you have to think about the graphics card because of using it as per your requirement.

6th Solution:

WSoD is one of the big problems when your computer has not the updated drivers. Each and every computer requires usual updates for accelerating the performance of the software. So, drivers of computer components are a very important part and these must be updated. Experts suggest that you should always check updates on your computer’s drivers. If possible, you should command auto update regularly. In case you cannot do so, the whole system will be damaged or malfunctioned.

One of the users of a laptop was very lazy about updating drivers. He stopped these notifications by force. For this reason, one day his laptop malfunctioned in display and command. We were worried about the performance of the laptop. He went to the service center and talked about the problem. The engineers said that this happened due to the improper updates of the drivers. They update the drivers and restart the laptop. The problem was totally solved. There was no White Screen of Death (WSoD) problem. In this way, WSoD can be solved within a few minutes.

7th Solution:

Sometimes there is a problem of WSoD and it cannot be solved by applying any general methods. Then there is a solution which can be done by restoring the system. To do so, you have to follow some guidelines.

Firstly, you have to restart your computer or laptop several times to enter into the boot segmentation. Then choose ‘Troubleshoot’ and click on ‘Advanced Options’. From there, click on ‘System Restore’ option. Then a dialogue box will open and you have to put your User ID and Password. After successfully putting this information in the dialogue box, the restoring process will be started. Then you have to click on ‘Next’ button to proceed on the restore process.

After passing a few minutes, you will restore the points of segmentation. It indicates where you want to make your system restored. You can see there are multiple restore points where you can make your restore points. From this menu, you have to select the restore point where you want to make your current program will be restored.

Then click to the ‘Next’ button to proceed on the process. After passing a couple of minutes, you will see the system is restored from your desire end. In this way, WSoD problems can be solved by restoring the system of computers.


Finally, Mr. Mark was very pleased with my suggestion and he was capable of solving this White Screen of Death (WSoD)problem by his own end. There are a lot of people in the present world who are facing the same problem. Some of them are tried many times in various angles. But they could not solve it because most of them have limited knowledge about this problem. They don’t understand the all possible solutions of the issues. As a result, they are trying one or two methods to solve the issue. But they have become failed without knowing all of the seven methods of solution. Cloudways is another renowned company which has also shared the solution of it.[5] Actually, WSoD is not a big issue if your monitor is remaining active. You have to judge from various ends so that the company at you can get a proper idea about it.  Also, you can solve the problem from your end if it is technical. Otherwise, you have to go to the computer service center. Flytonic is an online support center who can help you in this purpose.

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