What is cPanel?

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One day a novice web developer was curious about knowing cPanel. He was a student of web development courses. He was interested to know about the actual scenario and its usage. From a deep investigation into the various sites which are dealing with cPanel he has come to know that it is actually the web hosting control system. He was confused about the relative issues and he showed interest to know deeply from an expert. As an expert, I have got a chance to meet with him. I have talked about the Beginner’s Guide to cPanel.[1]

Let’s start talking about it! Well, cPanel is simply a system of control panel of web hosting. You have already known about web hosting. It is introduced by an American Corporation named by cPanel, LLC. Initially it was released in 1996 as a testing purpose. Then gradually it has come to the end users as a static tool for web hosting. We have found it very useful and people all over the world are using it as an essential tool for website management. Flytonic is one of the renowned wordpress service providers in the current world. You can get touch of it.  

cPanel Interface

It is also described as the tool of web hosting for providing a graphical interface and making a simplify process of website management. The end user of a website can control the site via cPanel. There are a lot of tools and options are available here to manage your website. Website hosting is totally managed and performance of the website is being controlled by it. As a result, it has made the website very user friendly and handled easily.

Administration Aspects

Again, cPanel is providing the control of administration of the site. At the same time, as an end user of the website you have a capability of server administration through a standard browser. For example: as a website owner, you have to enjoy the control of site’s administration. You can access to it through a standard browser and make customized your website and its hosting facility. As a result, cPanel knowledge and its administration has become one of the important matters in the present world. All web developers have to know about it deeply so that they can perform better in its management. For any type of ‘Administrative Support’, feel free to make a contact here. 

The latest version now supports the installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It is a very common and favorite issue in cPanel management. Another two types of installation mechanism are also supporting. They are CentOS and Cloud Linux OS. Today most of the web hosting is managed and controlled based on these mechanisms.

After discussing with the students of web development program, they have felt enthusiasm and they are committed to learn cPanel very well. They are actually very curious about cPanel management and they want to know it very well to establish their life in this arena.  

Why Do We Need cPanel?

A ridiculous event happened a few days ago. There are a number of people of a web developing company who have discussed cPanel administration. They have some knowledge about it and their talking style shows that they are newbies in this area. They were gossiping about the importance of it in web management. Essentially, they actually said something ridiculous and I thought that I need to talk with them. By the way, I have introduced them and talked about why do we need cPanel. They were amazed to talk with me and thanked me to get some valuable information from my end. I am actually an expert in this area. Whatever, they have made some gossips with me also. I have enjoyed a lot. The conversation was very friendly and informative to all.

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Basically, cPanel or control panel is the heart of your web hosting. You cannot imagine your site is being managed without it. Actually, cPanel is very easy to use. You can simply login and control over the website through it. If you are thinking about the customization of your website’s hosting, you have to choose its administration. As a result, you can enjoy the full access to the web hosting to allocate and disburse your hosting to the allotted websites. You may have many websites and a dedicated hosting server.

From cPanel you can control over these sites very easily and comfortability. Many people believe that cPanel is the easy platform for controlling websites and its hosting. Today, all of the cPanel interface is comparatively same and the easy formulation. cPanel LLC is very harmony and customized about giving its interface. As a result, you have a matter of enjoyment that you are lucky to use the easiest way of web hosting management.  


The experts of website management and web hosting customization say that installation in cPanel is a breeze. It means that there is no requirement of expert knowledge in hosting. Any simple user can manage cPanel very well by following some instruction. There are a lot of sites are providing such type of installation services.[2] This type of instruction is basically provided by the customization authority. It is really very easy to use. The upload, customization and other features of cPanel are very easy to make accomplishment.

I have seen a lot of people who have a limited knowledge about web hosting, they are also very confident in this area of work. There are a lot of people in the globe who are also very dependent on cPanel management by themselves. It makes their span of work very easy. It is also easily handleable. That is why web hosting management is now a very easy task as usual our household chores. For any query about installation in wordpress, please ‘Send A Support Ticket’ at Flytonic. 

Above all, you can now understand why we should use cPanel in our website and its hosting management. People of the present world are very cautious about the safety of the information and also the website. You have to be careful about your safety management as well as your life’s safety management. The information technological right is one of the great assets in your life. You have to ensure a secured environment for making your website popular to all. There are a lot of stakeholders who are directly or indirectly involved with your site. You have to have a managed website to provide proper information to the people for the long run. That is why you have to care about  control and management. To get touch of other WordPress related issues or supports, please visit here

Additional Mitigation Factors

Another important issue why you are using cPanel is the safety of its usage. There are a lot of people who are directly or indirectly involved in web hosting. They believe that they have found cPanel administration is very easy and safe to use. It is very risk free where any user cannot easily change or destroy the website within a few seconds. There are a lot of tools and software are available in cPanel which ensures the safety of the website.

As a result, any user can be secured by making some unexpected mistakes in website management. They have a good guideline for making the website managed very well. In practical scenarios, you can see that the mid ranged knowledgeable persons are capable of managing cPanel very well. They are dealing with it easily as well as ensuring safety for the website. There are a lot of tutorials available online and you can enjoy a lot of offers from this area. As a result, cPanel use is very easy for the user end.

cPanel is mainly working in two types of situations. Firstly, it works as a dedicated server of the web hosting. You can enjoy it very easily and can get access to the control unit. The website will be very easily controlled by it. As a result, you have a positive matter in such an area. Another is like a virtual private network. It is also a popular method. You can ensure encryption through this process of your web hosting. As a result, you have a great issue in this mechanism and you have a good control over your website and also in hosting.

