Provide Support Live Chat Review

Provide Support is a Live Chat service that can be implemented on websites and operated remotely as a third party client. There are many customizable facets of this tool, and having live chat available on your site is a process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. As a personal favorite of the staff at Flytonic, we are happy to review and break down the varied elements of Live Chat by

The live chat program itself is much more involved than your average client. You will be able to see each of the visitors that are on your site at any given time, in addition to their IP address, their referral source, their local time, operating system and much more. While some of this information is going to be much more valuable than the rest, it will help to keep you (or your designated chat operators) as informed on your visitors as possible should they be in need of any assistance.

Provide Support Live Chat

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Provide Support Pricing

The pricing for Live Chat from Provide Support varies based on the payment plan that you choose as well as the number of operators that you would like to have in action. If you are running a small operation and only need one chat operator account, for example, you can pay between $15 per month (if you pay for only one month at a time), or closer to $8 per month if you pay ahead on an annual basis.

The number of operators available per account range from one (which is classified as Small Business) to 3 and 10. For 10 operators, an account will cost $60 per month or almost a 50% discount when paid 12 months at a time ($396). Review

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Features from Provide Support Live Chat

As a user of Provide Support, you will have a number of different options available based on the plan that you have selected. Some of the modifications that can be made to personalize your live chat experience include operator pictures, names and departments, customized logos, automated messaging, proactive chat, the ability to transfer files to and from anyone you are chatting with, the option to transfer users to other operators, operator to operator discussions, and multiple chat sessions at once.

The majority of the above options are included by default in each of the different packages, regardless of the level and price you are paying.

Free Trial Period

Live Chat from Provide Support can be tried without any cost for 30 days. All features (outside of additional operators) can be accessed with this free time trial period. Provide Support won’t continually harass you if you do not take advantage of their offer, either, and billing going forward is very straightforward.

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In our opinion, one of our favorite things about this service is how smooth and easy it is to use in conjunction with the “no hassle” form of billing and support that is provided. None of the authors at Flytonic have personally run into any issues using Live Chat from and we can confidently recommend it to all of our users. If you are on the fence about whether or not to implement a live chat solution on your site, our best suggestion is to give this program a download, try it out for 30 days, and decide at the end of the free period whether you would like to continue from there.

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