Is cPanel Free?

There is a common question in the newbies mind that cPanel is free or not. They have a curiosity about it. They are looking for this question’s answer in various sites. But some sites are providing very confusing answers. They have fallen into a dilemma. Now I am going to share my experience about this issue which I have faced in my initial period of learning in cPanel. BlueHost is a renowned cPnael service provider which offer promotional services to the clients.[3]

There is a proverb that cPanel is absolutely not free. You have to pay for it. The test license is very common and available to the newbies. Experts recommend to not use cPanel on a computer by installation. Basically, cPanel is a static IP address which means that you are not using it in a computer or laptop. It is like a website or IP address access. There is a lot of confusion in this arena. If you are a newbie, you have to think about the IP address of your broadband line or FTP server. You have to login that site through typing an IP address, right?

It is like the same as FTP server access! You have to type an IP address to login your cPanel. It is engaged with your domain server. You can access there if you purchase a domain. So, it is not a free product in this sense. cPanel support is also available in Flytonic.

What You Should Know

There is an interesting matter if you cannot uninstall cPanel from your site. You have neither access for uninstalling nor formatting from your website. It is like integrated service. You have to enjoy the premium access of your website through web hosting. You have a supreme power of controlling your web hosting and its other functions. There are a lot of people who cannot understand it. They are thinking about the future of the website and its management. There are a lot of other services of cPanel is also available in Flytonic.

As an expert of cPanel administration and having 12 years of expertise in the same field, I would like to say something simple for them. There are a lot of people in developing countries looking for a training in cPanel. They have been admitted in various training institutes. They have a limited knowledge about website, hosting, domain and cPanel. That is the key reason for their lack of knowledge in that arena. I have seen a lot of educated people are also very confused in cPanel management. They have no technical knowledge. Some experts will think in such a way. GoDaddy is one of the best cPanel service providers which is dealing with guidance for the limited knowledgeable clients.[4]

Matter of Disagree 

But I totally disagreed with them! You have to make an understanding about the cPanel features and the process of work. At the same time, you have to make them aware about the administration system of it. From this end, you have to understand that cPanel is not a free tool or mechanism. It is a facility provided by the hosting support system to ensure your access to the website. When you purchase a hosting or web space, you have automatically gotten cPanel access as an owner. This is the simplest way of thinking about the relation of web hosting and cPanel management. I think now everyone is confident to say whether the question’s answer of cPanel is free or not.  If there is any support needed, please feel free to make a contact here

Is cPanel Private?

There is a difficult question that comes to the reader’s mind: whether cPanel is private or not. We have already discussed cPanel and there is no statement about its nature. A discrete mind student of my college asks me such types of questions. I was amazed to listen to it. There are a lot of reasons behind this question. I am now giving a brief overview about it.

As this sense, you have easily well knowledge that cPanel is attached with web hosting. So, cPanel is paid and also private in your part. No one can access it without a login user ID and password. Only you have premium access and control over your site and its cPanel. That is why you can say that cPanel is private for you.

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Some people have more confusion about it. They think the ISP has the authority for accessing my website. They have a log management authority for securing the information and its fair use. In this sense, you cannot say that cPanel is private! The logic is really good. But you have to think about the actual scenario and you have to think about it clearly. They are the supreme authority given by the govt. and they have control all over the internet logic gate. For this reason, they can monitor your access and they can record your log.

This is another issue. You are now thinking about the privacy of your cPanel where a general person can get access in your cPanel or not. You must say that you have only got access there. This is the reason for saying that you are enjoying a private cPanel in your web hosting. I think the theme is now clear to all! 

Is there any challenge in cPanel?

cPanel has very good feedback from the stakeholders. There are also some challenges in cPanel administration. Some people have shared their real time experience in various websites. But all of them are not acute and difficult to make solve. There are some issues we are sharing now.

They sometimes make questions like if cPanel can damage the system. There are a lot of irrelevant questions that are also available to the people’s mind. They have actually no static knowledge about the cPanel administration. That is why they are confusing.

Sometimes you can face the problem that you are unable to login. It can happen when you are trying to login via your domain. Also, they can make a conflict with your domain and hosting gateway. It is a very common problem and almost all of the new web developers are facing such types of problems. As a result, you may think about its difficulty. The solution is you have to change your IP address and try for several times to get access. You surely can become successful by trying some frequent attempts.


Another challenge is that SSL certificates can be expired before passing 30 days of validity. It is a big problem and there are many people who are facing such types of problems. To make this solution you have to reset the SSL certificate and restart the computer for getting the situation regular.

First of all, you have to think about your domain and hosting. Both of these are paying and of course the premium materials in your business life. You have to purchase both of the elements and you have to pay yearly fees for their maintenance. You have to be careful about your decision and your choice.

There are many other problems that can occur and you have an option in online tutorial. You can join in various forums to know about the customization of cPanel.[5] You can get the problem solved by surfing various sites who are providing tutorials. There are a number of institutions also serving such types of services for the regular users. You can check out there in case of any difficulties. I think there is a good approach for going to the experts if you are really new in this platform.


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